trini men

Lunch date with a Trini
  • Trini Guy: You have a nice shape you know. Why do most Jamaican women have so much shape
  • Me: Probably the food that we eat
  • Trini Guy: So you have a husband
  • Me: * internally rolling my eyes cuz I knew where this is heading* Nope, but I am in a relationship.
  • Trini Guy: You should leave him
  • Me: Why
  • Trini Guy: I can make you see moon, stars, and the entire universe. I dont believe in daggering
  • Me: He makes me see stars
  • Trini Guy: Not like how I would make you see them. So you have kids
  • Me: No
  • Trini Guy: What kind of man he is if he hasn't got you pregnant as yet. If you were mind I would ensure that you get pregnant really quickly so that you cant leave me. Plus, I would take care of you. Trini men take care of their children, unlike these Jamaican men.
  • Me: -____________-