House on the Savannah in Port of Spain Trinidad by Raymond Cunningham


Happy Holi!!!!!

To all my Guyanese and Trinis who follow me and are Hindu, as well as everyone in between who also love to get colored! Have a good one!

I made a few mithai for the holiday..

1. Jelebis!
Ingredients : yogurt, flour, water, cardamom, turmeric, sugar, and yellow food coloring.
(Frying it in the right shape for my first time was annoying at first, I let it sit for 12 hours before using the batter. Next time if I want Jelebis I think I’ll just take a trip to Sybil’s lol, it’s too much)
2. Vermicelli (Vamaselli) Cake
Ingredients: milk, evaporated milk, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and vanilla extract.