trinity dan

My Chemical Romance:
“I can’t clean the blood off the sheets in my bed”

Fall Out Boy:
“The way your makeup stains my pillow case”

Panic! At The Disco
“At the shade of my sheets and before all the stains”


Happy 30th Birthday Brendon Boyd Urie!! You don’t know how much I love you and support you. You helped me so much throughout the years. You inspired so many people and helped them out through tough times. You are one of the people that inspired me to continue playing my instruments and introduced me to amazing music. Just you smiling can make everyone’s day. I’m so fucking proud of you for writing an album that got nominated for a Grammy, I’m happy that you are achieving your dreams like going on broadway. Thank you for continuing Panic! At the Disco. I just wish for you to have a beautiful day and thank you for everything ❤ I love you


matching iphone(probably) lockscreens/homescreens of;
☼ twenty one pilots
☾ fall out boy
☆ panic! at the disco

requested by @alex-all-time-blow (thank you dude)

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sometimes when i go out i have this weird desire to tell everyone that i’m emo as fuck and how much i love my chemical romance

Is anybody else really scared for the day that Youtubers get too old to create silly content anymore. The day when Dan and Phil decide that they don’t want to be drawing cat whiskers on their faces at age 47 and act out chip and salsa fanfic. The day when Hannah decides she is too old to be getting drunk every week. When Grace realizes she can’t keep up with all the new trends. When Mamrie realized she doesn’t want to be know for making innuendos. The day when Shane can’t eat anymore terrible food because it’s starting to affect his health. I’m terrified for the day when youtubers start telling their viewers that this is their last video. I’m scared because I know it’s bound to happen. Although they will continue living and going through their own lives, it will be like losing a friend that I’ve spent years getting to know. I think of these youtubers as my friends, my crazy sisters, brothers, aunts, etc etc. and knowing that I will never get more videos of them will break my heart. They were the first generation of people on YouTube, when it was just an outlet for people to create whatever they wanted. And although there will continue to be new Youtubers, nobody will ever compare to this first group of people that legitimized the YouTube platform.

Sings of your favorite bands

Aries: Panic! At the disco
Taurus: P!ATD
Gemini: That band with one member 
Cancer: The band that wants to close the goddamn door
Leo: Anxiety at the dancing club
Virgo: The band of the forhead guy
Libra: The gayest band ever
Scorpio: The band that USED to have 4 members
Sagittarius: Brendon! at the disco
Capricorn: Daddys band
Aquarius: Band that was in the suicide squad album rectreating a Queen song
Pisces: They have weird videos in there new album