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Sarpan was the homeland of the Reians….

…..When escaping the Balaur, the Reians discovered a barren land which then became known as Sarpan. The capital city was Kamar…..

….After the failed attack against Tiamat, the Elysian battleship Griffoen and the Asmodian battleship Habrok were brought to Sarpan but fought one another until the Reian leader, Kahrun, stopped them. He demanded that the Elyos and Asmodians never fight as long as they are in Reian land. This enforced peace was an effect known as Kahrun’s Will, which even reached parts of Tiamaranta…..

….After Tiamat’s death Kahrun, embittered from being betrayed by Marchutan/Kaisinel and the Asmodians/Elyos factions on repeated occasions, left the city in search of a power that would allow him to protect the Reian people by himself. Following his disappearance shortly thereafter, Beritra deployed one of his dredgions to destroy the city of Kamar….

….With their leader missing and their capital destroyed, the spirit of the Reian people broke. The land was ravaged during Beritra’s invasion, and whatever remained of it was ultimately destroyed and sank into the abyss ocean during Beritra’s search for the Sealing Stone…..

…..In its prime, Sarpan was rich both in forest and rugged landscape, where various of the local sapiens such as the Uruguru ,Brohum and Humnaz had established footholds…..“

-Goodbye to the most wonderful land …the land of hopes and dreams….


The darkness

The darkness comes from deep inside.
It creeps up from out of your dark side.
Gnawing at your flesh by your graveside.
Of a life that you feel lives you mortified.
Creeping death shivers down your spine.
You feel it wrap around, you feel it reassign.
Your screams and visions will all align.
Under the moon they will combine.
The cares and the worries you place on today.
Are replaced by blinding pain in your temple, you have nothing to say.
Your feel all hope go floating away.
Leaving you alone, as your body starts to decay.
You see your life end, but when did it begin?
You fall to your knees as your thoughts go within.
The deepest part of your soul, under your skin.
You see the vision of the bitter end.
You stay alive as the skin and muscle fall from your bones.
You get lightheaded and collapse on your knee bone’s.
You feel like you’re in an episode of the twilight zone.
All you can do is let out a little moan.
You finally succumb to your fate.
You finally become the desolate.
Roaming the earth as deaths advocate.
Bringing your victims to hells gate.


When the night comes

When the night comes
The shadows call your name
When the night comes
Nothing will be the same

When the night comes
No safety shall be found
When the night comes
There shall be no solid ground

When the night comes
The innocent shall sleep
When the night comes
A secret it shall keep

When the night comes
A promise shall be made
When the night comes
All trust will be betrayed

When the night comes
The shadows will be freed
When the night comes
You’ll pay for your misdeeds


I started to feel better after regular visits at doctors office these last few days…and I begin to think about some temporary job while I am off duty…because I really can’t stay at home much longer…my uncle told me that there is search for waitress at the new Cafe in Pernon…I decided to apply…and after quick interview… I got it…

The next day I needed to show at work very early…standing up before dawn wasn’t easy but I made it on time…I went through some training before opening…stuff like checking if canvas on umbrellas is straight on all sides , cleaning all plates…twice…and how to be as nice to customers as possible aren’t unfamiliar to me now…but right when we where about to open it started to rain and while we where trying to keep all things together, we even thought it won’t stop …but the sun finally came out…and we opened our “Brax Cafe” for customers…

“Welocme to the Brax Cafe”

“Please take your sit , sir”

“What would you like to order today?”

“Thank you for visiting us, please come back soon !”


“There is a woman who always keeps her head up high,
Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in the sky.
She has the stamina, beauty, and courage that one would admire,
Even the love and happiness one inspires.
She is a women that one can always count on…”

………………………………………………… “She gave life. She is a wife.
She is a mother and she is a friend.
She is a sister a survivor to the end.

Appreciate her, we don’t dare.
Ask her worries, we don’t care.
Wipe away her tears, they are invisible as air.

She works cooks and clean.
She laughs, helps comfort, and hides her pain.
When you struggle she pulls you through

All this is she and what do we do?…”
Family Friend Poems ) To All Strong , Proud and Confident Asmodian Women’s Out There! Happy Women’s Day!

“Dear Trinith,

I am so glad that you do what you love once again and I hope you can teach me some of those fighting dragon techniques next time we meet.

I had some real fun time last week with my friends from legion.

We captured Prades Fortress and then my real good friend make me a photo session inside the fort…it was night so the sky was really beautiful and it was real fun!

I am sending you some copies of pictures he edited for me.

They are great aren’t they?!

I hope to see you soon!

With love



“I am like a bird”

“…You’re beautiful and that’s for sure
You never ever fade
Your lovely, but it’s not for sure
And I won’t ever change

And though my love is rare
And though my love is true

I’m like a bird
I’ll only fly away
I don’t know where my soul is
I don’t know where my home is…”

lyrics from Nelly Furtado -“I am like a bird” song


Taming a dragon

Take one step closer

to feel his breath…

Then calm your soul

don’t be afraid of death…

Reach out your hand

to feel his skin…

then look in his eyes and you may begin…

Never look behind when you near him, close in…

…it takes one look to be frozen…

and when you go away don’t show him that you care…

…because tamed dragon won’t ever dare to flare…


Two days ago I was ready to come back to Tiamaranta base…my legion was already waiting there for me with orders to prepare for battle with Tiamat…this was it…the time for my most important fight has come…we entered Dragon Lord Refugee through secret entrance which Kahrun showed us…right after we where inside she appeared…she was holding Siel’s Recils…we where ready to strike but Kahrun wanted to do his talk first…and as always , it didn’t work…she summoned her army at us…the fight was hard…and when we started to lose our strength…He showed up!…our Great Shedim Lord…Marchutan…he came to save us… in that moment i thought that nothing won’t stop us from defeating her…but I was wrong…Lord told us to run to the exit…I was shocked!… when he was fighting her, he said he will create a protective shield that will hold her for some time so she couldn’t escape the refugee…in meanwhile we need to gather more powerful forces and come back for the final battle…she must be defeated and relics needs to be recovered…For Ateria and Asmodae!…Blood for Blood!…