Win This! 1994 Jeff Buckley Photo Pass From the Grace Tour! CONTEST NOW CLOSED!

I’m getting rid of some things, so this could work out to your benefit.

The item is a PHOTO PASS that I acquired for the Jeff Buckley show at the Trinity Centre in October 1994. This was in support of his Grace album.

So, if you want the item above for your collection, please answer this very simple trivia question:

Who opened up for Mr. Buckley at that Trinity Center show?

Duke of York to return to old haunt

The Duke of York will be visiting CSR on the Cambridge Business Park later this month, just across the road from what used to be the Q.ton Forum, a venue he knows very well indeed.

The Q.ton, now known as the Trinity Centre, was once purchased for £10 million by Amanda Staveley, a former girlfriend of the Prince, who reportedly turned down his marriage proposal.

Staveley, who left Cambridge University before completing her degree, is also well known for her role in orchestrating the landmark takeover of Manchester City for Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi.

When asked if they still welcomed the Duke of York’s visit in light of recent lurid newspaper headlines concerning his links with a convicted paedophile, CSR said they had not considered being anything other than welcoming.


Here’s my FLOODIT design. Bring a tee or buy one off me on the night. Also available prints, totes etc.

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If you’ve never been to The Trinity Centre in Bristol, it’s a great venue that has played host to some awesome stuff.

29th October @ Trinity Centre

Heres the link to the event on Facebook, come get involved it’s gonna be loud!



Valley girls from LA that sing the blues, play rock n roll, sweat, move and groove. Deap Vally break blues down to its simplest, most fundamental form: beat, melody, and meaning, while the duo’s scorching live shows are fast becoming the stuff of legend. Unlikely as it may seem, the pair did actually first meet at a needlework class in 2012. Bonding over their crochet hooks with a love of the blues, first demos and videos of the girls’ live shows have been cropping up online with increasing frequency over the past few months, Filter Magazine invited the band to perform at their Coachella party, and they even caught the ears of one Josh Homme, whose Eagles of Death Metal invited the girls to open for them in LA. “Impossible not to love.” - The Guardian. 


Trinity Road, Old Market, Bristol BS2 0NW
Doors 7.30pm
Ages 14+

Advance tickets available from:
Bristol Ticket Shop
0844 871 8819


The vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow met at the
Vassar College while studying music. They claim to have done the electronic music class together, but they only became better friends after they graduated in 2010, when Max started contacting Lizzy by e-mail.
On June 2011, the band released an EP called Ghost City USA with the songs “Bones”, “Time Of My Life (Cover)”, “Strings” and “Ash Tree Lane”. The first single from the band, “Hurricane”, was posted in MS MR’s SoundCloud on May 9th, 2012, later that year, they released a new EP: Candy Bar Creep Show was released on September and contains the final version of the songs “Bones” and “Ash Tree Lane, plus the songs “Hurricane” and “Dark Doo Wop”.
At the beginning of 2013, the band released a music video for the song “Fantasy” on youtube, on February 4th. The song, which was released later on iTunes, became the first single of their debut album. “Secondhand Rapture” was released on May 10th. The song “Hurricane” was rereleased as the second single from the album, as it received a new music video on April 8th.


Trinity Road, Old Market, Bristol BS2 0NW
Doors 7.30pm
Ages 14+

Advance tickets available from:
Bristol Ticket Shop
0844 871 8819


Embracing Dublin - Step Two: Visit Trinity College & See The Book Of Kells (For Free!)

No visit to Ireland’s capital city is complete without a visit to the country’s oldest university and the academic birthplace of so many of its most famous artists, writers, politicians and philanthropists. Yes, that list does include Chris de Burgh.

Despite its city centre location, Trinity College enjoys a very tranquil and studious atmosphere. Students can be seen carrying handfuls of folders and papers from class to class whilst others zip swiftly across the cobbles of Parliament Square on bicycles. The college grounds are open access, so feel free to wander about and enjoy a peaceful break from your sightseeing.

The Book of Kells

Whilst I would say the college and its beautiful buildings are worth visiting alone, most tourists appear to head straight to the library building to view one of Dublin’s top attractions; the Book of Kells.

In a nutshell, the Book of Kells is a collection of ancient books which retells the Gospels. The reason so many people go to see it is two fold:

  • The book is thought to have been created in 800AD.
  • The book is beautifully illustrated and is said to far surpass any other book of its era in terms of extravagance and complexity.

Since the book is so old and so precious, the college doesn’t allow visitors to leaf through it. Instead, two pages are on display, leading to many asking whether the book is actually worth seeing, especially given the hefty entrance fee of €10. It was a question Jade and I asked ourselves while we were there. We decided it wasn’t quite worth it. Sure, the ticket cost also covers entrance to the Old Library, which is said to be stunningly beautiful, but we still couldn’t quite justify it.

See the Book of Kells for half price or even free!

We later learned that there are two ways of avoiding paying the €10 fee:

  • To see the book and the Old Library for half the asking price, visit half an hour before the library building closes. Once we had caught wind of this, we raced back to the college, but sadly we were too late.
  • To see the Book of Kells for free, befriend a student or an alumni. All students and former students get lifetime access to the Old Library and the exhibition and can take up to three friends with them on each visit. It’s a long shot, but it at least gives you a good reason to trawl the city’s pubs looking for them.

Trinity College is where so many of Ireland’s most famous and successful personalities found their feet and made a name for themselves. Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde are just two names that stand out from the long list. That’s why a visit to Trinity College is the second step you should take to fully embracing Dublin.

In case you missed it, step one in this series is here.