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After several weeks of revamping, renewing, and redecorating, my new and improved commission sheet has FINALLY arrived!!

If you’d like to check out the new prices and new policies, please see the full sheet on my blog (keep in mind it is still under some construction)!
You can do so by clicking here: [x]

There will be more to follow than what you see above!

If you’re interested in commissioning me after reading and seeing what it is I have to offer, shoot me an email!:

Prices are negotiable and payment plans are readily available for those who suffer financially!

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Hey everyone! My financial situation is pretty dire, and it’s gotten to the point where I’m at threat of losing a lot of essential things; gas, phone, internet, etc. I don’t have enough money to cover for myself and my family anymore, and any extra bit of cash I can get can really save me here.

If you can’t pay, a reblog is still really appreciated! These prices for chibis will be low thru Feb. 28th to March 6th, then they’ll be up at $10-15.

If you’re interested in helping me out further by commissioning me for other things, please feel free to take a look at my commission prices on my blog!

If you’re interested in a chibi commission (or any commission for that matter), please contact me at

I accept payment through PAYPAL ONLY.


Payment MUST be received before I start drawing, and if your chibi isn’t to you within 2-3 days of your purchase, you get a full refund.

Thank you for any form of support!


SO, I don’t really post a lot of personal life stuff, but if you couldn’t tell, I’m absolutely desperate for money right now!! I’m having to move out of this house very soon since my Mom and I can’t afford it much longer, so I’m needing “move-out” money.

My goal, as much of a stretch as it is, is $800. Even if I don’t reach that goal before the given deadline, I’d at least like to be able to pay some of the difference between myself and my boyfriend!

So, until June 1st, there’s a sale on flat and full-color bust commissions!
Flat-color busts are now $10, and full-colors are now $15. These busts are great for icons, and you can have any background you want, or request the character be transparent so that you can add your own!

While you’re considering that, I also implore that you look at my commission sheet, if you’re wanting more than just bust icons! 

Shoot me an email at or pop an ask in my inbox if you’re interested in a commission!

If you can’t buy, a reblog is just as appreciated! Thank you!



  • Commissions take a week or less to complete (ref sheets are about a month)
  • Commissions are refunded if not completed
  • Prices ALWAYS negotiable!

You can always check out my art for a better look at your options!

Payment is PAYPAL ONLY! If you’re interested in a commission, shoot me an email at! Payment must be received before a commission is given!!

Thanks for any sharing or interest in my commissions!

For more information please click here: [X]