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give it time (trini/kim, pre-relationship)

So! Tomorrow is @plastic-pipes’ birthday and since I was never given a prompt, I figured I’d just base this birthday ficlet off of some awesome art that pipes drew instead. (And how could I resist adding a trope to it?) Hope you have a great b-day, pal! :D

“So, this isn’t exactly how I saw our night off going.”

Kim’s face is only illuminated by the light of their two phones, but it’s easy to see the frustration in the tiny pinch of her forehead and slight dip of the corners of her lips, despite the lightness of her tone.

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anonymous asked:

I love that Trini was the one to kind of show them how cool and far their powers reach. I mean my girl was climbing up rocks like it was nothing.

I definitely agree that Trini had the most confidence in their abilities, but I think it wasn’t until Billy’s fall that it really clicked for them. He had said himself that the 800 ft fall would mean sure death. By surviving, he showed them that they weren’t just humans with cool powers, they were something entirely new.

  • Kimberly: *walking up to Trini* Why haven't you jumped?
  • Trini: *smiles* Waiting.
  • Kimberly: *smirks* On me?
  • Trini: *nods* Kind of. *jumps high breaking the edge of the cliff*
  • Kimberly: *falls down with the rocks* Fuck Trini
  • *down in the water*
  • Kimberly: What the fuck Trini?
  • Trini: *smiles the shrugs* I had to one up you. Payback is a bitch. *splashes Kim then dives*

seize-the-droid  asked:

I LOVE your headcanons! Do you have any ideas on what kind of music each ranger listens to? And maybe some of they're favorite songs?

Oh boy alrighty so

-Billy listens to his country but I can also see him liking a few older bands/singers, like ABBA (they all watch Mamma Mia when the rest find out) and The Beatles. He also listens to Elton John sometimes, but for the most part his music is country. His favorite songs are Jolene, Nowhere Man, Cop Car and Take a chance on me. (He says it helps him get excited)

-Kim and Jason listen to a bit of everything. If you listen to one of their playlists one second they’ll have tøp playing and the next Drake or The Weeknd will play. When Taylor Swift comes on and everyone yells at Jason to turn it off, he ignores them and sings all the lyrics dramatically. Jason’s favorite songs are probably Secrets, I Know Places (don’t judge him he really likes that song okay), Still Here and Fire and Desire.

-Kim listens to some traditional Indian music with her mom and Kim also listens to less popular artists like PVRIS, Broods and Hayley Kiyoko. Her favorite songs are probably You and I, My House, Heaven, Heartlines, Cliff’s Edge, and Palace.

-Trini listens to her rock music but she also really likes Lady Gaga and listens to Kim’s music with her all the time. OH and she likes Troye Sivan and her favorite songs by him is Fools, DKLA and The Quiet. She also likes Ride On by AC/DC (check it out) and Angel Down.

-I’m not so sure about Zack, I feel that he doesn’t really listen to music unless he’s with the others. He just ends up listening to whatever they play and occasionally requests a song that he remembers/likes a lot.

captainhoyw  asked:

really broad prompt here but like, trimberly when they are mad at eachother. They can be seperate situations or they can piggyback off eachother idunno. I headcannon Trini to go radiosilent and Kim to be very passive aggressive (also thanks for doing my last prompt, it was a while ago but i really appreciated it dude)

Part 27 of 30 Days of Pride



Jason had been throwing rocks at Trini’s window for almost ten minutes. She’d avoided the Rangers at lunch on Friday and skipped training the next day without any warning. Trini was moody and distant occasionally, but it had never affected her commitment to the team before. As the leader, Jason took it upon himself to offer a listening ear and support if she wanted it.

Something moved in front of the window, but it was too swift for Jason to see what it was. A second later, his phone vibrated in his front pocket. It was a colorfully worded message from Trini asking him to kindly remove himself from the premises before she did so herself. Instead of replying, Jason opted to yell up at her.

“Trini! Come on, I know you’re in there.”

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Trini does not approve - 3/3
  • Zack: *flies across the pit into the rocks*
  • Trini: *laughs* Keep your guard up!
  • Zack: *stands up* You're hitting hard today. *smirks* We need to get you laid crazy girl. Relieve that frustration in healthy ways.
  • Kimberly: *yells from up top* No we don't! She got all sorts of relief last night!
  • Trini: *turns to Kim lowering her guard* Kim!
  • Zack: *throws Trini across the pit*
  • Kimberly: Gotta keep your guard up babe!

The EgoKillas “Lights Out” written and performed by Khalil Waldropt and Olufemi Williams “Crym aka Black Einstein”. Guitars performed by Kwesi Stewart. Produced and recorded by Denis Frederick “Amenehet” at Hi Red Productions, Arima, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago. Mixed and mastered by Denis Frederick “Amenehet” at Hi Red Productions.

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I’m hella late cuz my service here sucks but I love being Black & I didn’t want to miss it out on this. When my hair is all natural & out and when I got my weave, when I’m rocking my Trini flag & Soca and when I’m jamming to 1D, when I’m claiming Harlem and when I try to spend all my time downtown, I am Black and happy. I have no problem talking about my Black Studies minor, the lack of recognition of codeswitching, intraracial issues that still plague the Diaspora today and how a white-dominated society reacts to them, even the lack of a sense of belonging in many fandoms…..basically, I’ll say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud. Dominating social media, I love it B)