trinity elysia


Hong Kong Dollism Plus 9

My first ever international trip and it was AMAZING. To have so many dolls beautifully displayed in an equally beautiful venue is simply a feast for the eyes (and a torture to wallets, LOL). Of particular mention are Dollmore’s Lusion Dahlia and Trinity Elysia (which looked every bit as impressive as they are huge), SWITCH’s LE’s (definitely a crowd puller), Granado’s sculpts and bodies (the Titan body is rather scary and intimidating to own when you see it), Oasisdoll’s porcelain line (so petite and delicate!), and my favorite of them all: Doll Chateau’s prototype (I assume). I salute their sculptors for such craftsmanship and design.

It was very exhilarating to buy doll items in person, to be able to closely scrutinize them before making the purchase. It makes all the money spent worth it. I personally only limited myself to wigs and shoes and accessories, but it was quite a treat to see a wide array of styles displayed.

Definitely worth flying out to another country for! ♥♥♥