Always Immediate Post Eps - Rated M

One/Two Shot

I Give It All by NellieRai

TomorrowShutting the front door and Silent revelation by kimmiesjoy

so i love you because i know no other way and hazy by airbefore

World On Fire by SparkleMouse

Hymn Upon Your Lips by brookemopolitan

Observation by morgangirl11

Interlude by bravevulnerability

Forever and Always by madsthenerdygirl

The Only Truth by eyrianone

The Beginning of Something Good by skygirl55

Whispers in the Night by Trinxy

Always Breathe by The Keddster

No More Waiting by DeBo81

Always Starts Now by glo1196

Another Chance by Flashofblue

I’d Come For You by firstadream

Absolute by panana

Nothing Short of Love by orfaux

Like a Scroll by Jameson Rook

No Hesitation by InkedMidnight

In My Veins by Mrs. Elizabeth Gibbs

A Sizeable Problem by lousiemcdoogle and BlueOrchid96 (crack fic)

There is Only This by shimmeryshine (spec fic)

Everything by Dave-ck (spec fic)

Good Together by leuska (spec fic)

Overload by morgangirl11

Always by ipreferwestside

Till The Wheels Fall Off by coffeeandhope

Always You by caskett-gonna-happen-land89

These Small Hours by microgirl

Doubt Thou the Stars by acertainzest

Always Inevitable and Aching For Relief by theshipstop

Shot Too Soon by Lord of Kavaka


Nocturne by Kate Christie

we shall not cease from exploration by airbefore

The Way I Am by ColieMacKenzie

Glad You Came by KyinHI

One of These Nights by wp1fan

Vulnerability by AddisonSp

Tomorrow by TashaLaw

The Magnitude of These Small Hours by A Beauty to the Rhythm

North Star by Goldfeather

Aftermath by He’s-Her-Lobster41319

Three Times by Sasha713

NYE Fics

Drunk Fruitcake by muppet47

Another Year by Sandiane Carter

Living Out in the Snow by seilleanmor

Anew, Just In Time and tumblr fic by bravevulnerability

with a bang and War Stories by ifonly13

Countdown by shimmeryshine

Take a Cup of Kindness Yet by Trinity Everett

XIII by Kate Christie

rarely pure and never simple by airbefore

At Midnight by whatifellinlovewith

One For Luck by katieupatree

Bringing In the New Year by pullingbeckettspigtails

The Kiss of a Blue Butterfly by Trinxy

XO by LadyAshh

Happy New Year Kate by Duchess of Strumpetness

Warm and Fuzzy by International08 (sequel to Fluff)

The Ball Drop by Liv Wilder (epilogue to Santa Baby)

Chapter 4 of FAE: The Holiday Collection by Oliviet

New Year, Baby by WRTRD

Let’s Start The New Year Right by sanumarox123

tumblr fic by KroganVanguard

Wrap Your Words Around My Heart by FillTheseSpaces

Chapter 27 of 100 Ways to Say by soprano193 

anonymous asked:

Looking for M rated fics from cops and robbers, to love and die in LA, and deep in death. Thanks!

Ok I did C&R and LA, but I don’t think there is any ones for Deep in Death sorry! :)

Cops and Robbers

If I Had Stayed by morgangirl11

Whisper of a Heart by Trinxy

all the lights of the city are drowned out for you by tombombadillo and closingdoors

Everything Hits at Once by shimmeryshine

Remember Tonight by Freewheeler

Cops and Robbers, the rest of the story by glo1196

A Little Taste of Heaven by BurningxRedxCaskettx

Never Let Go by He’s-Her-Lobster-41319


Come and Find Me by ColieMacKenzie

Dominoes by morgangirl11

Gravity by skygirl55

Walls by Midnight Caller

What Happens in LA by Hulihana

Come & Find Me by Daxilla

This Makes It Real by rufeepeach

a03minyard  asked:

Hey Alex, can you please list all the fanfics you can find with Castle and Beckett hooking up pre-Always? Thank you. You are amazing xoxo

Woah big request. I’m up for it. This will be the only list I post this weekend as I’m away for most of it. A lot of these are in the season lists already but it will be good to have. It wasn’t feasible to do all of them but this is a good chunk.

Definitely the longest list I’ve ever made

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krieger-harris1118  asked:

Here is your reminder to do kitchen fics (preferably M-rated)!:)

Here you go! Thank you!

the way you talk with your hands, amuse bouche and from a little spark may burst a flame by airbefore

Pancakes and Unexpected Guests by NevynR

Seduction by ColieMacKenzie 

Starving by Polly Lynn

Chapter 10 of Yours, Mine, and No One Elses by ekc293

Addicted by jamiewaskel

Living Fantasies by LinMo

Eventually Something Will Snap by madsthenerdygirl

Two Casualties by seilleanmor

A Lazy Sunday by Caskett1960

Red Velvet Cupcakes (T) by Trinxy

anonymous asked:

Favorite season 4 fics?

Yay thanks for asking!

Enlightenment and Nocturne by Kate Christie

Dandelions by daphnebeauty 

If I Had Stayed by morgangirl11

amantes sunt amentes and Pickup Limes by seilleanmor

Plus One and Love Boat by chezchuckles and Sandiane Carter

Midnight Queen and All Good Things by kimmiesjoy

As Usual by Polly Lynn 

Can’t Walk Away by Ky03elk

Seduction, Lure, Suffusion and Cynosure by ColieMacKenzie 

Man’s Best Friend and Uncharted by AnnieXMuller 

Salt Water by ifonly13

silence is star like by closingdoors

Crash Into Me by Oliviet

Twenty Minutes the Difference by lousiemcdoogle 

Fix You and Kiss Your Bruises by Sandiane Carter

Whisper of a Heart by Trinxy

A Castle Crumbling by eyrianone

Apologize by evitascarlett

What If? by Liv Wilder 

det-beckett  asked:

hey! so i'm kinda picky about reading fics and i was wondering if u can do this rather specific request? c/b slowly leading up to a relationship, seasons 4,3,2 (in order of preference), multichapter. generally fluffy, but angst is fine. preferably along the general storyline, but slight AUs are ok (different meeting, etc, like An Unconventional Proposal). pretty much fics about them going on a first date/falling in love/beckett being so obv in love/etc. thanks!! take your time! i love this blog

Ok combining this with these similar requests:

Hey! I’m looking for season ¾ fics where CB end up together. Fluff/friendship/romance/comfort are good! Like beckett breaking up w Josh and going to castle and they end up admitting their feelings, etc. Also any sweet s4 fic would be nice. Can u separate the list into multichap and one shot? Thanks! I depend so much on this blog lol.

Actually obsessed with your blog your so awesome! Do you know any good fics pre always but just season 4?? I love the season 4 fics but I feel like I’ve read them all so it you have any suggestions that’d be awesome! :) have a great day!! - coffee-means-love

First of all thank you all for your lovely messages, really appreciated. Gonna do just season 3 and 4 because I have a few s2 requests in my inbox so I’ll do a separate list for that. Also first anon, I’ll just do multichapters, and do a one shot list later :) Hopefully these fit what you all were looking for, you might have read some of these, but putting them all in to be inclusive. 

I have starred the ones that I think fit det-beckett’s request the most, with a slower build up

Under the cut because it got long

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taylorswiftz  asked:

Hey, I just found your blog (AND IT'S SO GOOD OMG) and I wanted to know great fluffy cute fics (avoiding drama lately haha) please :)

So I have this list which I did of fluffy fics, and I was gonna just give you that, but there is a lot more fluff fics than that list, so I thought I would wait a bit and do a round two. 

Longer fics (10K+):

Blizzard by Googie

Mr and Mrs Castle by ghost writer 77

Advent by chezchuckles

Ignition by BerLina

Arranged by Cassie Bones

Number One by NellietheMarvelous

The Thrill of the Chase by ifonly13

Magic by Ky03elk

After the Storm by Norah Rose

Expectations by ColieMacKenzie

A Winter Wonderland by Jessimicah

Dress Up by tiff098765

Starlight by honeyandvodka

We Could Always Just Cuddle by lousiemcdoogle

Shorter fics (under 10K):

Hold Me Now by ColieMacKenzie

Symphonic and Of Conversations and Surprises by NellietheMarvelous

Fluff and Minions by trishtumbles

Feel of Her by Trinxy

Roses by YahLiz

Bendy Beckett by MsMorg

with a smile like hers, and a dimple beneath her chin by tombombadillo

the phoenix and the otter by Cora Clavia

Things To Do In a Boring Meeting and Stolen by chezchuckles

Stuck on You by International08

Pickup Limes by seilleanmor

Thank you so much for your lovely message, sorry it took me so long to answer this :)

anonymous asked:

Authors who have a tumblr?

So many of them!! I’m going to tag as many as I can in this post, but I’m sure there are lots I don’t know so add more if you want :) 

Some of these authors don’t post much, or haven’t written in a while, but  I’m including them anyway. 

Also Kylie has a fandom database which I think is still a work in progress? And it contains links to, twitter, tumblr etc, but not just authors, more for everyone :)

Super long, so under a read more

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anonymous asked:

So I have recently fallen in love with Castle fanfiction. ( well some of it) Anyway I noticed that you are a reliable to source to go to when looking for a certain type of fanfiction. Do you think you could dig up some really sweet Caskett fanfictions? Not M rated just good, fun, sweet fluff. Thank you!

Surely can! Here are a variety of super sweet and fluffy fics! hope you like them! Making this made me super happy :)

Fluff (and its sequels) by International08 (season 4)

I love you much (most beautiful darling) by raniasmavias (future fic)

And I’m Home by nikkifuego (season 5)

Date Night by liviafan (season 5)

Future Crime Fighters by TappinCastlefan (future fic)

Perfect Day by Garrae (Season 4)

Up All Night by ColieMacKenzie

Convinced by seilleanmor (Season 6)

L’amour des deux lapins by Polly Lynn (season 5)

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by ifonly13 (AU)

Something Suddenly Has Begun and Where I’m Supposed to Be by brookemopolitan (future fic)

Cherries by zkcaskett (Season 2)

Plus One by chezchuckles and Sandiane Carter (season 4)

better than alone by closingdoors (future fic)

Straight on ‘til Morning by ekc293 (Season 5)

Sweetart by caffinate-me (future fic)

Separation Anxiety by Violet Hills (season 3)

Sunsets in the Park by Trinxy (future fic)

You’re Mine by chezchuckles (Season 5)

Of Dinners and Cold New York Nights (season 4) and Snowstorms and Babysitting (future fic) by Trapped in a MatchBox 

Thanks so much for your message!

anonymous asked:

hey i was wondering if you could find some sweet fic, but rated M. if you know what i mean... thank you. love your blog!!

So like, fluffy happy fic with the occasionally sex scene, or sweet smutty one shots? I will do both, why not. 

Longer Fics:

The Plan by Googie

The Bedroom Conversation Series by SparkleMouse

The Nanny and Arranged by Cassie Bones

Ignition and The Bet by BerLina

What If? and Stepping Out by Liv Wilder

Sick Day by Jerseycaramel

It Started as a Dare by casisaidlegs

Reunion by softer

Richard Castle’s Guide to Camping by KB-RC23

Joyful Propositions by KyinHI

Love is a Journey of the Heart by Trinxy

Teach Me by Charlie O’Kelley and 4evercaskett

A Winter Wonderland by Jessimicah

Shorter Fics:

Colors: Sweet As Candy, Colors: The Little Blue Engine That Could and Colors: Virgin White Snow by Liv Wilder

auld lang syne by SparkleMouse

Voila! by Kate Christie

HookedTurnabout is Fair Play by ColieMacKenzie

Lull and Pour Some Sugar On Me by shimmeryshine

fluff and fold, amuse bouche, and rarely pure and never simple by airbefore

Stakeout by you’vegotthis and AnnieXMuller

Kisses and Wishes by kimmiesjoy

Number One Fan by Cora Clavia

Of Conversations and Surprises by Nellie the Marvelous

Thank you!!