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• Roasted Corn: Trinidad Street Food •

‘Roast Corn,’ is another one of our loved street foods.. Prepared with butter and salt, the corn is roasted by direct heat application in a cold pot. It is best served hot so most times it is prepared in front of you.. It is served in the corn husks..

Yes it is still soft, and of course, its tastes so yum!!!!!!


• Baby Leatherback Turtles •
• Grande Rivierre •

Early April to May there is a migration of leatherback turtles to the northeast coasts of Trinidad 🇹🇹 Here they lay their eggs and make their way back into the sea. Around June, the hatchlings can be seen making their May into the sea..

They follow the direction of the moonlight into the sea.. It’s said, that if all the hatchlings, only one makes it to adulthood..