Marrif: Await Nyx.

(( You were sitting in your chair, reading a book, waiting for your friend to come visit. She said she will come by whenever, or some time around then. Until then you would do whatever. Rezzia, your roommate was out doing something, and she may be back soon, but you weren’t to worried about her and Nyx interacting.))

==> Go shopping

You hate shopping. Shopping for useful things, at least. This is yet another terrible day for you.

You felt somewhat better mentally when you woke up tonight, but not by much. Despite your terrible nightmares (you think they were nightmares, at least), you did manage to sleep reasonably well. You’re just not sure if you’re still dreaming or not. Honestly, you don’t know what to think anymore and so you just try not to think at all.

Your daily re-bandaging only really served to show you two things: You’re still a complete wreck, and you need to restock your first aid kit. So you pulled on a fresh set of clothes and wandered to your transportalizer. You weren’t looking forward to going into the city, but it couldn’t be avoided.

Walking hurt. A lot. But you manage to drag yourself through the city, zombielike, until you finally happen across a drugstore. You shove the door open, making a beeline for the back of the store and grabbing a basket on the way past the clerk.


You stop in front of the bandages and stare at them, trying to make sense of all these fucking boxes. Why are there so many different kinds of bandages? You bite your lip, eyes narrowing as they flick from box to box. Ordinarily this would be no problem whatsoever, but right now your mind just refuses to work properly. Before you know it, you’re biting your lip so hard that there’s blood trickling from your mouth. But you don’t notice, just reach out your hand to a package and then draw it back again.

“Shit.” You mumble.

... is this a fuckin date or something?

“Shiiiiit shit shit fuck shit fuuuuck…”

It’s not that you’d forgotten that you had a little fight-date thing scheduled, it’s more like you’d forgotten not to get plastered drunk last night. You force your husktop closed and stagger out of your respiteblock, grabbing your jacket from the floor just outside the door. Your lusus looks over at you critically and then rests his head back on his paws, and you lift both hands to flip him off.

“Oiiii fuck ya, I’m jussgoin’ out to fight with some punkass stripper.” … unfortunately while lifting your hands you drop your jacket. You groan and snatch it up from the floor again, shrugging it on, then stumble toward the front of your hive. “Don’ worry, I’ll be fine, I don’ THINK he wants ta’ fuckin’ kill me.”

Well, you’re not entirely sure. He’d said he wouldn’t, but highbloods aren’t to be trusted~ You grab your trusty bat from the side of the livingblock and you’re off, out on your way toward the nearest transportalizer.  You’re really going to have to work on this drinking thing. You’re really in no condition to be fighting right now!

Reaching the transportalizer, you lift your hand to read the coordinates you’d scrawled there in marker. … fuck, you can barely read your own writing! You grumble and finally manage to input them, and you’re soon swept off to… wherever it was he’d planned to meet you.

Upon stepping off the transportalizer, you sigh in relief. It really was a field, you were half expecting the picture he’d sent to be a clever ruse and you were going to wind up in the middle of the ocean or in some kind of torture chamber.  You rub your eyes and drop down to a seated position while you wait.

==> Thetis: Sulk

When you come to in the middle of the sea, your first reaction is to splash around furiously, throwing a fit. You were having so much fun in the blueblood’s body, this isn’t fair at all! You finally look around, reasonably impressed with how far Vejove had managed to get. So with a sigh you easily swim the last few hundred yards to the shore. Your body’s exhausted, probably because the blueblood was swimming like an idiot and managed to pull a muscle or two. You crawl onto the sand and lie there on your back, pouting up at the sky until your mobile vibrates.

Curiously you wiggle it out to read and respond to the stranger’s messages, and return it to your pocket unnerved. Whatever, you really don’t know what he’s on about. No concern of yours, you figure.

“Aaaahn~~” You sigh heavily, folding your arms behind your head. Thinking about what you’d done earlier just makes you… hungry. Starving, in fact.

Well, you’re already on land anyway. Maybe you’re going to have to go on a little hunt.

Just get it over with already.

This is bad. This is so bad. This is so so bad. You could just die right now.

Being struck with such a sudden… attraction to someone you hate so much… Hate doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel about him. And yet here you are, pacing your respiteblock with your stomach in knots. You don’t want to see him, but at the same time you really need to. You’re absolutely terrified of him, yet the thought of him makes heat rise in your stomach.

It’s not your fault. This isn’t you.

Finally you head downstairs for your transportalizer. Best to just get it over with so that you can stop feeling this way and never ever see him again. You carefully input the coordinates he’d sent to you, but stand there for a long moment with your finger hovering above the pad. It’s not too late to just back out. You can’t face him, you’ve never been so afraid of someone in your life. … hell, you’ve never been afraid of someone, period. But you’re scared that if you don’t just do it, you’ll be stuck thinking about him this way and you just can’t have that.

You squeeze your eyes shut and finally push the last button. Even when you’ve arrived, you don’t open your eyes. Maybe he’s just fucking with you and he won’t even be here. You just stand there, waiting, heart racing.

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DS: Like Are You Drunk Or Something?


twilight meet a troll for once

*normal day in your small little where purched on a plank of wood far up on a tall look around minding the view,it was a slow day,you had no assassinations    to do and no one was causing troubles so with a big sigh you start jumping roof top to roof top till you jump onto to the notice a girl walking around though you never saw her before*

⩐excuse me!⩐

*you shout out hopeing she could hear you*

⩐i don’t mean to be rude or anything but who are you⩐