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Okay but the new Power Rangers movie was actually amazing?? I did not go into it expecting it to get me so emotionally invested, thought it’d just be nostalgia and goofy, but that shit had plot and cute scenes and was campy and just?? so?? good?? Also can we talk about how amazing the Blue Ranger is?! My boy is the heart of the film and he’s not only a leading black character but he is also an autistic superhero which is huge. And Trini!!! Oh boy, don’t even get me started on my little yellow sunshine ranger. I’m so stoked on her character. Yes she is queer, that’s made clear with a tender exchange around the fire with Zack and the others, but the thing I loved about the movie is that it’s not her ~defining~ characteristic. She is caring and brave and incredibly fierce- that girl is a little spitfire let me tell you, first one to straight up jump up a mountain and fling herself across a canyon like gottdamn- and an amazing, loyal friend and she just so happens to be LGBT (it’s not clear yet if she identifies as exclusively lesbian, bisexual, pansexual etc or forgoes labels all together but fuck yeah). It’s refreshing to see that we can be represented like that… you don’t have to be in a relationship to be gay, you don’t have to have it be something that is tortuous and portrayed as a burden and source of constant conflict to the character. There’s something so nice about normalizing queerness. Yes we exist in all arenas of society, we are everyday people doing everyday things, sometimes we’re single, and sometimes we’re superheroes with a kick ass group of friends. Go go POWER RANGERS!!!!!

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Yess gimme all the Power Rangers headcanons


so so so trini!!!!

  • we all know trini is gay but theyre also nonbinary and ive got The Evidence
    • when theyre taking about their parents, they say their parents want them to dress a certain way and fit “normal” labels
    • also also also when trini’s brothers were like “oh i forgot about him [the yellow ranger]” at the end trini didnt say the yellow ranger was a girl, they just said the yellow ranger wasnt a he
    • dare i say… nonbinary?
  • loves their gf kim so much and isnt dating the rest of the team cause theyre only in to girls but they relies on the team so much and theyre trini’s best friends in the whole wide world holy heck theyre so good
  • they get kim hooked on heavy metal
  • the team all knows that if trini and kim wanted to, they could kick all their asses

and zack!!

  • hes a trans boy wow wow
  • his mom is wonderful and accepting and sadly they dont have the money for him to medically transition but she supports him all the way
  • hes also ace!!!
  • he stops calling trini “crazy girl” and eventually switches to calling them “wild child”
  • he might act flirty but secretly hes a hopeless romantic kay


  • fuck i love him so much
  • hes very gay and demiromo and loves his datemates sooo much oh my god
  • billy is genderfluid!!
  • billy always dominates at team trivia nights and everyone knows they dont have a chance against him but they dont care because seeing billy’s face when he wins is worth it


  • did yall notice that trini was the only one who caller her kim? theyre lesbians harold
  • kim is suuuper bi wow
  • shes also trans (demigirl) :D
  • she has those bad days and instead of being alone, the team wraps her up in blankets and tells her how much they love her and how luck they are to be dating her and they just!!!! they know exactly what to do to make her feel better!!!!
  • that coffee shop scene was totally her and trini’s first date u fools
  • kim can bench press everyone on the team and They Know It

jason YEET

  • hes good n pan n trans wow
  • him and billy have tons of pet names for each other that are matching and ridiculous
  • sometimes he thinks his knee still aches and he has to take a second to remember it was healed
  • him and zach decide they do want to do well in school and billy starts tutoring them (but half the time their study sessions turn to makeout sessions)

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Prompt? Kim slowly gaining her popularity back bc ever since she changed and starting being nicer to people, the general population likes her more than Amanda. So Trini is worried that she'll leave them once she's accepted again, but Kim proves that this is not the case obviously and that she'd rather be outcasts with the team than popular without them. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense. I love your writing.

A/N: Here you go! Enjoy some more Trimberly :)

After Angel Grove is destroyed, Kimberly finds that the community comes together slowly but surely to fix their little hometown. Along with that, people start to forgive. She doesn’t feel so bad walking through town because people greet her with smiles instead of scowls. She starts holding her head higher in the hallways because everyone has stopped whispering about her. And she gains back friends who were too afraid to speak to her, afraid that they’d lose their popularity much like she did.

Slowly but surely, like their little town, Kimberly rebuilds. Remodels. But there has been so many great changes that she finds it a little hard to be overly happy about her slow rise to popularity. The best change she has made is the girl that walks through the halls on Kimberly’s arm. The same girl who spent so long shoved in the background that it makes Kimberly a little sad how much time she missed. How many kisses did she lose? How many laughs and smiles did she miss out on? How many I love you’s did so go without?

“…and then I blew it up.”

Kimberly shakes herself from her thoughts as she looks to where Billy is organizing his lunch, “You blew it up?”

“How else was I supposed to get rid of it? It was taking over our back porch.” Billy huffs as he looks up at her. “You should’ve seen how big the nest was.”

“I can only imagine.” Kimberly laughs before her entire demeanor changes as she sees a familiar smile approach. “Hey, you. Where have you been?”

“Mr. Green kept droning on about our project so we were literally just freed from his nerdy clutches.” Trini grumbles as she plops down beside Kimberly.

“Hamlet?” Kimberly asks, and Trini pouts with a nod. “Mm, yeah. I’ve heard about how crazy he can get. Good luck.”

“Well, thankfully my girlfriend is a literature nerd so I’ll just force her to help me.” Trini smirks as she turns her head and glances up through thick lashes. “Right?”

“Of course.” Kimberly smiles as she begins to lean forward.


Kimberly startles and glances up to see Jessica Andrews walking towards her, “Uh, hey. What’s up, Jess?”

“Please tell me you’re free tonight.”


“I am having a fashion crisis and you’re like the best thrift shopper I know.” Jessica whines. “I promise I’ll buy you coffee afterwards.”

Kimberly finds herself nodding, “Sure.”

“You are a lifesaver!” Jessica squeals.

“She is insane.” Kimberly laughs as the blonde blows her a kiss and rushes away from the table. “Great. An entire evening with her crazy ass.”

“We have to train tonight.” Billy pipes in.

“I think we can skip out on one training session.” Kimberly scoffs as she pops her chip bag open.

“We?” Billy frowns.

“Trini and I.” Kimberly shrugs.

Trini looks at her with wide eyes, “Why would I miss training?”

“I was going to ditch Jess after the thrift store and take you out for dinner.” Kimberly replies as she looks to Trini. “I mean, unless you don’t want to…?”

“No. I’m just…surprised.” Trini admits, and her eyes quickly drop to the table as Kimberly frowns. “I just didn’t know if you’d want me around your friends.”

“What?” Kimberly laughs.

“They’re popular.” Trini murmurs. “I’m not.”

“So? You’re my girlfriend.” Kimberly reminds her with a slight teasing in her voice. “If I go somewhere, I’m taking my lady with me.”

“Yeah?” Trini smiles as she turns her head.

“Of course.” Kimberly whispers as she leans forward to rest their lips together. “I hope you know you matter more.”

“I know now.” Trini whispers.


Three weeks later, Trini doesn’t know if Kimberly really believes what she said that day in the cafeteria. Of course she is still an amazing girlfriend, but she distances herself little by little from their band of misfits. It starts with skipped movie nights, then a few forgotten family dinners, and eventually training becomes an afterthought. Trini is worried, she feels like Kimberly is slipping away and she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on.

They’re training on a Thursday and Trini puts all her worries into her fighting. Her punches are weaker, her kicks are avoided, and one too many fake putties take her out with ease. She is so used to having Kimberly at her back that she sometimes she forgets that right now she is on her own. It isn’t till she is thrown against a wall that she snaps back to reality. The pain radiates through her body and the boys surround her with worry on their faces as they look her over.

“You’re bleeding.” Jason frowns as he looks at the two deep cuts on her shoulder and forehead. “I’m going to go get the first aid kit and patch you up.”

Zack watches as Jason hurries off with Billy at his heels, “Alright. Talk to me, crazy girl. You’re fighting like your head is a million miles in the clouds.”

“I’m fine, Zack.” Trini snaps as she attempts to sit up only to stumble back as her head spins. “Shit. Okay, so I’m not fine. But I’m fine in other aspects.”

“Yes you are.” Zack smirks.

Trini finally cracks a smile as she rolls her eyes, “Now is not the time for you to be hitting on me.”

“Better me hitting on you than you hitting a wall.” Zack shrugs. “So, are you going to tell me what’s up?”

“Maybe you can tell us all what’s up.” Jason suggests as he walks back towards them with the first aid kit. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you lose focus like that.”

“I’ve got a lot on my mind…”

“You mean you have Kim on your mind? I think that’s what she means.” Billy chirps as he pops the first aid kit open. “You seem…sad.”

“I’m not sad.” Trini assures him with a wince as Jason presses a layer of gauze to her forehead. “I’m just confused. Kim said that…it just seems like she’s changed since everyone forgave her.”

“Have you maybe tried talking to her about it?” Jason asks as he accepts the alcohol pad Billy holds out.

“She’s so happy.” Trini mumbles before she tenses at the sting of alcohol. “I want her to be happy. No matter what. And having all of her old friends back makes her smile, and she seems so much lighter. It’d be fucked up for me to tell her that I’m upset about it.”

“Kim isn’t our friend anymore?” Billy demands.

“No. She’s still our friend.” Jason assures him with a small smile. “She just has a lot going on, she just needs someone to pull her head from her ass.”

Zack snorts as he works on putting bandaids on Trini’s shoulder, “What about you, jockstrap? You ever miss that part of your life?”

“Sometimes I do.” Jason admits with a slow nod. “But I know I belong with you guys, being a part of this little family is a part of my destiny. All of those people will disappear from my life as time goes on, but you guys are here to stay.”

Trini smiles at the boy, “I hope Kim sees it that way some day.”


Kimberly throws her head back and laughs at her friends’ as they walk out of the freshly built Krispy Kreme. Her attention is so focused on whatever Gillian Baker is saying that she barely hears Jessica mention Jason’s name; it isn’t till she looks up to see him leaning against the building across the street that she offers him a smile and wave that he doesn’t return.

“What’s his issue?” Jessica sneers.

“Not sure, guess I should go find out. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Kimberly smiles, and she is quick to cross the street and pause before her friend. “Hey, Jace.”

“You missed training. Again.” Jason frowns as he crosses his arms over his chest. “I think that’s the fifth training session you’ve missed, Kim.”

“I’m sorry. Harper invited us out to…”

“Trini got hurt.”

The words are like ice being thrown at her, and she stares at him for a long moment to search for answers. It takes her a moment to notice the small speckles of blood on his t-shirt and she feels the air disappear around her; it’s the same feeling she got after Trini was attacked by Rita, the same ache she felt during their near death experience.

“Is she okay?” Kimberly demands.

Jason drops his arms slowly, “I mean, it wasn’t life threatening but I guess her mom took her to the hospital to make sure she doesn’t have a concussion.”

“Why didn’t anyone call me?”

“Trini didn’t want to bother you.” Jason replies. “She knew you were out with your friends, and she didn’t want you to have to drop everything for her.”

“What?” Kimberly scoffs. “She knows I would.”

“Would you?”

Kimberly jerks back at his tone and her grip tightens subtly on her coffee cup, “What are you trying to say?”

“Look, I’m not trying to be an ass,” Jason sighs. “But it kills me seeing any of you upset, and Trini is really confused on where she fits in your life.”


Kimberly feels her heart break at his words, she was so sure Trini knew exactly where she fit. She fit in the center of Kimberly’s world, she was Kimberly’s anchor. With a shudder of a breath, her grasp finally broke through the plastic of her drink and she barely registered the burning of the coffee as it dripped down her hand.


Kimberly shakes her head and backs away from him, “I need to go see Trini. I’m…thank you, Jace.”


By the time Trini finally gets home from the hospital, her entire body is throbbing. Her mother is gentle with her, and for a little while Trini revels in it. But then the questions start and Trini mumbles something about a shower before she disappears and slips into her bathroom. The hot water pounds down on her and the steam seems to clear her mind as she presses her hands to the wall and allows her head to drop forward. She stays until the tap turns cold and she is quick to slip out and into a fluffy towel before she patters off to her bedroom.

All she wants right now is her Batman pajamas and Golden Girls; the idea of a night by herself brings an odd sensation to her. She hasn’t had a night alone since they had found their coins that fateful night. With a sigh, Trini slips into her room and is a second away from dropping her towel before she hears someone clear their throat. A small squeak leaves her as she clutches her towel to herself and turns to see Kimberly sitting on the edge of her bed with wide eyes.

“What are you doing here?” Trini demands.

“Well, I found out my girlfriend was hurt so I wanted to come over and make sure she was okay.” Kimberly replies as she presses a hand over her eyes. “You can change.”

Trini smiles softly and rolls her eyes as she sees Kimberly make a show of peeking through her fingers, “Turn around.”

“I won’t look…”

“Turn around.” Trini repeats.

A swell of adoration bubbles deep in Trini’s stomach at Kimberly’s pout before she does as she was ordered. Trini dresses quickly and tosses her towel in her laundry basket before she moves to crawl onto her bed. As soon as her body makes contact with the mattress, a hiss of pain escapes her and Kimberly turns to face her with wide, worried eyes.

“What happened?” Kimberly whispers.

Trini shifts on the bed and scowls, “You’d know if you actually showed up for training now and then.”

“I deserve that.” Kimberly murmurs as she reaches out to sweep a strand of hair from Trini’s face. “I’m sorry, babe.”

“I’d say it’s fine, but I would be lying.” Trini mumbles as she turns her head subtly into the touch. “Billy asked us if you were still our friend.”

“What? Of course I am.” Kimberly scoffs as she drops her hand from Trini’s face. “God. Am I not allowed to have friends outside of our group? Am I only limited to talking to the four of you?”

Trini is calm as she arches an eyebrow at her girlfriend, “I don’t recall ever expressing my dislike towards you having other friends. It’s your life, Kim. Nobody can tell you what to do.”

“Well, it feels like you guys want me to choose…”

“I don’t want you to choose.” Trini cuts in as she narrows her eyes. “I just wish you’d learn how to balance it all, I wish you’d see how much the boys miss you. I wish you’d see how much I miss you.”

Kimberly softens, “You miss me?”

“Always.” Trini shrugs. “I know you’re building old friendships back, but we still exist. The four of us, we were the ones who didn’t judge you. We didn’t outcast you for one stupid mistake.”

“I just…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself. I understand. You had a completely different life before we became superheroes.” Trini shrugs. “And I understand that you miss that part of your life, and I would never ask you to just walk away from that again. I want you to be happy.”

Kimberly is silent for a long moment before her brow furrows, “Being a Power Ranger makes me happy. Billy’s excitement makes me happy. Zack’s enthusiasm for life makes me happy. Jason’s optimism makes me happy. You make me happy.”

“But so do they.” Trini whispers.

“No, they made the old me happy…and I’m not sure I can even call the old me happy. I was safe, feared.” Kimberly frowns. “It’s different with you guys, especially you. I am so happy when I’m with you guys.”

Trini tries to smother her yawn, “We’re happy when you’re with us too. But mostly me. I’m the happiest.”

“Of course.” Kimberly snorts, and Trini sees the way she scans her over. “You look exhausted, you should get some sleep.”

“Stay.” Trini orders.

Kimberly gives her that smile that melts her heart and kicks off her shoes before she joins Trini under the covers. Trini snuggles into her girlfriend and listens to steady thud of her heartbeat while gentle fingers pull through her damp locks and slowly lull her to sleep.

“I’d choose you, y’know?”

Trini blinks sleepily, “Hm?”

“If you made me choose,” Kimberly whispers as she ducks her head to press her lips to Trini’s dark locks. “I’d choose you, without a second thought.”

Trini falls asleep with a smile on her face, and holds onto the knowledge that the Kimberly wants Trini as much as Trini wants Kimberly.


Kimberly walks into the cafeteria and glances around the crowded room. She sees most of her friends crowded at a table across the room, and she can hear their booming laughter as they all stand over one of the football player’s and stare down at his phone; she has no doubt they’re watching some video of a freshmen being tortured by one of them.

A smile pulls at her lips as she targets her gaze at the table in the back corner. Billy is fiddling with something, his brows are furrowed and his lunch is all but forgotten. Jason is switching between reading a book and stuffing the school’s mystery meat in his face. Zack is passed out on a paper bag. And Trini is watching Billy with a fond smile while she eats her celery. Her friends, her family, look so happy and she’s never wanted to be somewhere so badly.

“Kim!” Harper calls.

Kimberly looks to her and she spares the dozens of gazes on her a smile before she crosses the cafeteria and slides into the empty seat beside Trini. She can feel the eyes on her, but all she cares about is the beam that lights up Trini’s face while the boys flash her knowing looks; it’s all that matters to her.

“Hi.” Trini hums.

Kimberly sighs adoringly and leans forward to press a soft kiss to smiling lips, “Hi, gorgeous. Miss me?”

Trini shrugs with a smug expression, “Always. Did you miss me?”

“Always.” Kimberly mocks.

As she sits with the four most important people in her world, she has never felt more right. She knows where she belongs, right here with the people that feel like home.

Since Jason’s truck is still getting fixed up in the shop, they use Trini’s 1998 Land Cruiser as their transportation (She constantly reminds her friends that it’s two years older than them) and that they better respect it. Billy takes her seriously. The others don’t. Zack’s sure that Trini loves the car almost as much as she loves Kim.

  • First of all, it’s Trini’s car. after years of saving money from birthdays and a good paying summer job before she moved to Angel Grove, she bought it with her own money.
  • It’s missing a headlight and has a huge crack down the middle of the windshield. 
  • Trini threatens the boys every time they get in “Zack if you put a dent in the roof I’ll kill you” and “Jason if you make us crash you’re paying for the damages.” 
  • She doesn’t threaten Billy or Kim
  • Kim gets control of the AUX cord and is the only one allowed in the passenger seat (which pisses off Zack and he tries to take it from her. Trini says she’ll throw him out the window) 
  • They start to call her car Hulk because no matter how much shit they put that car through, it’s still in one piece (besides the missing headlight and crack in the windshield) and that it really does feel like it’s indestructible.
  • One day Kim decides to have Billy hotwire Hulk so she can take him to the shop to “Paint over the ugly grey”
  • Trini catches them and just stands there looking all disappointed at her girlfriend with her arms crossed as Billy goes, “KIM MADE ME DO IT, I SWEAR!!” 
  • Trini forgives Billy
  • She doesn’t forgive Kimberly 
  • Later that same week, it’s Trini’s birthday so Kim wakes Billy up at 6 in the morning to steal Hulk. Kim takes it to the shop and replaces the light and windshield. 
  • They drive back to an angry Trini which quickly grows into a happy Trini because, “Holy shit, both of the lights work again!!!” 
  • The next day Trini notices painted pink lips in the corner of her trunk, which she didn’t notice before. Kim just smiles from the passenger seat as she hears Trini, “Kimberly!” 
  • Hulk is the coolest car in the parking lot of Angel Grove. Everyone constantly asks Trini she’ll give them a ride. She tells them to fuck off. (They grumble when Trini lets Kimberly in)  
  • Billy buys Trini a power ranger sticker family (Even though Trini swore that she’d never put a sticker on Hulk, she does it anyways because it’s Billy and she didn’t know that people were making them into car stickers now but she thinks it’s pretty damn cool) 
  • Trini gives her spare key to Kimberly 
  • Zack tries to steal it
  • Sometimes the gang shows up to school late because, “Kimberly, did you take my key?” “What? No, Trini, I haven’t seen your key, I have my own.” Trini and Kim then start bickering about using Kim’s key and Billy just goes, “It’s in your hand, Trini.” 
  • Jason wants to sell his truck for a land cruiser 
  • He doesn’t because, “Jason if you get a wannabe Hulk I’ll cut your balls off.” 
  • It’s almost like Kimberly lives in that car. Her sweatshirts and various articles of clothing are everywhere
  • One day when it’s just Zack and Trini, Zack just holds up a pink bra. (Trini slams on the brakes in the middle of traffic just to punch him all while her face gets red) Zack doesn’t stop laughing. 
  • No matter how many laws they seem to break with Hulk, they never get caught

So who else wants a Buffy-style series with the new Rangers juggling high school with saving the world and generally being absolute disasters of human beings? Because I do, so fucking much.

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lol if its alright i have another fic prompt: the media begins to notice that in battle the yellow and pink rangers are always fighting alongside each other (and are very close). the media starts shipping them, but thinks the yellow ranger is a boy. cue trini having a lot of angry words to say about people thinking she and kimberly are a straight couple. even better if trini calls out an interviewer while as the yellow ranger lol

^^ I threw in some Supergirl stuff just cause I know it. Anyway I liked this prompt. Once again you guys can send me any prompts. I never expected people to actually read these or enjoy them. So thanks my dudes.^^

“How the hell do they think I’m a boy! These suits, much to my annoyance, outline my boobs! Like completely.” Trini had been fuming the whole way to the quarry. At school someone had been talking about the ‘pink lemonade’ ship for the power rangers. Clearly interested Trini dove deeper only to discover they though that she was a dude.

“Like I said a few minutes ago, I don’t mind that the suit outline your boobs…” Kimberly whispered under her voice. She knew better than to poke the (saber tooth) tiger with a stick.

“Like how do they -” Trini was muffled by the sound of water surrounding them. “-like really. Don’t you agree babe?” Trini clearly didn’t seem to grasp the fact that almost her whole story had been blocked out by water.

“Yeah. Yep. Every word of it babe.”

“You stopped listen a few minutes ago, didn’t you.” Trini deflated as the words left her mouth.

“No babe not entirely. I listened really closely to the part about your boobs…” Kim used her sweatshirt, which was wet, to ‘dry off’ Trini’s midsection.

“Let’s go love birds. We got puddies on Main Street near the news station. Kim, stop groping Trini.” Zach said as he jumped up and out of the cavern while morphing.

“We can finish talking about your boobs later…” Kimberly said as she followed Zach up and out of the water.

The fight against the puddies was child’s play. 10 minutes top. After all of the clay pieces were once again inanimate again the news crews flooded the streets. Trini saw her opportunity. Jason would be mad, he said to never ever purposely talk to the press, or anyone else while morphed, but this needed to happen.

As the yellow ranger approached the news crews everyone grew very interested. The rangers had never gone out of their way to talk to the press before. Flaking behind the yellow ranger was the pink, but the other three started toward the way they came from. Kimberly stayed close enough to hear the whole conversation that would be happening but not close enough to be in it.

All of the reporters began talking at the same time as soon as Trini was within 10 feet of them.

“Yellow ranger, do you work for he government?”

“Are the 5 of you all there are?”

“What’s it like working with 4 guys and only 1 girl on the team? Does the Pink Ranger feel outnumbered?”

“What was that large crystal taken out of the ground a month ago?”

“Are you aliens?!”

“What formal training do you have that makes you qualified to be one of these Power Rangers?”

“Who is in charge of your group? CIA? NSA? NASA? DEO?”

“Are you and the pink ranger an item?”

Trini swallowed the ball of nerves that had made its way into her throat. She held her hand up to the reporters and somehow that made them go quite. She tried to summon everything she remembered from that speech class back in 8th grade.

“Hello. I am the Yellow Ranger. I make up the only team of Power Rangers. I am here to say 1 thing and 1 thing alone. I have seen many new reports saying that the Pink Ranger and I are together. While I will not confirm nor deny this statement I will make one change. It is not 4 guys and 1 girl. It’s 3 guys and 2 girls. Both the Pink Ranger and I are of the human female kind. That is all.”

Trini turned a walked back to Kimberly. “Want to give them the story of the week?” Kimberly asked once she started walking shoulder to shoulder. Trini looked up at the taller girl with her hidden face and nodded. Kim slid her hand through Trini’s and grabbed on.


Trini may not have been able to put her own face with the yellow and pink rangers but she could at least be proud of what they had started. Within a few hours many major news sources had picked up the information and were spreading it like wildfire. People like Madam President to Cat Grant to Ellen were sharing the story. They were even mentioned on the Today show.

The Pink and Yellow Rangers were also invented to a number of LGBT events as guests of honor. They could come morphed or not. (Every invitation was put out online and included that they could come in normal clothes. Clearly this had only added fuel to the fire to figure out who the rangers were.) Jason had even agreed they could go to one or two of them for a little while. He thought that they could do some good outside of fighting on the streets.

This whole ordeal started a few special things for the rangers. For the blue and black rangers, they started visiting hospital. No one turned them away and they boys always loved it. The red ranger would be seen at the hospital from time to time and orphanages. The pink and yellow are most commonly found at safe spaces but they also make trips to the hospital and women shelters.

This may have started out with Trini angry at the press for doing this, but now she couldn’t thank them enough.

Here's another fic to soothe you heathens

This time it’s gonna be….. A…….. Road trip/ beach day AU. Enjoy :))))) gonna be some trimberly and cranscott.

“Hey. Babe. Wake up.” A voice roused Trini from her peaceful sleep.

“Whaaatttt.” She whined from her current position in her blanket burrito. Trini heard a giggle come from the darkness.

“Today’s the day yellow.” Kim whispered through the dark room.

“What day?” Trini asked lazily.

“Our road trip silly. Now get up the boys are waiting for us at Jason’s place.” Kim reminded her.

Trini begrudgingly got up from her warm bed. She had totally forgotten about today. They had planned this trip for months, talking about where they’d want to go and what they wanted to see. Of course, they had all decided on going to the beach. Trini hated the beach, the sun, the sand, the overpopulated beaches. It was horrible.

Of course, after she had gone with Kim to shop for swim suits she immediately changed her mind. ( :))))))) )

“Come on sleepy head it’s almost 7.” Kim tossed a t-shirt at Trini.

“Ughhhhhh. Why do we have to get up so early.” Trini whined. Kim rolled her eyes.

“Because it’s a five hour drive there and back.” Kim singsonged. “Now get dressed we still have to get snacks.”

“Kiiimmmm.” Trini bellyached.

“Triniiiii.” Kim smiled.

When Trini was finally dressed Kim slipped on her backpack and pulled Trini down stairs and into the garage to get her car. Kim opened up the doors to her pink, 2015 jeep explorer. Trini constantly teased her about it, calling it the ‘Barbie mobile’. Kimberly stirred the engine to life and turned on the radio. Her ears were invaded with “cool for the summer” by Demi Lovatto. As soon as Trini’s head hit the headrest she was out again. Kim leaned over to Trini’s side and took the opportunity to snap a picture of them on her Polaroid camera. When it developed Kimberly took a sharpie and wrote 'trimberly beach trip 2017 ❤️’.

“HEY LOSERS GET IN WE’RE GOING SHOPPING!” Kim yelled at them from her car.

The boys looked sleepy but excited. Billy was wearing one of Jason’s old football jerseys that was a little big on him, and a pair of blue swim trunks. Jason wore a 'Rolling Stones’ muscle t and some red swim trunks. Zack was wearing a simple black shirt and matching swim shorts. Trini wore a ’ Wonder Woman’ muscle t that outlined her abs very nicely, and a pair of yellow short shorts. As for Kim she was sporting a pink Supergirl shirt and a pair of short shorts.

As Kimberly pulled away from Jason’s drive way '22’ by Taylor swift started playing. Kim looked in her rearview mirror to see Billy and Jason had fallen asleep with Billy’s head on Jason’s chest pressed up against the car door. Zack on the other hand looked wide awake and ready to party.

Kim pulled into the parking lot of the nearest Walmart and turned around to see Billy and Jason were awake.

“Morning lovebirds.” She teased.

Billy’s face blushed as dark as Jason’s suit.

“I could say the same thing to you Mrs’ trimberly beach trip 2017’” Zack teased her as he held up the picture of Kim and Trini.

“Shut up and go get the snacks Zack.” Trini mumbled.

The boys got out to go get ice and other essentials for the trip as Kim and Trini stayed in the car.

Over the radio the song changed to 'Shower’ by Becky G. Kid started to sing along to herself.

“ You light me up inside like the Fourth of July. Whenever your around I always seem to smile.” Kim sang

“Well I hope your singing about me princess.” Trini finally spoke.

Kim blushed and shook her head at her girlfriends antics.

-inside the store-

“Babe do you like original or barbecue flavored?” Jason asked his boyfriend.

“Original please. The barbecue flavored ones are kind of gross.” Billy scrunched his nose at the memory of the time his dad tried to get him to eat flavored chips.

“Hey guys check this out.” Zack called out as he held up a bikini of a hanger.

“Does this make me look fat.” Zack joked.

Billy and Jason groaned at there friends terrible joke.

“Mom tell Zack to stop kicking my seat.” Trini glared at the black ranger.

“Mom tell Trini to pull her seat forward so I actually have some leg room.” Zack retorted.

“Zack quit annoying Trini. Trini scoot up a little please. And quit calling me mom.” Jason answered nonchalantly without looking up from his phone.

“Yes mom.” They both answered while snickering.

“EVERYONE SHUT UP ITS ED SHEERAN!” Kim screamed as 'Galway girl’ played.


Oh yeah. Today was going to be a good day.

END. unless you guys want me to continue this. Message me with prompts or if you guys want me to continue.

Kimberly likes sudoku okay fight me 

  • Whenever she has a bad day and going to the quarry doesn’t help she just lays in her room listening to her favorite music and solves sudoku problems. 
  • She likes to solve them whenever her parents are gone because they give her something to do if the other rangers can’t hang out
  • Trini finds out one day when they’re studying for Biology 
  • Kim’s room is just filled with sudoku books that she’s finished, every single puzzle solved
  • As a joke, Trini gets Kimberly this huge sudoku book with over 500 problems for her birthday. (Kimberly loves it) and Trini’s trying to explain that she has another gift
    • Kimberly doesn’t care, “This has over 500 problems!!” 
    • “Well, yeah. I got it from Amazon.” 
    • “This is so cool!” 
  • Kimberly decides to spend the rest of her birthday solving problems 
  • Trini chills with her and solves a few herself 
  • Trini and Kim both refuse to leave Kim’s room when Zack shows up
    • “Kimberly, get your cute ass out here so we can celebrate your birthday!” 
    • “Only Trini can say that!”
    • “Fine. Trini?” 
    • “Kimberly, keep your cute ass in here so we don’t have to go out.” 
  • Jason comes over, too, wondering what is taking so long for Trini, Kim and Zack to get to their dinner reservation.
    • “Jason! They won’t leave!”
    • “Jason, Zack won’t leave us alone!” 
  • Billy then shows up and in less than an hour he has everyone dressed nicely and eating in one of the fanciest restaurants in Angel Grove 
  • Kimberly snuck the sudoku book in with her 
  • The boys think Trini and Kimberly are fooling on their phones 
  • But they’re just debating on where the Eight should go
  • Billy catches on and starts to solve with them 

‘i always seem to smile and people ask how?’ is literally the boys asking trini how she’s smiling, really big and all because of kimberly hart, who is her girlfriend