marauder's era things- part 1 💘

what would have happened if jily never died and there was never a voldemort ok:

•lily opens up a bookshop in the hogsmede town square that has a cafe joined on on one side that Alice runs. they also expand on the other side and open a little vinyl record store with it and their biggest customer is Sirius bc the little goofball is obsessed w/ muggle stuff. they call it “lily and Alice’s bookshop, vinyls and tea rooms” and it’s vintage af

•they need extra help bc business is booming and they hire remus bc he’s looking for a job and wherever Remus goes so does sirius so he’s unofficially hired but refuses to accept any pay bc LILY IM RICH AF I DONT NEED IT

•james and lily get married and live in one of the attic rooms above the shop and obvs wolfstar HAVE to move in too so they take another one of the attic rooms and the final room is where Alice and frank live ayyy

•the second floor is where their living space is but of course that’s also covered in books in random af places like REMUS WHY DO YOU HAVE BOOKS IN THE FRIDGE

•in the back of the shop is where their kitchen and offices are so they sit in there and drink tea w/ their regulars

•lily and Alice make friends w/ the girl who runs the tattoo parlour across the square called marlene and Peter, who constantly visits their book store, develops a teeny weeny crush on her and lily and Alice make it their mission to set them both up

•lily becomes pregnant so she and James buy the house directly behind the shop which is an adorable old cottage with a huge garden and plenty of spare bedrooms for all the children James plans to have lmao

•lily gives birth to Harry and sirius legit sobs so hard when he first sees the baby and remus is like what a goofball I fell in love with and outs wolfstar to them all and James collapses bc it’s too much to handle A NEW CHILD AND MY OTP IS CANON AF LILY WHAT DO YOU EXPECT

•jily are like the best parents ever and Sirius and Remus spoil him so bad ngl but Lily’s just so happy that she has these turnips she’s ok w/ it

•a florists opens across the street and lily quickly makes friends with the owner, molly weasley, who has loads of kids who Harry makes friends with immediately

•lily sees that remus and sirius are sad that they can’t get married like her and James, no matter how much they protest so as a surprise on their anniversary she and James hold an unofficial wedding party in the courtyard behind the shop and invite everyone from all the shops nearby and it’s legit so beautiful everyone is in tears, especially at James’ best man speech and omg the tears are real

•the people that run the dentist round the corner come along and they have a daughter called hermoine and Harry and Ron become best friends with her instantly, mainly bc ron is torn between being terrified of her and thinking she’s pretty (foetus golden trio OMFG)

•jily decide to have another baby but they find out they’re having twins and they break the news to Sirius he starts hyperventilating bc JAMES IM NOT READY FOR THIS COMMITMENT OK

•they end up having twin boys called Noah and Harvey who are literally Harry’s favourite people in the whole world and he plays w/ them constantly bc he’s scared that if they get bored they’ll pop back inside Lily’s stomach

•the twins just toddle round the shop and are literally so adorable but so mischievous like they are constantly stealing food from the cafe but nobody complains bc they’re completely gorgeous 💘

•harry, ron, hermoine and neville (alice and frank’s son) all begin hogwarts and get special permission to come back every weekend for Sunday dinner in the back of the shop and ron and hermoine’s families all come over too and it’s so cute like what

If you guys want a part two for this little series then pls tell me bc this was so fun to do 💘 sorry it was all over the place but I’m tired af so it was sort of whatever but meh 🚀

scrollingdown asked:

Oh man, you will *love* it, I guarantee. : D lemme know when you do. But man, halfa trio. Can you just imagine tho a version of that where *Danny* was the last to get power?

Ahhhhhh I keep on hearing such good things from like every single person in the phandom. So I’m not quite ready to get into a new thing, but I think that it’s going to be next? I just got ahold of the dvd collection of whatever random 12 episodes are on there, so that will save me buffering time for at least part of it, haha.

“uh guys? I’m not sure you should…” and then BAM the portal goes off and they both stumble out as half ghosts and they’re all collectively freaking out and Danny’s trying to help because they’re both too floaty-y/fire-y/static-y to be thinking straight, but he just doesn’t know what’s going on or what they’re experiencing so he doesn’t know what to do.

And of course all of the ghosts come out and start harassing the town. Sam and Tucker are a little too occupied with not sinking through the floor or blipping out of existence (oh wait that’s just invisibility? I’m still here? cool. … COOL!!) And Danny tries to convince them that they have to do something (because it’s their fault that the ghosts are even there in the first place and people could actually be getting hurt) and they eventually agree so they go try to fight the other ghosts. And Danny backs them up with tech that doesn’t even work (because he doesn’t have the ghostly energy to jumpstart the thermos, etc) so it doesn’t go well and Sam and Tucker both get beat up and Danny’s guilty about that now too and about all of it and feeling awful about not being able to help (he is still the one with the hero complex, after all)

So eventually he makes Tucker go back with him and dismantle the portal to try it over again. Sam and Tucker both try to convince him not to do it (because they know he likes being normal) (and they know that their life isn’t going to be a picnic) (and how are they to know that they can even turn just one person half ghost at a time? what if it legit kills him?)

But Danny isn’t taking no for an answer. So they try it again. And he gets caught in the blast and screams just as loud as they did. And he comes out with transparent hands and white hair and glowing green goop pulsing throughout his body. And he’s never experienced anything else that felt so /right/

Because this isn’t something that ruins his life. This is something that he freely chooses for himself to help his friends and protect his family and fight for the town because it’s the right thing to do YES GIVE ME A DANNY WHO WANTS TO BE PHANTOM OF HIS OWN FREE WILL AND TRULY HAD THE CHOICE NOT TO DO IT BUT CHOSE IT DESPITE KNOWING THE CONSEQUENCES BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO

some ghostly trio hc

•they each have some ghostly familars
-ghostly plants are always sprouting up around sam and they alWays seem to be exactly what she needed at the time (containing healing powers or sleep powers or having an auroma that makes whomever is near it feel instantly relaxed).
- tucker is always finding new ghost viruses in his technology.. at least he thinks they are a virus until he realizes that hey.. this ghost actually makes my pda run faster.. and the battery seems to never die since its charged by this ghost and hey.. sometimes he’ll crawl out of my laptop and nuzzle against me he cant possibly be thAt bad right??
-dogs lOVE danny. sure theres cujo, and wulf if you count him, but as time goes by he starts to notice that whenever he enters the ghost zone he always ends up having some sort of ghost pup following him around. whenever danny whistles random dogs come running at him. they must think hes their leader or something and their always following him but danny doesnt mind bc they help him in his ghost fights sometimes and theyre so dArn cute