Whisper of a heart Chapter 1, a castle fanfic | FanFiction

The bank explodes and so do the emotions inside Beckett. She enters the building with only one thing in her mind - Castle. She finds him alive. Will she be able to hold back her emotions? Slightly AU take on Cops & Robbers

NYE Fics

Drunk Fruitcake by muppet47

Another Year by Sandiane Carter

with a bang and War Stories by ifonly13

Countdown by shimmeryshine

Kindness Yet by PollyLynn

XIII by Kate Christie

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wherethestorylineend  asked:

Hey, I just found your blog (AND IT'S SO GOOD OMG) and I wanted to know great fluffy cute fics (avoiding drama lately haha) please :)

So I have this list which I did of fluffy fics, and I was gonna just give you that, but there is a lot more fluff fics than that list, so I thought I would wait a bit and do a round two. 

Longer fics (10K+):

Blizzard by Googie

Mr and Mrs Castle by ghost writer 77

Advent by chezchuckles

Ignition by BerLina

Arranged by Cassie Bones

Number One by NellietheMarvelous

The Thrill of the Chase by ifonly13

Magic by Ky03elk

After the Storm by Norah Rose

Expectations by ColieMacKenzie

A Winter Wonderland by Jessimicah

Dress Up by tiff098765

Starlight by honeyandvodka

We Could Always Just Cuddle by lousiemcdoogle

Shorter fics (under 10K):

Hold Me Now by ColieMacKenzie

Symphonic and Of Conversations and Surprises by NellietheMarvelous

Fluff and Minions by trishtumbles

Feel of Her by Trinxy

Roses by YahLiz

Bendy Beckett by MsMorg

with a smile like hers, and a dimple beneath her chin by tombombadillo

the phoenix and the otter by Cora Clavia

Things To Do In a Boring Meeting and Stolen by chezchuckles

Stuck on You by International08

Pickup Limes by seilleanmor

Thank you so much for your lovely message, sorry it took me so long to answer this :)

anonymous asked:

Looking for M rated fics from cops and robbers, to love and die in LA, and deep in death. Thanks!

Ok I did C&R and LA, but I don’t think there is any ones for Deep in Death sorry! :)

Cops and Robbers

If I Had Stayed by morgangirl11

Whisper of a Heart by Trinxy

all the lights of the city are drowned out for you by tombombadillo and closingdoors

Everything Hits at Once by shimmeryshine

Remember Tonight by Freewheeler

Cops and Robbers, the rest of the story by glo1196

A Little Taste of Heaven by BurningxRedxCaskettx

Never Let Go by He’s-Her-Lobster-41319


Come and Find Me by ColieMacKenzie

Dominoes by morgangirl11

Gravity by skygirl55

Walls by Midnight Caller

What Happens in LA by Hulihana

Come & Find Me by Daxilla

This Makes It Real by rufeepeach