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Breaking Clique Stereotypes

Dream team? This new group of friends seen in the cafeteria has the AGHS population gabbing!

If you haven’t noticed, the social hierarchy within the student body at Angel Grove has been anything but normal this school year. The not so low-key drama has yet to cease simmering. This month, we’re diving in with an extra large spoon to stir the overflowing pot of drama!

A unique collection of students have formed a rather unexpected social clique. The new group have been on close watch due to recent events.  If you have been living under a rock, we’ll catch you up to speed. As mentioned in previous issues; Kimberly Hart was dethroned from cheer social elite, golden boy quarterback Jason Scott fell from grace following his injury during a prank gone wrong, and brainiac Billy Cranston showed us he’s not that harmless after all by knocking out the biggest bully on campus.

This group of ‘rebels’ seem to have formed a new-found bond. Breaking all social norms, they’ve have been spotted throughout campus together as a new generation of united outsiders. We forgot to mention the not-so-new new girl Trini and shirtless rogue hottie Zack who seem to be apart of the crew. On the rare occasion the squad is all together, heads turn and jaws drop in awe as to what brought this unexpected group together. What could bring this group to become friends? If only we could take a peek at their group text!

The editors at The Roar are loving the scandalous new united front. We’re pleasantly surprised to see such an original group of individuals break stereotypes. Regardless of what has caused the new #SQUAD, we have to applaud their ability to fuel the festering rumor mill on campus.

By: Alexia Raye