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Read Between The Lines (15)

Chapter 15


“So do you guys like, share hair tips and stuff?” Dean asked.

Lunch with Roman’s friends had turned out to be a great affair. Initially it was just Jess and I with them and it was so relaxed; the twins, Trin, Dean and Nattie had been so welcoming. As soon as Roman came, a while later, they’d been hounding us with curious questions. Each of them taking it in turns to ask, and it was fun, don’t get me wrong, but me being me, I hated being the centre of attention like that.

“Sometimes, he does most of the sharing,” I played along with an easy shrug. “I’ve learnt a lot about protecting my hair at night before bed,”

“And I know all about deep conditioning now,” Roman said confidently and then caught the weird stares at the table and retracted his statement, “I mean from watching her, I don’t do that, myself, personally, obviously,”

“Babe we did it last time, then I gave you a face mask-”

“Jen why’re you showing off?” he said behind a contrived smile.

“I just…they’re too cute,” Nattie said clutching a hand to her chest. “I love new couples, I wish I could time travel,”

“Right?” Trin and Jess said in unison.

“Aaaw'h, I miss that newness,” Trin added. “Why can’t you act brand new and romance me?” she nudged her husband.

“What do you mean? We ain’t old, y'saying it like we all old and boring and shit,”

“C'mon babe, y'know what I mean, when it’s new it’s exciting,”

“Keep digging that grave Trin,” Josh, (whom we finally had the pleasure of meeting) warned side-eyeing her.

“See what she’s trying to say is she’s tired and bored of her marriage,” Dean translated to the table.


“Technically,” Jon agreed with Dean, the men all chimed in and nodded.

“Come on, she didn’t mean it like that,” Jess defended her. “Even though she has a point…relationships are fun and exciting in their early stages; that first year honeymoon phase is just…urgh, there’s something about it.”

“See!” Trin said excitedly, I watched on happily; agreeing in my head because well, my love live was exciting and I was happy.

“It’s a women’s thing, guys don’t care, I think the only time they do and find exciting is the build up to the first encounter,” Nattie said, her hint loud and clear.

But the men caused a riot in disagreement, as if she’d said the most offensive thing ever.

“Whoa whoa, hold up, and where did you get those statistics?” Roman asked.

“It’s general knowledge, common sense stuff,” she joked.

“Nah, not good enough. That’s bullshit, men do care, even after the sex. Hear that Nattie? ‘Sex’, not ‘encounter’; don’t be so poetically romantic about it. 'Sex’.” Josh said brashly.

“Well there’s her point, if it’s not 'poetically romantic’ then it must just be…sex?” Jess asked tilting her head and snookering him.

“Hey! Don’t twist his words,” Dean said.

“She’s right,” Trin agreed. “Well, Jen’s all quiet about this. Y'gotta say something, what’s your stance? Since you’re the subject of this topic?”

Thanks Trin, I thought, just what I wanted, to be the centre of attention and say the wrong things.

“Whoa, pressssuure,” I drawled and nervously scanning the faces around the table. “I mean…”

“You don’t have to answer that sweetie,” Roman said, buttering me up with a kiss on my cheek.

“You. Shut up,” Jon pointed at Roman. “He’s just scared he wont get any,”

“So….?” Trin and Nattie looked on expectantly, Jess included, even though we’d had this discussion many times and we were practically on the same page.

“Not all men,” I said jokingly in homage and shrugged nervously.

The guys cheered on, Dean being the most dramatic and banging on the table in excitement.

“Dean you’re gonna get us kicked out,” Nattie warned.

“See! That’s a woman who went to school right there!” Josh said. “She’s got a lotta wisdom,”

“I pick em well,” Roman boasted. “Well done baby,”

“What a coward,” Jess giggled, I threw my napkin at her and her laugh only escalated.

“She’s just trying to win some brownie points,” Trin said in jest.

“Or get laid,” Jess said.

“I’m really am desperate for those brownje points, otherwise I’ll have no friends backstage when I come to his matches,” I replied. “Besides, if I wanted to get laid, I’d just tell Roman we’re doing it and he obliges, just like that,”

“That’s - wait, no,” Roman said and looked at me intensely. “Baby, don’t air out my business like that,”

“I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you,” I cupped his cheeks and kissed him on the lips. Then he wore this look that only I understood, I turned to our crowd. “See? He’s easy,”

“I think we all approve of now, you were not doing so well before that comment,” Jon joked.

“Man shut up,” Roman said.

“I gotta say,” Josh said and looking down as he spoke. “I never thought the day would come when Uce would turn into mush, he’s all mushy in love and shit,”

His twin nodded in agreement, our other accomplices at the table laughed, though in agreement. I looked at Roman to see his reaction. He was only confirming it as his face flushed pink.

“I’m not mushy,”

“Oh you mushy alright,” Jon nodded profusely.

“But he’s always been a teddy bear,” Dean smirked, teasing him too. “My teddy bear,”

“Babe? Defend my honour,” he looked at me, ignoring his friends.

“You guys leave him, he’s sensitive,” I said. “Besides, I like my teddy bear’s all mushy,” I coincided, pinching his right cheek.

“See!” Josh said excitedly.

“Leave him you guys,” Nattie said glaring at the twins and Dean.

“Thank you! At least someone’s loyal,”

“Actually, I have a question, do you guys have like cute pet names for each other yet?” she asked, looking at me first.

“Nattie!” Trinity chuckled but then she changed her mind and looked at us. “Yeah?”

“I mean yeah, like 'big butt’ and stuff,” he started, saying it so casually. I gasped and swatted his arm, but he cowered in and hissed, rubbing at the spot. “Damn baby, it’s still sore,”

“He is really sensitive,” Jess commented, laughing above her glass before tilting it to sip her drink.

He cut her a look, “Jess, c'mon, you were my favourite at this table since I walked in,”


“No but seriously, answer the question,”

“Now I know you’re both lying, he’s always talking about 'baby girl’ this, 'baby girl’ that,”

“Back off Dean,” Roman said, surreptitiously holding up a middle finger, Dean responded by blowing him a kiss.

“I think this calls for a Kodak moment,” Nattie said.

“Nattie, we don’t do Kodak’s anymore,” Trin. laughed and side-eyed her. “It’s 2015 girl,”

“Y'know what I mean,” Nattie rolled her eyes.

“Yes girl, y'know I love me a selfie, come on girls; girls only,” Trin announced reaching for her phone.

“I have a problem with being isolated like this,” Dean complained, though he shifted to let Jess slide over him and sit next to Nattie.

“This shit’s sexist, y'all been hella sexist today,” Jon pointed out.

“Shut up, do your own selfie,” Trin cut him a look.

When we all settled in, she set up her camera and extended her arm ensuring we were all in shot before she took a couple of pictures.

“Come on then, y'all want in?” she asked the guys.

Jon rolled his eyes and kissed his teeth, turning away from her with a “no.”

“No thanks,” his twin mirrored.

“A'ight,” Trin said unbotheted and went to take more pictures of.

“Babe, come,” I said to Roman, realising that this would be the first time we ever had pictures together. Another milestone.

“I hate pictures,” he complained, even though he still came.

“Whipped,” I heard one of the twins whisper to him, he flashed another middle finger as he passed them and came to pose with us.

“Go on then, make it quick, my picture-face only lasts a second,” he rushed Trin.

“Shit dude, chill,”

So as it came out; it captured Jess next to Nattie, who was next to Trin and myself next to her; sat sideways on Roman’s lap. In the shot, Dean and the twins had photobombed us, and it turned out to be quite a cute picture.

“Can you send them to Roman so I can get it off him?” I asked as we flicked through the pictures.

“Oh honey, if you want my number just say it, I don’t bite,” Trin laughed.

I considered my answer and laughed, “Sure, why not?”

“That was easy, was Roman that easy?” Dean asked.

“Hell yeah, the guy has no morals, he’s a loose canon,”


The evening at the arena for the Raw show passed by quickly, as we only stayed there for a short while. Roman opened the show with a segment, and we were pretty much out of there as soon as he finished. We got to meet a few more faces on the roster and a particular meeting with Cameron and Eva rubbed me off the wrong way, though at the time I didn’t think much of it.

“Triiiiinnniiiittttaaaaayyy honneeeyyy!” a voice called out.

Jess, Trin and I watched as Eva Marie and Cameron made their way towards us. I gawked at Eva Marie in awe because she was so cute, especially in person.

“Hey girl,” Cameron said hugging Trin. “Where’ve you been hiding tonight?”

Trinity turned to us smiling and gestured towards us.

“I made some new friends, guys this is Roman’s girlfriend Jen,” she introduced and I felt the embarassment wash over me at the sound of someone else saying those words aloud. “And this is her bestie, Jess. Jess and Jen, Cameron and Eva,”

“Nice to finally meet you,” Eva said shaking my hand and then Jess’. “I mean we heard rumours backstage that he was seeing someone, and here you are, you’re real,”

Cameron was strange though, she gave me the briefest handshake and snooty smile, only saying a “hey” that felt forced and uni terested. She didn’t treat Jess that much better. I noticed Trin’s expression change briefly too and I wondered if she picked up on it. Even her body language was uninterested, strangely, I really didn’t care or feel offended.

“This your first time here?” Eva asked, seeming genuinely interested and cordial.

Cameron talked to Naomi and Naomi only, but she remained quiet if Jess and I got involved. Eva was fine, she was friendly and I didn’t expect that from watching her on TV. She always looked fiery, maybe it was the red hair.

“Your man’s about to go on,” Trin said to me, cutting off Cameron. “Let’s go to the screening room,”

“It must feel weird seeing him on TV,” Eva said as we started off heading towards the screening rooms.

“It’s weird, but it’s exciting, he’s so different on there,”

“I’m gone go ahead and get changed for my match,” Cameron said. “I’ll catch up with y'all later,”

She went off and Eva stayed with us, walked with us as Trin led the way.

“What was that about?” Jess mumbled to me as we walked behind Eva and Trin.

I shrugged, “No fucking clue,”

And after Roman’s segment, he came straight backstage where we’d sat watching him on screen and regrouped with us.

“Wanna go get dinner?” he asked me quietly as a standoff played on the screens, everyone’s eyes glued to them.

“Sure,” I shrugged. “I miss home cooked food so much,”

“Me too, welcome to my life.”

“Well, next time you come to visit; no eating out,” I said flirtatiously, not even intending it to sound so sexual.

He smirked and wiggled his brows suggestively, I just breathed heavily, rolling my eyes impatiently.

“You gon cook for me?”

“Sure, I can really throw it down you know,”

“I don’t doubt it. Shall we head out? Wanna get Jess?” he asked, nodding towards where she was wedged between Dean and Eva.

“Hey,” I said approaching them, cutting in between them. “We’re gonna head out to get dinner,”

“Oh, okay,” Jess replied. “Are you coming back to the hotel?”

“Ummm I mean me, you and Roman are going to get dinner,” I laughed.

She thought for a second, “I wanna stay, I can meet you later? Am I allowed to stay?”

“Sure,” Dean shrugged easily, eyes on the screen.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Yes Jen, no offence, but I don’t wanna be a third-wheel,”

“We’re not gonna leave you out, that’s why we’re inviting you,”

“No, it’s not that. Just by the nature of it, I know y'all have a lot to catch up on, and would prefer to have some privacy. Jheeze, you see me everyday, go be with your man,” she nudged her head towards Roman. “I’m not saying you will make me feel like a third-wheel, I am a third by nature, and I like it here, I wanna stay,”

“Last chance,” I smiled, tilting my head.  

“She’s staying with us damnit,” Dean said wrapping an arm around her. “I’ll make sure to bring her home safe ma'am,”

“Thanks Dean, Jess call me when you’re done, and maybe we can meet up?”


Then I made my round saying bye to Roman’s friends, knowing that after tonight, they were going to go back on the road, whilst Roman and I stayed for a couple of days until we left for Vegas.

“Make sure you keep in touch girl,” Trin said holding me after a hug. “Imma bring my ass to New York and you can show me around,”

“Oh anytime, just tell me when,” I said with a wave of an arm. Jon cleared his throat dramatically. “Obviously you’re invited too,”

“That’s better, aye get outta here, your man’s looking hella impatient,” he said after we hugged. “Make sure you come back soon though, don’t be a stranger,”

“Bye guys,”

And somehow, I felt kinda sad that I wasn’t going to be around them for a long while. It’s like they’d become my friends too in that short space of time.


“I heard about Cam,” Roman said after dinner as we took a stroll.

“Who told you?” I wondered, eyeing him skeptically under the street lights.

“Doesn’t matter, you okay” he eyed me back, but wearily.

“Jheeze, she didn’t hurt me Roman, she just gave me an attitude, I mean I certainly didn’t feel welcomed but I don’t really care,” I said, absentmindedly fiddling with his hair.

“You don’t?”

I shrugged, “Nah, I know I haven’t done anything to her so I’m not bothered,”

“Fair enough, it’s a good call,”

“Well I figured I’ve met the important people,” I shrugged. “And they were nice to me so that’s all that I care about,”

“Mhhh, maybe not all,” he tilted his head to the side. I gave him a puzzled look. “I know Seth really wanted to meet you, obviously circumstances just don’t seem fitting,”

“Whaat’s going on with that? Are you guys friends? Still friends…or…? Am I not allowed to meet him?”

“I mean…” he sighed into a cautious laugh, stuffing his hands in his pockets defensively. “I don’t know man, I guess yeah, but it’s complicated right now,”

“What’s up?”

“I love him like I love Dean, y'know what I mean? But the last few weeks have been different for me, I’ve been distancing myself from him,”

I didn’t need to say it, he could read my expression that I was questioning why.

“Well c'mon Jen, yes it’s all a script, but there’s some truth to it; he’s having his life handed to him. He’s sailing through. He’s getting favours. I work my ass off, I get all the hate, my opportunities get pushed back. Forgive me if I’m wrong but it’s natural to feel a slight resentment. But I guess it’s me being a little too 'sensitive’, I know that, I gotta toughen up and grow thick skin; I don’t think the crowd’s are gonna get much kinder. But I’m human y'know?”

And then it made sense. I could almost relate, in a siblings context. If it was like how I felt growing up under my sister’s shadow, especially at school then I got it. But obviously I didn’t really get it, the contexts were different. But it broke my heart that he was getting more affected by the crowd reactions. It hurt even for me to put up with it but for him to be the source, I could only imagine.

“It’s not Seth’s fault, I’m just being a baby about it, that’s all,” he said dismissively.

I hated it when he dismissed his feelings.

“That’s okay, that’s how you feel, you’re allowed to feel something about things that affect you. It may be unreasonable to others but they are your feelings, they are valid to you and that’s that,” I reassured him. “I don’t know much about you and Seth’s histroy, but I say you don’t shut him out because yu make it worse for yourself, the resentment can only grow. It’s not good for your mental being. And you don’t need that tension at work, especially if you know you have a good relationship with him. Besides, Dean must be in a difficult position - being the middle man’s not great,”

He groaned deeply, coming to a stop and leaning against a closed shop front. He threw his head back and it rested against the wall. He looked at me in resignation, not saying anything, studying me as if I was a complex puzzle.

I closed the gap between us and leant into him, my hands slipping around his waist as he did the same.

“Do you want me to say that again?”

He shook his head no, “I heard you,” he said softly.

“Promise me you’ll talk to him?”

“Okay, but not too soon,”

“After Vegas, and that’s all I’m accepting.”

And that gave him a week to do it. He gave me the same look of resignation again.

“Okay,” he said quietly. “You’re so annoying sometimes,”

“I know, it’s part of my charm,” I teased him with a kiss on the lips.

“What do I get in return for doing this?” he asked slyly, I knew what he was hinting at.

“Your best friend back and a peace of mind,” I said seriously. “Sorry babe, no sex until Vegas,”

“Wait, what? I didn’t get the memo. How? What? Why? Am I being punished?”

“For starters, you’re staying at your moms, and second, I think it’ll be fun to wait until then. Remember that phonecall about the dream and you promisedd to give it to me hard?”

“Yeah but I didn’t say in Vegas, I said the next time I see you, which is now. And babe, we don’t see each other that much already as it is, why prolong it?”

I backed away, creating space so that he wouldn’t have any reasons or way to lull me into his dark ways, because I’d fall so easily.

“What if I come by the hotel tonight?”

“I mean you can,” I shrugged. “But we’re still not doing it. Jess is leaving tomorrow morning, and she definitely doesn’t need to hear us going at it,”

“I can be quiet, you’re the problem,” he poked my arm. “Mhhh wonder what you’re gonna be doing with all that time with just me all to yourself before Vegas,”

“It’s two days Roman, I can abstain for two days. What am I gonna be doing? I’m gonna be following you around wherever you go,”

“You’re a handful, not sure I want that responsibility,”

“I was thinking,” I said tentatively, dragging my words, nervous at his response more than the idea that I was going to propose.

I hadn’t just thought of it on the spot, it’d been playing on my mind for a while. This was the perfect opportunity.


“So uhhh, your mom was at the match last night?” I asked, he nodded wearily.

“My sister too,”

I nodded, calculating my approach, “Did they see me? Or know I was there?”

“Yeah, they didn’t know you were coming though. They kinda saw you after that emotional scene I caused,” he laughed. “Why what’s up?”

“I dunno, just thought that…since I’m here…and they know I’m here, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to meet them before we go away,” I paused, but then I started rambling out of being nervous because of the way he was looking at me. “Y'know with our schedules, work and time and distance and everything it might be-”

“Shhhh, wait, what, you wanna meet my mom?” he asked, his eyes brightening as his lips turned upwards.

I nodded as if it was common sense.

“Why not? I feel like I’m ready,”

He eyed me, “And you’re a hundred percent sure?”

“Yes Roman!” I laughed nervously. “Unless you don’t want me…to?”

“Nah nah, I’d love that,” he sighed a relief and pushed his hair back, even his entire face lit up. “I’m so glad you brought that up, I mean I wasn’t going to, well not yet because I didn’t know if you wanted to and I didn’t wanna fight before Vegas. She wants to meet you. She’s been saying it for months, and I think she’d kill me if you left without seeing her,”

“So let’s do it,” I shrugged.

“Let’s do it,” he smiled, shrugging care-freely too.

“Are you sure?”

“I mean fuck yeah!” He said excitedly and then paused to look at me. “Though…I do have a big ass family so really think about this before I go tell her and we confirm anything,”

It didn’t make me flinch, it was gonna happen sooner or later anyway; I concluded. In fact, it was probably better to do it with his family around so that I’d have people to distract myself with if things weren’t going great with his mom.

“I’m ready Roman,” I reassured him. “I’ve met your closest friends, your family next, I’m excited,”

“This is the best thing that’s ever come out of your mouth,” he said proudly. “We do this tomorrow, after Jess leaves?”

“Shut up, and yeah, tomorrow’s perfect,” I agreed. “So you coming to stay the night with me?”

“If I have to,” he said rolling his eyes and huffing jokingly.

“Dean said you’re filming something with the boys from The New Day?”

“Ah yeah,” he looked away briefly and then back. “Forgot about that; Xavier wants me appear on his channel. I kinda promised him, I regret it now,”

“A promise is a promise Roman, go on and fulfil it,”

“I’d rather not,” he said without much consideration. “Unless you come with me, you can watch,”

“Watch what?”

“Us play games,”

“Uh no thanks,” I laughed. “I’ll go meet up with Jess and spend her last night getting her drunk or something,”

“You sure?”

“Yes, stop asking me that,” I gently pushed him back. “I’ll be fine, I could do with my bed right now, so go on,”

And I wished I’d taken him up on that offer. He stopped by my hotel briefly for a nightcap, before he slipped out to join the guys. Jess messaged me asking me to join her and the other girls out, they plotting a night out since it was their last one in the city. But I felt so lazy and unmotivated, I politely declined it, opting to curl up in bed with a book. And then I got bored, and it was too late to wanna follow either Roman or Jess. So I stayed in, counting down the hours until at least one of them walked in…



“The fuck are you doing here bro?” Josh asked with a deep frown.

“Uhhh I’m invited and allowed to my own boys’ night out, nah?” I looked at everyone. “I technically invented this games night, so fuck y'all,”

“Where’s your woman?” He interrogated, ignoring my protest.

“Out with Jess, where’s yours?”

“Y'know what I mean,” he deadpanned.

“Nah, I don’t,” I laughed taking a seat.

“Come on bro, she flew all the way to see you here, you should be with her, not us, you have us every day,” Jon said, it must have been twin telepathy. “Jess left here with Trin and 'em, so your girl’s all alone,”

“I didn’t abandon her, she wanted me to come here,”

“Yeah but women are like that, then when y'all get into an argument she’ll say you had a choice and you chose to leave,” Dean said.

“Bro, you’re the one that invited me,”

“Your choice,” he resigned, arms up in the air.

I sighed and leant back in my seat, unsure whether to take them seriously or not. But then it definitely got me thinking; were they right? Well, they certainly had a point and I’d meant no harm and wasn’t intending to ditch her. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. But it was too late now to turn back and go to her without interrupting her plans with Jess, because I was convinced that before I left, she was trying to get a hold of Jess so they could meet up. But in the same light, it dampened the impending night, how could I enjoy it with the thought that she might possibly be mad at me?

“Come on, Uce you’re up,” Kofi called out, referring to Josh.

Jon shifted next to me and watched on as they set up for the game, getting the camera on and the game loading for their test run.

“I gotta ask cuz, how serious is it with her?”

I hesitated only for a moment, but I told those two everything.

“She’s the deal man,” I said lowly, keeping the topic between us. “I feel different with her than I did with…y'know…it’s hard to explain.”

“Is it better?”

“Yeah, hell yeah, in so many ways,” I nodded. “She gives her everything y'know? It’s the little things, like actually listening to me, the good morning texts, the checking up on me texts or a silly joke she finds funny. And then keeping me in check,” I said referring to the Seth incident that she’d given me advice for. “And I hate it when she does it because I want her on my side, but then I know there’s a lot of wisdom in her words. And then last night man, when she surprised me, that did it all. That moment when I saw her face, I thought damn, that’s her. My soulmate, 'the one’ that they talk about when they say you’ll  know when you’ve found 'the one’

“Yeah man, that was some shit,” Jon said proudly. “Like she went all undercover for you to come out to support you,”

“Y'know, she-who-shall-not-be-mentioned never did that, probably never would have,” I chuckled, referring to my ex wife. “I never even got morning or good night texts. Since the divorce I’m wondering why I ever married her in the first place,”

“Y'can’t think like that man, it felt right for you at the time,”

“Yeah but she fucked me up man, besides, everyone saw her for who she was before I did, people let me ride it out-”

“It’s hard Uce, it’s hard for people to tell someone that the person they’re madly in love with is not the one, but I get you,” he sighed. “So, how did she get along with your mom last night?”

“They didn’t meet,” I laughed, the mood lifting positively as the tone and topic changed. “I kinda saw her across the room and I remember just crashing into her and crying like a big ass baby. I don’t even know what happened to mom and Cece at that point, I was all about her. I really have turned into a fucking teddy bear!”

He shrugged this time, as if it was no biggie, “It’s a reflection of the woman you’re with, she seems like a keeper. I approve,”

“Thanks man, and promise me if you see warning signs you’ll tell me?”

“For damn sure, I’ll look out for your bro, though I can tell you don’t really need me because she’s everything you’ve always wanted,” he said and I felt genuinely pride and happiness wash over. Damn, that must be love. That must be what it really feels like.  "So, sidenote, Deano’s definitely into the bestie though,“

"He is?” I questioned, my eyes flickering towards Dean then back at Jon, gaging whether he was messing with me or not. But then I wouldn’t be surprised.

“Y'know how he gets around women he likes, he was showing off by a mile this afternoon at the restaurant before you came. Literally centre of attention. I mean it was cute but it was annoying as hell,”

“Did she notice?”

“She found him funny,” he answered. “But hey, I got a question, so uh, you two said those three little words yet?”

And by pure luck and coincidence, my phone pinged in my pocket as a thread of messages came through. There was no way I was going to let him in on that, at least not yet.

“Sorry, gotta get this,” I smirked pulling it out of my pocket.

“They’re messages bro, I’ll wait,”

Jen: Jess is back, drunk as fuck, what did Dean give her?

Roman: Is she really bad?

Jen: Lol nah, I’m being dramatic, she’s a little tipsy; she said something about Dean looking after her.

Roman: Nah, she was with the girls. Though I’m guessing there’s a little somethin between her and Dean.

Jen: Lool thought so, esp over lunch. But I’m gonna need the full details when you come over.

Jen: Gonna go to bed, call me when you’re here. Can’t wait.

Jen: Oh yeah, and if you think about not coming…

And then she sent a follow-up photo message. I cursed automatically the instant I caught a glimpse of it and turned away from Jon’s nosey ass as I took it in.

She was wearing a Roman Empire shirt and just a pair of satin and lace panties in a matching blue. She bit the hem of her shirt so that it revealed a lot of skin, teasing with her under boobs. I felt a lot of frustration pent up, knowing this was a chase game, but I couldn’t resist nevertheless.

She’d just sent her first nude…well semi-nude, and I fucking loved it.

Roman: It depends which 'comin’ you’re referring too 👀

Jen: OMG! Roman!

Roman: The background’s cute

Jen: fuck you.

Roman: That’s what I’ve been tryna dooo!

Jen: How about if I…

Then the follow up message did the damage. It was in the same vein, hem of the shirt between her teeth, higher this time, and her free hand hidden inside her panties.

“Fuck!” I groaned outloud.

Roman: You can’t do that and expect me to not get an

Jen: Try me

Roman: Okay then

“What’re you looking at?”

I stood up quickly to hide the pics from
His line of sight.

“I gotta go,” I said in distress.  "Sorry, I’ll make it up to you Xav,“

"Man! Uce…come on…”

“Sorry, it’s urgent,” I try to pain a look of distress on my face to make it believable.

“Everything okay Roman?” Kofi asked from across the room, worry across his face.

“I’ll tell y'all later,” I said rushing out.

It didn’t take long to get to her hotel, though I wished the taxi could’ve upped up the speed. This was actually urgent. The elevator ride too felt long, I called her as soon as I stepped out so that she could get the door, instead of knocking and waking up Jess.

“Oh, hi Roman,” Jen said the moment she opened the door as if she hadn’t been expecting me, despite the fact that I’d told her I was on my way as soon as I left.

I gave her the 'cut the bullshit’ look and invited myself in.

“Shhh, Jess is sleeping-” she said and I cut her off with a kiss, and pushing her roughly against the door.

She fell for it, finding herself wrapping her arms around my shoulders and kissed me back just as hungrily. She softened into me, my hands found their way up the shirt and found her peaks, resting on them and rubbing her stiff nipples. When she let out a moan in between kisses, I let my hand slip into her panties. She rolled her hips to meet it and bit my bottom lip in ecstasy in the process. I had her. I knew I could undo her, but I just enjoyed the challenge.

“Roman,” she said breathily as she pulled away from the kiss, but I managed to keep a grip on her waist, my hand in her panties, rubbing her clit. “We…we can’t…argh,”


“Vegas,” she whispered as I rubbed her in silken motions.

“You’re not telling me to stop,” I tilted my head, looking at her in wonder.

She just looked at me and rested her head against the door and her eyes rolled, hisses and moans escaping her lips.

“I missed you so much,” she whispered, taking my hand and guiding it.

“You did sweetie? What did you miss?”

“Mhhhh…oh…your- fuck - your cock,” she squealed. “Inside me…I want you,”

“Oh, that was very easy, I thought we are waiting until Vegas?” I paused the motion with my hand.

“I want you now,” she practically growled and went to reach for my shirt but I stopped her.

I crept my hand deeper, lifting one leg and wrapping it around me as I allowed my fingers to dip into her wet valley. I cut off her moan instantly, she bit my lip in the process. Her hips rolled dangerously slow against my fingers, whispering my name whenever our lips freed from each other.

“You’re such a little tease, y'know that?” I mumbled in her ear.

She nodded, gripping my hair for stability and control.

“That picture was very naughty,”

“All for you,”

“Y'know what happens to naughty girls?”

She shook her head no.

“They get punished,” I said, pushing my fingers in her firmly and she cried out, tensing.

“I want you to punish me,”

“You do?” I smirked. “Look at me and say it,”

I grabbed her face by the chin and made her look at me.

“Say it,”

“I want you to punish me Roman,” she said in between moans.

“Mhhhh, beg,”


“Say it properly,” I demanded.

“I want you to punish me please, Roman,”

“Good girl, you want me to make you cum baby?”

She nodded desperately, I kept her gaze as I pulled my fingers out, sucking her juices into my mouth as she watched, though I knew she’d much prefer that they were back inside her and working up an orgasm.

“Y'know what, maybe you’re right Jen, maybe we should wait until Vegas,”

She opened her mouth to speak but only a gasp came out. And then again. I pouted and tilted my head, looking at her distressed expression.

“What’s wrong baby? I thought that’s what you wanted,”

“I hate you,” she said enunciating every word, looking at me like she was going to either hurt me or cry.

“Shhhhh, Jess is sleeping,” I said, planting my index finger on her lips. Then I fake yawned. “Oh shit, would you look at the time, it’s gone past my bedtime,”

She was breathing heavily.

“You’re not coming into my bed,”

“I’m not taking the couch either,” I challenged her with a proud smile as I welcomed myself towards the open room with the light on and I assumed that was hers. “Come on, let’s go warm up that bed,”

“You’re unbelievable,”

“What’s wrong, you look stressed?”

“Stop talking, right now,”

“Karma’s a bitch huh? Hey, cheer up, only two days until Vegas,”