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Dinner Reservations (Trimberly Writings)

So we all know that Kimberly Hart can’t cook to save her life. She basically burns everything she touches or it’s just flat out terrible. It’s essentially indisputable fact. But picture, if you will:

It’s a few weeks after Rita. Kim and Trini have been hanging out a lot (donut dates, study dates, sleepless sleepovers) and Trini’s started to develop a major crush on the pink ranger. Said girl is a little clueless and far too affectionate with her new best friend (RIP Trini).

Kim invites Trini over one night because her parents are away on vacation or something and she had felt spontaneous and decided to cook something. Trini pops over and watches Kim flit about the kitchen with hearts in her eyes. Kim is being her usual flirtatious and cheeky self and Trini’s surprisingly matching her stride for stride, successfully flirting back and teasing the other girl. Kim spoons some sauce and feeds it to Trini.

And poor Trini’s too focused on the way Kim’s biting her lip and how close she is, she doesn’t hesitate to take a bite. And almost immediately chokes.

It’s absolutely disgusting.

First instinct is to find the nearest trash and burn the leftovers, but Kim’s watching her with the most hopeful look in her eyes and an almost shy smile and Trini just can’t. So she smiles around a mouthful of mush and swallows hard. It’s almost worth it just to see Kim smile like that at her and she doesn’t turn down every subsequent bite just to keep Kim smiling.

By the time she finally makes it home she’d eaten half of Kim’s mystery meal and she has to spend the night in the bathroom. (Almost worth it)

A few days later Kim invites Trini over for dinner with Kim’s whole family, whom she’s met a few times before since the Harts are a tightly knit family and absolutely love Trini (for reasons she has yet to understand). During dinner one of Kim’s older brother Ravi brings up Kim’s terrible cooking. Kim says she made food the other night and Trini ate it just fine. Everyone stops and watches as Trini’s face goes beat red and jaws drop.

“Whoa. True love really does exist.” -Kala (Kim’s older sister). Ravi starts slow clapping and Ted Hart tells Trini she’s got incredible endurance. Trini spends the rest of the dinner staring at her plate and avoiding Kim’s eye.

Later when Kim drags Trini out her window (because doors? what doors?) and they’re out at one of Kim’s spots in the mountains, she asks Trini why she ate the food if it was that bad. Trini stumbles a little but finally says that she didn’t want to hurt Kim’s feelings and admits she liked the way Kim smiled at her.

Trini’s ready for the ground to swallow her whole and never show her face ever again. What she’s not ready for is the sound of Kim laughing, hearty and wholesome, and she laughs until tears trek down her cheeks and she can’t breathe. Trini’s face is hot and she huffs, a little annoyed that Kim’s laughing at her, but Kim shakes her head and grabs Trini’s burning cheeks and pulls her close so.

“I can’t believe you put up with food poisoning just because you like me. I think I’m obligated to marry you now.”

Trini’s shook. Kim laughs and kisses her. They spend the rest of the night making out under the stars.


  • Trini tries to teach Kim how to cook
  • they somehow melt a metal pot and the stove explodes
  • Trini makes authentic enchiladas for the Harts
    • Ravi: “Kimmy, please marry this girl.”
    • Kim *smirking*: “Probably.”
    • No one’s surprised (And Maddy wins the bet on when Kim would come out/admit she was dating Trini)
Trimberly Headcanons

- Kim i sthe first one to fall in love 

  • She knew she was falling when Trini first smiled at her
  • While she came to grips with her sexuality Trini was there with her the whole way
  • Kim did not know how to tell Trini until she almost died on a mission

-Trini always goes over board when trying to impress Kim

  • she was never the romantic gesture type but with Kim she wants to blow her out of the water
  • she sets up a pick nick date, she wants to watch the stars with Kim
  • she gets flowers and even cooks food for them
  • during their date it starts poring down rain

- Trini can cook and bake

  • it is one of her secret skills not many people know about it
  • she will bring Kim snacks and say that she bought them 
  • when Kim finds out she is impressed and then tries to get Trini to cook or bake things all the time

- Kim has nightmares about something happening to the team

  • she doesn't’ tell anyone but one night Trini gets woken up by Kim screaming in her sleep
  • Trini does her best to comfort Kim and eventually gets Kim to talk about it
  • she then begins coming over when ever Kim has nightmares
Ch. 3 - Trimberly fic, “Been There, Done that”

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Springing up out of her covers, Kimberly rolls over to Trini and starts gently shaking her shoulders.

“Trini, Trini wake up!”


“Trini, I swear if you don’t wake up this instant I’m going to slap you.”

Trini grumbles and pokes her head out sluggishly. “Kim, I love you and everything, but please leave me alone.”

“No, Trini get up. This is important.”

“So is sleep.”

“Trini, if you don’t wake up, someone’s going to die.”

Now that catches her attention.

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anonymous asked:

Did you know that Kimberly is so in love with Trini that she has watched every season of Pretty Little Liars just because Trini has a huge crush on Spencer Hastings? Or that she has learn (convinced her mom to learn how to cook Trini fave food) and she has invested all of her allowance buying Trini jean shorts for the summer just because she likes the way Trini looks in them ;)

This is some cute shit, Kim is definitely whipped af. 

And Kim would definitely be a bad cook so Trini eventually agrees to teach her and even though she acts like she doesn’t enjoy it she actually loves it. Also, Trini wears those shorts as much as she can because she loves how much Kim loves seeing her in them. These dorks just love making each other happy


Merry Christmas to everyone!!! I hope you get all your heart desires!!! Well wishes to you and your families! 😘🎅🏾🎄

1. Pepperpot !!! (My first time making it myself, so now ah could definitely marrid lmao jk) : it wasn’t made traditional though, it was made with turkey legs and wings, goat, and oxtail.

2. Candied Yams and Turkey Sausage Stuffing (back at Thanksgiving)

3. Christmas Eve Breakfast : Fresh Hash Browns, Turkey Sausages, and an Omelette (a bit too brown)

4. Chicken Curry

5. Penne Pasta with Spicy Italian Sausage

6. Guyanese Patties: I used ground turkey instead

7. White Chocolate and Strawberry Cake

Last week made it a year from when I first started this tumblr and also started learning to cook. Thanks to everyone that’s been following me, liking and reblogging, and sending such nice comments. You guys are the best, I figured I’d post things and like probably only two people would see it, but I was surprise to have even the notes that I’ve gotten..even though it’s not anywhere near tumblr famous I appreciate the love anyhow. 😁