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But like Power Rangers is building a franchise, and Trini's character is obviously very question, definitely leaning towards a lesbian, which is why people are praising it. She the only one of two characters that I can think of that we get to see go through this questioning phase (which I think is important because that's what I'm currently going through), and obviously with the franchise, they're going to expand on that.

And that is a good thing.

Like I’m not a huge Power Rangers fan. My mom made me stop watching the series when I was young because kids were getting into fights so my nostalgia for that series is that not strong. But having Trini show interest in women and also having the Blue Power ranger be autistic makes me more interested in seeing the movie. LGBT+ heroes are rare and autistic characters that are well written? They are BEYOND rare.

I’ll give Power Rangers a small pass because hopefully, they’ll expand Trini’s sexuality more. I’d like to see that. Here’s to hoping.