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Trini may be a badass but she’s all about consent. She’s constantly asking Kimberly if it’s okay that she holds her hand and that she kisses her. Even if Kim clearly initiates the kissing or the cuddling, Trini double checks.

Kim asks her about it one day, and Trini just shrugs it off like it’s no big deal, “Well, just because we’re dating doesn’t mean you’re always going want to kiss me. So, I mean, the least I could do is make sure you do want to kiss me.”

Kimberly is so taken aback by how sweet Trini is. (Not that she didn’t know it before) and says something along the lines of “Well, you don’t always have to ask, I’m dating you for a reason.”

Trini just smiles and goes, “Can I kiss you now?”

  • Kimberly: *wakes up and puts her arm around Trini* I like waking up like this. Your parents leaving for vacation is a blessing.
  • Trini: *rolls over to face Kimberly* Mmmmm. So do I.
  • Zack: It's different but not necessarily bad.
  • Kimberly: *lifts head and looks at Zack* What are you doing here?
  • Trini: *pulls Kim closer to her and whines* He said he couldn't sleep last night so I told him to come over.
  • Zack: *holding back laugh at tired and cuddly Trini*
  • Kimberly: *looks at Trini and whispers* Why is he in your bed with us?
  • Trini: *yawns and snuggles in to Kim further* Jason and Billy took the guest room and he is to tall for the couch. I felt bad.
  • Zack: *Sits up in bed* I am pretty tall.
  • Kimberly: *glares at Zack* You're cooking breakfast.

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trimberly harry potter au, kim takes trini home for spring break and tells her parents they're dating. this is news to trini.

“I might as well have placed a full body-bind you.”

Trini jerks out of thought, rubbing her hands on her slacks and looking up at Kim, who’s wearing a look that might be called ‘concerned’ if not for the slight quirk of the right corner of her lips.


“You don’t need to be nervous. My parents are pricks, but they’re not going to say anything uncivilized. To your face,” she adds after a moment’s pause. 

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Say it again (1/1)

Summary: Trini disliked Kimberly Hart during her first year in Angel Grove.


Trini disliked Kimberly Hart.

The first time Trini saw Kimberly; Kim was wearing her cheer uniform and was pressed against Ty Flemming’s locker, which happens to be just a couple lockers away from Trini’s, making out with him as if her life depended on it.

It was Trini’s first day at the new school, halfway through the first semester when she transferred in. She rolled her eyes at the couple making out, ignoring her presence, she placed her books inside then slammed it close. Her small hands gripping the backpack straps then walking away with her head down low.

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Power Rangers Relationship Headcanons - Kimberly and Trini

Princess of my Heart and Grumpy Cat. From Kimberly’s perspective. (Also I saw the film! so now i have a better idea of relationships between each character.)

  • Did not know who she was?? She heard of a ‘new girl’ and her name was ‘Dee Dee’?
  • But that was literally it. She probably wasn’t at school when Trini first came in and she never really noticed the rather small girl sitting in the back of the Bio classrooms.
  • When she and Kim met for the first time she kind of didn’t like her??? She’s small and sarcastic and a little bit mean.
  • But their relationship began to grow more, ever so slowly and Kim begins to see how fun and nice Trini really is? She’s super playful and her sarcasm can be freaking hysterical.
  • After a while Kim apologizes to her for shoving her off of a cliff. ‘Sorry for pulling you off a cliff.’ ‘S’cool.’
  • Kim starts to go out to lunch with her soon, like, 2 every week she finds a place and goes to lunch with Trini. It could be anywhere and sometimes they bicker over where they should go.
  • They fight over food all the time. Kim has to defend her Khichu with her fucking life in some instances.
  • Which also leads to intense fork fights…. and Kim getting stabbed in the hand. ‘TRINI WHY.’ ‘I’M SORRY.’
  • Due to the familial bond the 5 share with one another Kim and Trini become really cuddly with each other. Kim finds it hilarious how much of an aggressive jet packer Trini is when cuddling.
  • Alternatively, Kim braiding and brushing Trini’s hair???
  • Kim is very appreciative of Trini shooing off Amanda and Harper but she almost got into an actual physical fight with them and Kim having to be like pls don’t.
  • Kim sharing clothes with Trini???? She wears so much baggy clothing and it feels so soft.
  • ‘Don’t u need to pack a bag?’ ‘Nah it’s cool Trini’s got some of my stuff there already.’
  • Kim being the ultimate bi partner in crime and flirting with girls and hooking trini up????
  • Kim and Trini share a dance together at prom and they couldn’t??? care less??? about people staring????
  • She always lets Trini stay over at her place after she’s attacked by Rita in her own home bc that can be really??? frightening???
  • Kim has to stop Trini from getting into fights and it ends up with Kim carrying Trini in her arms.
  • In fights Kim has Trini’s back like she does with Jason but since she’s so fast it’s kind of hard to pin point where she is but they work it out by the end????
  • Kim always makes sure that Trini is alright after Training sessions since Trini is most accident prone. 
  • Kim’s parents really like Trini???? Her Mom especially likes Trini.
  • Though Kim is very… iffy on Trini’s parents. Kim understands why Trini hasn’t come out to them when she finally gets to see them. 
  • ‘Do you still love them?’ ‘God… Fuck i don’t know…’
  • Kim probably helped Trini get into detention. How did she? Nobody will ever know but Trini’s in there for the rest of the year.
  • They literally spend almost all of their free time together. At first Trini was cold and distant and now that she’s opened up, Kim couldn’t ask for a better best friend than Trini. 

Power Rangers 2017 Relationship Headcanons (14/40)

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Mod g, you said you saw Power Rangers. Without spoiling anything, can you confirm whether or not the movie was queerbaiting their audience? The people were promised a gay yellow ranger.

I don’t think it falls in the category of queer baiting because I want to make it clear that no one from the production announced this as a character trait until after people who saw the advance screenings were talking about it online. So they mentioned they noticed a curious dialogue exchange that seems to imply Trini is either at odds with her parents for liking girls or she’s distant from them because she hasn’t come out yet… It’s only mentioned in one scene and she isn’t even the one to say it, Zack figures it out. I would normally say this is just up for interpretation but after the internet started buzzing based on the reviews mentioning the scene that’s when the director and the actress spoke out to CONFIRM that Trini is not straight.

It’s not the loud and proud representation I think we all want, and that’s annoying, but at the same time I don’t want people making claims that the scene is ambiguous enough that we have reason to debate that she’s gay. She’s gay, whether she does something “gay” on screen or not, y’know? To be clear, there’s nothing regarding romance in the film AT ALL. So it’s not like everyone’s allowed to show off their heterosexual attraction while Trini isn’t. Literally the only thing regarding relationships and sexuality with the Rangers is that Kimberly recently punched her ex-boyfriend and Trini might have had “girlfriend issues” at her last school. That’s literally it.

Since it’s mentioned as a thing Trini is struggling with in some capacity I hope they’ll let us see how this affects her in the next movie, like coming out or getting acceptance from her parents or being more open to date, etc. I think it was handled in a very SAFE way in this film and the scene is kind of annoying because it’s so quickly brushed aside but she is gay. No brownie points to the film for how they portrayed it but at least it’s confirmed and I hope the studio won’t be so scared to explore this in the sequel.

Also the Kimberly/Jason kiss from the trailer does not happen at all in this movie… So maybe this counts as straight-baiting? LMAO (omg could you imagine)

- mod g

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no but imagine one day like Trini's having dinner with her parents and family and her mom just casually mentions that "well apparently the Yellow and Pink Rangers are women and together" and if such good aliens (cause everyone still thinks they are) are able to save the world and be good than why can't Trini and Kim be together. And Trini is an emotional mess, and without realizing it, her mom gives her a wink cause what POC parent wouldn't eventually find out they're all rangers

tru like i headcanon zacks mom finding out first but like tbh i believe trinis mom is just not accepting of her being gay but i would LOVE people finding out the pink and the yellow ranger are both women

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Trimberly Prompt: How about one where like Trini meets Kim's parents for the first time since they've been dating and smfn comes up about the Power Rangers and one of Kim's parents makes a comment about the Pink and Yellow Rangers being close and like winks at the two of them coz they both know that Kim and Trini are Rangers. And then when they're leaving one of them says something like say hi to the other 3 or some shit like that and Trimberly are both like ????how tf did they know???

“How tf do they know?”

Rating: G i guess

Tags: Uh… mention of homophobia. Some language… that’s it i guess.

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Notes: I feel like I didn’t really do this prompt that much justice since the parents part is like less than half the story. But enjoy it, nonetheless… I hope asfgfdhgfjhgkjhlkj;lk sorry if you’re disappointed anon.

Yellow beanie. Pink rings. Yellow shoes. Pink skirts. Yellow shirt. Pink bracelet. Yellow necklace. Trini and Kim just had to wear something that identifies with their ranger color. Why? It represents who they are.

The boys wear their colors too. Of course, it was much easier to wear black, blue, and red and coordinate it with other clothing but pink and yellow are a bit more out there.

Of course, after the power rangers bitch slapped Rita outer space, they laid low for a little while, knowing everyone will be looking for a group of five, three boys and two girls. That didn’t stop them from wearing their colors, in fact, half the two was showing their support for the Rangers by wearing one of the colors, or all.

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the night rolls on like a long lost friend (till the sunrise bleeds like the bitter end): chapter 8

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“It’s upside down.”

“It’s not upside down.”

“Does it make you feel better, lying to yourself?”

Kim almost regrets saying that, given the force behind the glare Trini shoots her way. Kim simply pushes her sunglasses up into her hair, and shakes the tent out. “Okay, seriously. Trust me, I’ve been putting this thing up every time I’ve been camping since we got it.”

“How many times is that?”

Kim pretends to count on her fingers.

“One and a half.”

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I’m actually a little annoyed that everyone’s jumped to label Trini as a lesbian. In the movie she says “my parents like labels” which kind of implies that she doesn’t. And she never labels herself either.

Idk. As a person who doesn’t really like labels for themself I’d like it if fandom would just call Trini queer and leave it at that cuz that’s really all we know??

Made a 2017 Blue Ranger card because who needs self control when you can have Autistic superheroes? I mean seriously?

In other Power Rangers news, I’ve been working on that Power Rangers fanfic for @akirakan’s birthday, though I did reach some temporary trouble. See I was going to ship 2017 Trini with Dino Thunder Kira, because Kira was at one point going to be a lesbian in the show, but then I remembered that Kira had to be like in her thirties or something by now and Trini is in high school. So instead I am going to go with Kira being like a mentor and parental figure to Trini, giving advice on being a dyke and stuff. Though at this point I do not know if we will reach that part of the story, or only lead towards it for a future tale.

Anyway, Billy card! @muceybbds @jogress @thefingerfuckingfemalefury