guYS KIMBERLY’S PARENTS KNOW THAT TRINI STRUGGLES WITH HER PARENTS AT HOME SO EVERYTIME TRINI STEPS A FOOT IN THE HART HOUSEHOLD, MRS. HART IS JUST LIKE “Trini!!!! How’s my favorite girl??? Did you have a good day today?? Are you hungry? I got you another yellow shirt, Kim said it’s your favorite color. ALSO I got you this hat since I know you like beanies!!!! Kim’s in her room, I love you!” And the best part is that Mrs.Hart doesn’t do it to be nice she truly loves Trini I’m-

Power Rangers AU where Trini’s family owns and runs the best (if only) authentic Mexican restaurant in Angel Grove. It quickly becomes one of the most popular restaurants in town. Jason, Billy, Zack and Kimberly decide to spot by for lunch after one particular long day of Saturday detention and there they meet Trini, who works as a waitress. They end up loving the place and it quickly becomes their go to spot to eat and hang out. And to Trini’s annoyance, they’re always there, especially during her shifts. And the gang’s always try to befriend her and talk to her, much to her dismay. She eventually does give in and they become friends.

One day as the hang walk up to the restaurant, there’s this sign on the door, saying that they’re closed due to the fact that they’re short staffed. Trini’s parents are sick and so are a couple of workers her parents hired. So Trini had to close down for the day, since there was no one to take the orders, cook the food, serve the food, clean and run the resturant, and she can’t do it all herself. Plus, her brothers are too young to help yet.

When she comes by to check on the restaurant later on, she see that someone put another sign underneath the first one. When she reads it, she gets angry and instantly knows who it was. Needless to say, Zack finds himself banned from the restaurant for a while once it opens up again the following day.

Trini and Kim’s parents love the other girl. Kimberly’s because they’re glad their daughter has new friends after her “incident” and Trini’s because they’re glad their daughter has friends at all.

But you know who isn’t all for the Trimberly relationship? Trini’s little brothers. Like…maybe they used to do stuff together on weekends like watch cartoons and make special breakfasts and go play at the park. Or she’d chill with them after school and watch them when her parents were busy. Or she’d sneak them treats after bedtime and before dinner. Just generally being the cool but exasperated older sister who is trying to make sure her brothers never feel alone like she did.

Well, now that she’s a ranger, things have changed. She’s gone more now. And yeah, they’ve noticed she smiles more but they’re kids. They miss how it used to be and just see their big sister slipping away. Trini probably doesn’t even realize how important those moments with her brothers were to them. The feeling is mutual, of course, she just didn’t know that they valued that time as much as she did.

Anyway, since she can’t tell them the real reason she’s been different lately, they sort of pinpoint Kimberly as the problem because she’s the one they see her with the most. They’re not mean to her, but they are standoffish and aloof. Kimberly figures it out pretty fast. The boys are fascinated with Zack and Jason and Billy and just Do Not fuck with Kim and almost seem scared of her sometimes.

Trini would never admit it, but she talks highly of her little brothers and Kim knows their time together is just as important to her girlfriend as their couple time and she’s been missing them too. So. Kimberly tells her it’s okay. To go hang out with her little brothers. She knows she misses them. Trini does and they’re thrilled. Since Kim knows what’s up she just…leaves Trini alone for the weekend and chills with the other rangers. Like, not going MIA or anything, but just telling her to enjoy her weekend and don’t worry about entertaining her. She’ll sneak in Sunday night and can tell her all about it. She also bans the others from bothering her with their shenanigans.

Cut to the next weekend and her brothers are ready for a repeat. But Kimberly is there. Trini’s noticed the tension but has just? Kinda hoped it would go away on its own. Anyway, Kimberly being the understanding gf that she is is about to leave and Trini is all pouty because hey, she planned this movie night for all of them and she kinda wanted to cuddle her girl tonight. Kimberly stays because that pout, who could resist? Not her. In the morning, Kimberly gets up super early and can’t go back to sleep. Trini’s out like a light and she doesn’t wanna wake her. The boys come barreling in and one, they’re a little awestruck that Kim is still there because “does our mom know you spent the night?” and two, they’re hungry and want their sister to make her special pancakes. Kimberly’s all like “we should let her sleep” and tells them she’s a great cook, she can get breakfast started and pls don’t tell your parents that I stayed over. Kimberly is not a great cook. In fact, she’s terrible. The boys quickly realize it and guide Kim through what Trini does but they really don’t pay that much attention and the food is horrible and disgusting. But they have flour fights and jam to some music and bond a little bit. They’re making progress.

Maybe next week Kimberly brings some movies that she thinks they’ll like. The week after that (and with Trini’s help) she makes some traditional desserts and treats for them. After that she brings some stuff that her mom made for them to try. (Idk I just love the idea of them giving each other culture lessons.)

They discuss the Power Rangers. Kim “makes up” all kinds of awesome stories for them and they love it. Trini does too. She’s so used to being alone, and here’s Kimberly, actively trying to engage herself in her life.

Eventually, they just…like Kim and get used to her and her sister being a thing and having to share her until they’re not really sharing her anymore and Kim is just a permanent fixture in their, and their sister’s, life.

um every time I think about Trimberly going to Prom all I imagine is Kimberly, for once, actually being excited to go to a school event 

  • Kimberly doesn’t care, she wears this bright yellow suit to prom, and Trini wears a pink one 
    • They have pocket squares of their own colors 
    • Trini parents are upset at first, but Trini’s dad supports it whenever Trini’s mom isn’t around 
    • Kimberly thinks Limo’s are overrated, so Trini takes that as picking her up by sitting in the back of Jason’s trunk with a sign saying, “Kimberly is my most favorite person ever” 
  • The boys all switch up each others colors, and Zack sneaks in some vodka 
  • Before Trimberly show up they take pictures in front of Kim’s house, and more than half of the pictures are either blurry because Kim’s dad can’t seem to work the phone, or the boys are photobombing it 
    • There is this really cute one of Kimberly kissing Trini’s forehead and it immediately joins one of the many pictures in Kim’s room, and it’s one of her favorites 
    • Trini gets it and puts it in her wallet and her locker 
  • Everyone is jealous of how good the Rangers look when they show up 
  • Zack gets drunk and goes on stage and grabs a microphone, “This speech is for my mom, who’s the coolest mom ever, and for my best friend who looks like a little bird that will kill you.” 
    • Everyone knows he’s talking about Trini, and when one of the lights find her, she’s in the corner making out with Kimberly 
    • Kimberly has to stop Trini from killing Zack
    • Billy doesn’t understand what exactly happened, so Jason tried to explain to him, but kept laughing 
    • When Zack finally gets kicked out they drive him to sonic to get him his favorite milkshake 

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Here's a dumb idea: Mighty Ranger Danger opens for Pop Superstar Tommy Oliver

A typical backstage encounter while Ranger Danger is touring with Tommy Is A Girl’s Name:

“Found it!” Zack announces triumphantly, holding up his phone. “Our Article Title of The Week. I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’m calling it now.” 

This has become a Thing that Zack does.

Turns out, the boy has a gift for finding the absolute worst tweets/posts/articles that reference one or more of them (either in Ranger Danger or Power Ranger form), to the delight of pretty much no one but Zack himself. It’s caused some real trauma; none of the Rangers are sure they’ve recovered from a particularly disturbing tweet involving Jason’s abs and an ice cream sundae. (Jason had hit the ‘block’ button with enough force to break the computer mouse.) 

And yet Zack persists. He even clears his throat. 

“Popstar Lesbian Love Triangle? Tommy Oliver Spotted Cozying Up with Ranger Danger Ladies!”

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Ok, here's a prompt since no one has yet written one using the fact that both Becky G and Naomi Scott are singers and song writers. "Trini and Kim singing along to songs or just plain singing together"

A/N: Okay, so they don’t both sing but one of them does!


Everything is silent.

The smoke swells around her and she can see her teammates running with their mouths moving, but all she hears is nothing. A panic seizes her as she tries to sit up, but the pain in her body refuses to relent and she gives up as she falls back. It isn’t til the face of an angel is hovering over her, and she sees full lips move but once again that she realizes it’s like someone has their hands held impossibly hard over her ears; she just can’t hear.

That thought causes the darkness to finally engulf her.


“Where were you?”

Zack blinks as Trini charges to him, “What?”

“You said you had Kim’s back!” Trini exclaims as she shoves him hard enough that he stumbles. “You said that you would keep an eye on her, Zack. So where the fuck were you?”


Trini shoves him again with a growl, “I never should’ve trusted you! I should’ve been with her! How could you be so reckless with her?”

Jason wraps his arms around Trini and pulls her back, “This isn’t helping, T. Come sit down.”

“No!” Trini snaps as she begins to squirm.

Jason grunts at how strong she is, and he can’t help but flinch as an elbow embeds itself in his side. He continues to allow her to fight before he does something he’s seen Kimberly do a thousand times, he scoops an arm under Trini’s legs and lifts her. Just like that, Trini calms. Her angry growls turn to sobs as she turns her head into his neck and pours out her worry; he simply sits down and holds her.


Kimberly is deaf. Well, they say it isn’t permanent but for now her hearing is shot. The doctors assured her parents that it would return within the next three days, and Kimberly was thankful she didn’t have to listen to her mother cry. It’s strange, the never ending silence. Everything seems so different. It’s hard to explain. She is released from the hospital a day after the explosion (or as her parents think, an effect from a very loud science experiment gone wrong), and all she wants to do is curl in bed and wait.

The boys visit and they bounce around her room like children, and Kimberly is thrilled she can’t hear them. Her amusement is clear as she watches them, and it’s almost serene; these are her boys, the three boys she’d lay her life down for. Zack with his goofy smile and his never ending love for adventures. Billy with his big heart and puppy dog eyes and his loyalty to something they weren’t even sure they could pull off. And Jason with his belief in her, with his messy hair and strong gaze. So, she sits there and let’s them laugh and suddenly she can’t wait to hear that sound again.


Kimberly’s parents adore Trini, they have from the moment they met her. Her mother dotes on Trini and her father laughs at all of her girlfriend’s lame jokes; it’s picture perfect, and she knows she’s much too lucky to have these amazing parents that are equally as amazing with her girlfriend. She figures that’s why her parents don’t freak out when they come in later that night after the boys have left and find Trini glued to Kimberly’s side; if they’re affected by it, they definitely don’t show it.

Trini doesn’t try to talk to her, she doesn’t write anything down on the whiteboard Billy brought her, she just lays with her head on Kimberly’s chest. A smile spreads across her face as she plays with Trini’s soft hair and she can feel the way her girlfriend taps along to the thump of her heartbeat. Her eyes close until she feels a gentle fingertip swirling on her chest and it takes her a moment to realize that Trini is writing something on her collarbone.

First there’s an I. And then she can feel the soft twirl of a heart being drawn and that’s all Kimberly needs to understand, she catches Trini’s hand in her own and brings it to her lips. Of course her girlfriend would choose this moment for their first ‘I love you’ and Kimberly simply smiles and says it out loud. Based on the way Trini cringes with a laugh, she can guess that she screamed it but that doesn’t matter. She’d scream it from the highest building in Angel Grove if she could.

Kimberly keeps yelling it until Trini climbs onto her and steals every ‘I love you’ from her mouth with a simple kiss.


Kimberly is already annoyed by the second day, she hates that she can’t hear what’s going on around her. All she can do is watch. She watches Zack’s mouth move until she can see Billy and Jason fall back with laughter. She watches her father spin her mother around and she can clearly tell that he is singing. But Trini stays silent, she doesn’t even attempt to speak. She just holds Kimberly and they sit in a peaceful silence. That night, after her parents have gone to bed, Trini sneaks back into her room with a soft smile.

Trini is gentle with her as she sweeps her into kisses and smooths her hands along her body, and Kimberly delivers the opposite as she pulls hastily at clothing. If she can’t hear, then she’ll settle for feeling. She’ll settle for the look on her girlfriend’s face as she lays on her back with her hair messily spread around her. She’ll settle with having Trini any way she can. And she settles for it because she can hear every noise in the back of her mind.

She knows Trini gasps when Kimberly presses open mouthed kisses to her neck. She can almost hear Trini giggling as she trails kisses down her toned abdomen with hair that tickles at Trini’s body. She doesn’t need to actually hear Trini to know exactly what words slip from her mouth once her fingers glide into warm heat. Kimberly kisses Trini breathless, and Trini lays beneath her with pink cheeks and a sleepy smile while her finger lazily traces a heart along her collarbone.

Kimberly doesn’t need to hear when everything Trini wants to say is in her soft kiss.


It takes almost three days for her hearing to come back, and the first thing she hears is a soft guitar. Her brow scrunches and her body aches as she rolls over and frowns at the sight of her friends camped out on her floor. They have stopped by every day after school to deliver homework and much needed laughter, but it seems they’re taking a softer route today. Kimberly shifts on the bed and curls her arms around her pillow as she watches Trini strum the guitar while humming softly.


“Any requests?”

“Sing the song you were singing in the hospital when Kim was admitted.” Billy beams as he eagerly claps his hands. “The one you wrote for Kim!”

Trini shakes her head as she looks to Billy for a moment while the tune on her guitar changes, “How did you even hear that? I thought I was being quiet.”

“You were crying,” Billy frowns. “I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Kimberly feels her heart swell and drop all in one go at the knowledge that she unwillingly made Trini cry. She can count on one hand the times she has seen Trini cry, and three of those times have now been because of her. She bites back a sigh as she settles against her pillow and watches Trini blush as she begins to change the flow of her sound while her gaze drops to the strings.

“I can’t count the times I almost said what’s on my mind, but I didn’t. Just the other day, I wrote down all the things I’d say but I couldn’t. Just couldn’t.”

Sound has never been as important to Kimberly as it was in this moment; the second Trini’s voice fills the room it makes her realize how relieved she is that the blast in her Zord wasn’t any worse. Trini’s voice is something that Kimberly can’t describe, it’s so unlike her normal harsh tone. Especially when she sings in Spanish, Kimberly never knew how sexy a foreign language could be until Trini playfully sang her a nursery rhyme one rainy afternoon.

“Baby, I know that you’ve been wondering, so here goes nothing…”

Kimberly feels like she’s floating as she watches Trini break down her walls and spill out the truth in her lyrics. She can tell the boys are completely enraptured by her as they all sit with wide eyes and dropped jaws; Trini didn’t really sing for anyone other than herself and her boys, she always told Kimberly that she saved those moments for the people she loved the most, she says she’s afraid that people will say she sucks. Kimberly thinks she’s just afraid of being vulnerable.

“In case you didn’t know, I’m crazy about you. I’d be lying if I said I could live this life without you. Even though I don’t tell you all the time, you had my heart a long, long time ago. In case you didn’t know.”

“Oh, I knew.”

Her voice sounds almost foreign to her, and it causes every occupant in the room to go stock still. And then the burst of noise hits her and she cringes, it sends an immediate wave of pain through her. All at once, Trini stands and pushes Jason aside as she crawls onto the bed with Kimberly and presses a shower of kisses along her face. Kimberly sighs as she tucks her head under Trini’s chin and closes her eyes; she hears the boys hollering for her parents, she hears Trini ordering them to shut up, but most importantly she hears the steady heartbeat that thrums deep in Trini’s chest; the same heart that belongs to her.

With a gentle touch, Kimberly reaches up to trace a heart on Trini’s collarbone.

“I love you, too.” Trini whispers.

Kimberly swears she has never heard anything better than that.

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Trimberly Prompt: How about one where like Trini meets Kim's parents for the first time since they've been dating and smfn comes up about the Power Rangers and one of Kim's parents makes a comment about the Pink and Yellow Rangers being close and like winks at the two of them coz they both know that Kim and Trini are Rangers. And then when they're leaving one of them says something like say hi to the other 3 or some shit like that and Trimberly are both like ????how tf did they know???

“How tf do they know?”

Rating: G i guess

Tags: Uh… mention of homophobia. Some language… that’s it i guess.

Read @ Ao3

Notes: I feel like I didn’t really do this prompt that much justice since the parents part is like less than half the story. But enjoy it, nonetheless… I hope asfgfdhgfjhgkjhlkj;lk sorry if you’re disappointed anon.

Yellow beanie. Pink rings. Yellow shoes. Pink skirts. Yellow shirt. Pink bracelet. Yellow necklace. Trini and Kim just had to wear something that identifies with their ranger color. Why? It represents who they are.

The boys wear their colors too. Of course, it was much easier to wear black, blue, and red and coordinate it with other clothing but pink and yellow are a bit more out there.

Of course, after the power rangers bitch slapped Rita outer space, they laid low for a little while, knowing everyone will be looking for a group of five, three boys and two girls. That didn’t stop them from wearing their colors, in fact, half the two was showing their support for the Rangers by wearing one of the colors, or all.

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30 Days of Pride: Day 1/30

Trini celebrates Diwali with Kim’s family. 



“How is this even safe?” Trini asked, holding a diya, a little clay lamp, in her hand. It was going to be an idyllically crisp October evening, perfect for celebrating Diwali in the Hart family’s backyard. Kim’s parents were bringing supplies out of the house (snacks, matches, lighters) while Kim and Trini set up the tiny little lamps.

“We’re putting them in the pool, Trini,” Kim explained for the third time. “Nothing unsafe about it.”

“All I’m saying is my mom would freak if she found out I came over to your house to play with fire.”

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Please Do Not Touch-PT6. (Trimberly)

It wasn’t long before Trini struggles free from Kimberly’s grasp and sits up against the headboard. She grabs the pillow and hugs it tightly. She looks at Kimberly expectingly.
“Just kidding, I’m not cursed.” Trini tilts her head and grins. “I honestly don’t know. I wasn’t born as a freak. It’s just what happens to neglected children.”
So she was neglected. Kimberly nods, trying to digest the idea. Trini seems okay with it. “Your parents…?” Kimberly’s voice trails off. “Did they…?”
“I don’t talk about them that much,” Trini confesses with a shake of her head. “In fact, I haven’t talked in months…years maybe. It’s a surprise I still remember English.”
“It’s a good thing we met, I hope?” Kimberly asks, her thoughts drifting elsewhere. So she is the first person Trini talks to, in forever it seems. Kimberly blushes at the thought of being the first one touching Trini, as well. Sure there are kids running around the museum and smash their hands on everything they see.
And Trini’s taxidermy doesn’t even stand in the dark corner. There must be someone who touched her before Kimberly. But nothing happened back then, why is that?  
“Food?” Trini reminds with a hint of hope in her voices. Kimberly groans. She is too tired to move, even though it wasn’t her whose bones shift around for fun.
“Go get it yourself.” Kimberly drops her arms down the bedside and gives a small wave at the pile of snack on the ground. She immediately decides that is a bad idea.
Trini climbs out of the bed without hesitation. She rolls over Kimberly’s laying body and straddles her in the process. Trini doesn’t stay in that position for long, thank goodness. Kimberly turns to her side, watching the girl jumping off the bed like an elegant feline. Trini approaches the snack bags as if they are live prey. She snatches them and heads back.
“What are these?” Trini mumbles, flipping the bags around to find a way to open. Kimberly sighs and reaches over to help her.
“Wow,” Trini’s eyes open wide. “Human food.”
“What were you expecting?” Kimberly asks in amusement. She watches Trini sinks her hand into the bag of Doritos and comes out with a handful of chips. She sniffs the chips carefully. “It’s safe to eat…?”
“Of course,” Kimberly laughs. “You saw me opening the bag and I didn’t put anything in it.” She regrets saying that almost immediately. What if that’s not what Trini is worrying about? What if is the food, human food, that could be harmful to a supernatural creature.
“I honestly don’t know, but…” Kimberly says. She is interrupted by the loud crunching sound. Trini has already stuffed the chips into her mouth. Her eyes half narrowed in enjoyment.
“See, I’m still okay.” Trini grins, using her hand to whip off the crumbs on the corner of her mouth. “Now open the other bags.”
“At least finish the first bag first?” Kimberly looks at the other snacks, and then back to Trini’s eyes. “You aren’t going to finish everything, and they’ll all be wasted.”
“I want to try every flavor. I haven’t eaten anything for a very long time.”
That is a solid argument. Kimberly sighs and complies. She lay all the open bags between them. Trini dives in. Half an hour later, all the bags are empty.
“It’s probably not good for anyone, to eat that many chips.” Kimberly comments, throwing away the trash. Trini is now laying across the bed, playing with the comforter. She is literally purring in satisfaction.
Kimberly takes a moment to collect herself. Her night has taken several 180 degrees turns, and she wonders how she ends up here. Laying with a tiger girl, who just emptied their snack cabinet.
Friends can lay on the same bed together. But are they even friends? Sure Kimberly just fed Trini, but their night started off fighting to the death?
Kimberly looks at the strange girl and studies her like the first time ever. Trini is pretty, in a crazy way. She can take care of herself without Kimberly, right? But she can’t even open a snack by herself. If Kimberly just lets her wander into the human world, it would be just unresponsible. Think about what other awful humans would do to her.
“Do you remember where you came from?” She asks Trini and she doesn’t get a legit reply. Trini only whines and snuggles deeper into the cocoon of soft fabrics. Kimberly hides her face behind her hair. She is fighting back an “aww”.
This is cute. Trini is cute. Cat-like Trini is cute. Not when she is a saber-toothed tiger, though. The tiger isn’t cute.
Kimberly kneels on the bed and then falls face first into her pillow. Trini’s warm breaths are just inches away. The girl has fallen asleep. It’s understandable. It must be a rollercoaster for Trini, too.
Kimberly hopes it’s okay with her parents. It might be okay. They don’t really mind anything. They raised her like how they would raise chicken, let her run around free.
They didn’t even react when she came out to them. They certainly wouldn’t react if Kimberly has taken in a stray.
Then again, To avoid drama, Kimberly would keep Trini a secret. The parents wouldn’t react if they never know Trini exists.

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Silly question but what do you think trini told her parents about the hole in her wall? She clearly could not hide it? Did she claim it was because of the fight and something fell into said? The truth is power ranger stuff or we got termites?

I honestly have no idea how she got her parents to believe any story about what happened to her wall lmao. She probably played dumb and stayed all silent about it or said something sarcastic like ‘Oh I don’t know. With that giant robot battle maybe some debris was thrown and made its way to our house and somehow damaged the inside of my bedroom. Who knows?’ And they just went along with it because they know they’ll never get an answer that sounds normal. 


With that whole ‘I’m pretty sure I’m a superhero’ line, her parents figure it out eventually but they don’t know what to really say about it.

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Hey I was wondering if maybe u could please write a Trimberly fic where they get caught being gay by Kim's parents or the other rangers and Trini is freaking out but Kim just finds it super cute and hilarious and teases Trini about it? Xx :)

Here ya go.

Summary: Basically they get caught making out and Trini freaks out and Kim calms her down.

Rating: T

Tags: It’s getting hot and here comes the parents


The thing is… Kim’s parents are often gone. Kim’s dad is a pilot, an air ambulance pilot to be exact, often on call 24/7 and given random days off; her mother on the other hand is a doctor, often working overtime because of the demand, often coming home late (when Kim is asleep) and waking up early (before Kim wakes up).

The other thing is… Kim brings her one month old girlfriend home to make out and maybe touch each other in the privacy of their own home (Kim’s home). Going to Trini’s would be chaos if her family, especially her mother, were to find out about them. Trini just knows that coming out to her parents would be hell on earth, she knows how they think and she knows how she will be treated when she does come out.

So, here’s Kim and Trini, on their way to Kim’s home after a nice dinner date to celebrate their one month. Kim had treated Trini out to a nice Italian restaurant near the bigger city and they had been handsy all night long, that’s what happens when you sit next to each other on a booth table. Groping each other, mostly Kim, running their feet up and down each other’s legs, and kissing when available.

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Have you ever thought about Trini turning out to be a lowkey mom-friend? She notices that Zack often doesn't eat lunch and starts to bring some for him? And reminding the Rangers to bring water and having some for them when they forget (for some reason, Kim always forgets). The others don't notice it at first, because Trini is kind of grumpy-shy about it (and maybe she doesn't even realize it herself - it might be a habit from helping care for her brothers). And I'm out of space. Love your stuff

Totally!! They all joke about Jason being the mom friend since he’s the one who organizes when they meet for training and stuff, but they individually realize on their own that Trini takes amazingly good care of them.

It definitely comes from helping out with her brothers.She helps them with their homework whenever they struggle with it. She always wakes up early on the days her parents have work to make them breakfast and make sure they’re ready for school. The rangers start joining them on Sundays, and help her make pancakes and Zack tells her brothers exaggerated stories about the power rangers

With Zack, she’s more aware that she’s doing it. 

  • She starts to make a lunch for him in the mornings, knowing that he’ll show up without one 
  • They also start to have mini-tutoring sessions to make sure he understands the context in class and makes sure he does his homework (sometimes Kimberly joins them)
  • Every Friday she goes up to Zack’s house to make sure he has the food him and his mother need to get through the week, and if they don’t, she grabs him by the ear and drives to king soopers
  • She also makes sure that he has all the clothes he needs. It leads to them arguing and Trini telling him that he can’t show up to school with a giant hole in the front of his shirt and pants that had shrunk and don’t even reach his ankles. 

She’s not as aware that she’s doing it with the other rangers.

  • She doesn’t notice that she brings an extra water bottle until Kimberly asks her how she always ends up having extra water for her. 
  • Jason thanking her one day for getting all the Rangers together for training because he forgot to remind them 
  • Billy asking her how she knows what calms him down when he gets nervous, and she can’t answer him, because she had subconsciously picked up what Candace does to help him
  • She also goes to Kimberly’s house whenever Kim’s parents are out of town, because
    • “Kimberly, you can’t eat pizza for five nights.” 
    • “Watch me.” 
    • “You’re not doing it. I won’t allow it.” 
    • Trini invites Kimberly over for dinner, which surprises Kimberly, knowing that Trini and her parents have their differences, but Trini’s able to put them aside for one night to make sure that Kimberly isn’t lonely 
  • Billy really like those fruit gummy packs, so Trini always has a few in her pockets to get him through detention 
  • She goes to the gym with Jason during the summer and weekends, and figures out which workouts are comfortable for him and won’t risk him hurting his leg again 
    • they end up getting into a contest to see who can bench more, and Trini wins
    • Trini also working with Billy to find a leg brace that’s more comfortable for Jason 
    • There’s also some home remedies that she uses, and Jason is forever grateful that Trini’s part of their team.
  • For a while, Trini thinks nothing of it until her brothers are upset and saying that she always spends so much time on her friends now, so she starts to include them whenever she can without revealing that she’s a Ranger

Biglaan lang talaga ako pumunta. Gusto ko pumunta kaso wala naman akong kasama, isasama ko yung boyfriend ko sana kaso ayaw niya. Tapos yung mismong day na ng event, nagtext sa akin si Nash. Tinanong niya sa akin if pupunta ako. Sabi ko hindi pa ako sure kasi nga wala akong kasama. Pero nagbago isip ko kasi alam ko sure na may kasama na ako, yung mga kasama ko simula nung TSEMU 2015 (not sure with the year tho). Ginanahan ako bigla kasi nga may kasama ako, pero napapaisip ako si biglaan and hindi ako prepared. Triny ko magpaalam sa parents ko, then pinayagan ako. ANG SAYA! Nagmadali na ako agad mag-ayos kasi sayang ang oras. Nagmadali na ako umalis after mag-ayos, tapos ang gastos nga lang. Kasi nag LRT then taxi na ako. Eh nakakatamad na magcommute after mag LRT dami pang chu-chu. Feel ko mga 2pm na ako nakarating ng place. Onti palang tao, medyo di ko expect. Kasi nung last year na punta ko ang dami agad tao hanggang sa labas. Pero baka mga late lang yung iba, kasi sure ako may mga pahabol.

Wala ako masyadong kilala kasi feel ko karamihan bago or sadyang inactive lang talaga ako. But I am glad to see a lot of bloggers from the past few meet-ups na napuntahan ko. Cute nung iba kilala ako by URL and by name ko. Eh syempre sobrang active ko naman talaga dati. Tumblr is life. Nakita ko rin si Gyno, yung last year na pinahiya ako pero ngayon close na kami. Biruin mo yun pa-hi and hello nalang kami sa isa’t-isa. Iba po talaga pag may friend na famous. Char. Tapos hindi ako sumali sa games, kasi wala lang. Di ko feel. Sorry po sa group 4, pero congrats kasi nanalo kayo! Nag enjoy ako magkwentuhan at mag-asaran nung mga kasama ko kasi since nung pumunta ako ng first time na meet-up sila na nakasama ko. Maaga rin ako umuwi (sayang hindi ako kasama sa group picture, pero sigurado ako nasa video ako ng TSAMU HAHAHAHA) kasi hinahanap na ako ng parents ko, pero masaya ako kasi nga kahit papano nakapunta ako at syempre di ko talaga palalampasin yung Tumblr meet-up kahit hindi na ako active kasi solid talaga yung mga kasama ko. 

Thank you kela Ethel, Nash, Ereen, Jepoy and Zee! Sobrang nag enjoy ako sa company niyo. Lalo na kay Zee, sa libreng pa-picture sa maganda niyang camera. Hahahaha! Congratulations sa organizers ng TSAMU! Nakikita ko na habang tumatagal, mas lalong nagiging maganda ang mga ganap. I am really expecting for more exciting TSAMU in the next few years to come!

P.S. Sorry wala masyadong pictures, waiting game ako sa mga pictures from different cameras ng ibang bloggers.