Attention!!! Warning!!! Important!!! Well, only if you are my follower

These lovely ladies and gentlemen are kind enough to follow me. Thanks for following me, liking and re-blogging my posts. Since Tumblr is acting out lately, I decided to make these mini promotions, thank you for following me and acknowledge your existence in general. These are my new followers

I have already re-blog from some of you and created tags on my blog, trinadee and loveakalarry. You can easily get the promotion. You just have to ,   and comment on my posts. If you could talk to me, that would be fine, too. Looking forward to exchange couple of those  . BTW, I just created tumblr username tag for you, b6biased. Kisses and @—>—. That’s regular rose, not Gaston!rose. My rose smells better, anyway.