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I sang Anaconda as Aoba. Why? Why not. I’m not even sorry. I just can’t deal with any of myself right now. LOL. I hope you guys like it, it took a bit of time to actually put together.

Hersha would be a happy anaconda right about now lel.


I thought that this gem perfectly summarized their relationship, so I needed to draw it in Vitri.

I don’t have much to say about this, excepted that I still need to practide drawing these twos, and that I spent way too much time on this.

Also Christmas sweaters because it’s the period and I like Christmas sweaters.

I still hope you’ll like it (and don’t forget to like/reblog the original comic)


“Odd, isn’t it?”
“What’s odd?”
“The fact that we sometimes-”
“-finish each other’s sentences?”
“It would be odder if we didn’t.”

lutece twins are my headcanon english voices for vitri (spoilers in the link)

of course the last thing i upload before moving out of california and having no stable internet access for the next 2 months would be a bioshock crossover rip in pieces