Marco Trinchillo is 29 and from Italy.

MOSSLESS: How did you end up becoming connected to The Company of People?
MARCO TRINCHILLO: I was introduced to The Company of People web site trough my friend’s flickr (ilovemydog), then I thought to send some of my pictures.

ML: Why did you use a wide border like the one in this photo?
MT: To give the picture quite more presence and creating more cleanliless around.

ML: What’s your opinion on Photoshop?
MT: I think that Photoshop is a very good program, especially for the people using digital cameras. I usually use Photoshop only for scanning my negatives and for creating images for my graphic work with Illustrator.

ML: How is Italy this time of year?
MT: Beautiful, hot, sun, beach, green, fresh fish, and in particular time to ride my vespa50!!!