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Sometimes, I’m so sad because Michael Wayland was just so brave.

An intensely homophobic society, a law prohibiting him from being with his parabatai, a complete uncertainty to how anyone who might know of his feelings for another man would react, and ever straddling the potential of being unrequited even if it all ran smoothly or being requited in the fact of everything else; those were the circumstances surrounding Michael Wayland outing himself and confessing his love.

And what did he do? He didn’t conceal his heart or lock it away; he told his male best friend he loved him, and he let all the possible horrible things be damned and that is probably one of the most brave things he could have possibly done.

And it all ended so horribly for him, and I’m just so ridiculously sad his life was both short and tragic. I feel the same about Celine Montclaire, to be honest, and it’s just crushing.


Silly gladers don’t know the box won’t go back down with people in it

that moment when a friend decides to read the maze runner series and you’re happy because you have someone to talk about it… but you kind of want to save them from getting hurt… you all know what i’m talking about… page 250… i’m here for you my friend… we can cry together… 

anonymous asked:

Why do you think aris was crushing on thomas the whole scorched trials?

He was like a little puppy on Thomas’s heels. Like, Aris, sweetie, pls you’re in a desert with insufficient supplies, and yet you’re bouncing around like “Hey, Thomas, wanna do telepathy? That can totally be a double entendre if you want it to be. Can I call you Tom? No? Okay, I’m gonna be really hurt because of that for no logical reason whatsoever.”