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horror movies and cryptids

@dreary-weary-werewolves said: Which ocs love horror movies and which ones are too scared of them?? What are some of your ocs go to movie watching snacks? Do they sneak food into the movie theater?

Audrey doesn’t really care for horror movies, she thinks the plots are recycled and has watched enough throughout her life to be kind of numb to the tropes. She does like thrillers though, they tend to have more success in giving her jumps. She’ll pack some twizzlers or some sour candy into the theater. 

Advik will watch horror movies with his friends, then immediately regret it because he’s super jumpy and closing his eyes and ears the entire time while saying “no no no no…”. That’s not how you watch movies, but okay. Doesn’t really bother bringing food in theaters, but he’s that guy who just orders a water if it’s the cinema cafe. 

Zack loooves horror movies, especially the campy bloody ones. But if it’s one that’s really scary, he might ask someone to sleep with him that night. Not relating to that scary movie they watched earlier, of course not. Doubt he has a snack of choice for the movies.

Avery hates horror movies, she knows better than to give in and watch them. She knows they’ll scare her and she has to get up early the next day, come on ! Avery purposely brings in the biggest purse to stash all the snacks. A water bottle, trail mix, a fruit, maybe a box of candy, etc.

Katsumi might watch horror movies that are stylish. I don’t think she’s too afraid of them. lmao why do I have this idea that Kat would feel bad for sneaking food in ?? She’ll buy a soda and a large popcorn to share w someone.

Morgan is not the one to decide to watch a horror movie, but she’ll tag along if someone invites her. Will scream and provide her own commentary (she does that with any movie though.) Doesn’t bother trying to sneak in snacks, she’ll walk in just carrying in a bag of chips. She’s only been told to throw it away half the time.

Sean’s opinion is indifferent. He’ll watch the movie without a flinch. If the person next to him jumps or shrieks a bit, he’ll say “oh no” to try to fit in with the audience. Has no snacks or buys any food at the theater, sorry !

@duck-n-clover said: If you could compare any of your ocs to cryptids what would they be?

hmm, I was trying to do cryptid comparisons with my main cast, but what if I tried to use only my projects ? Celeste is the flatwoods monster, Seth is the chupacabra, Lilith is the jersey devil, Adam is mothman, Sean is Yeti, and Trinity is the lochness monster. I promise I did some thinking behind this, but I can’t really give any logical explanation behind these comparisons.