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  • Name: Emily! Yeah I know it’s basic… according to the list of 1994! 
  • Nickname: I have had a lot of nicknames over the years: Emo, Emu, Emi, Mimi, Emoly. I react to them all! 
  • Height: 5′3′‘
  • Ethnicity: Trinidian-German
  • Favourite Fruit(s): Mango, Peaches, Cherries.
  • Favourite Season: Summer
  • Favourite Book(s): Inkheart
  • Favourite Flower(s): Peonies, Plumeria
  • Favourite Animal(s): The Emu and not bc we share the same name/nickname
  • Favourite Beverage: Lemonde with lime and mint! 
  • Favourite Fictional Characters: Batb Characters, Tony Stark, Sansa Stark
  • Number of Blankets You Sleep with: Twooo and just bc I need my baby blanket on my pillow
  • Dream Trip: Going to California to see the hospital I was born in! 
  • Blog Created: 2011?????? Maybe, who, knows,
  • Number of Followers: It was 99 like 2 seconds ago no it’s only 98 T-T

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I’ll add people later XD I’m to embarrassed to tag rnd people….

anonymous asked:

I mean though, what is, in fact, your race/nationality? Because you can't be a Syrian-Trinidadian/Korean from France. Like, it isn't possible and I'm not even being mean when I say that. It is impossible!

:-( how? syrian-trinidian is one race lol. there are german-trinidadians, lebonese-trinidadians, chinese-trinidadians….my dad is fully syrian and my mom is syrian-trinidadian n korean. my grandfather is syrian-trinidadian and my grandmom is korean. love is love no matter the ethnicity. and my i was born in france bc thats where my father and mom both went to college where they had me……i dont understand how its impossible really