The Fuck?! (Tony&Trina)

Spending time in Chicago wasn’t his favorite thing to do. However, he had managed to find someone to spend his time with. Trina Decker. He and Pepper had swung with the couple. Pepper had hated it, but Tony and Trina had kept seeing each other. He looked up as the woman walked into the hotel room. “Hey, gorgeous.” He was sipping scotch on the bed.

How is Lana Parrilla even real?

For Reals Though

1. She is an amazing actress (this scene pretty much shows that)

2. She is gorgeous

3. She is amazing to her fans (If you don’t believe me check out her Twitter and her video she posted on there crying over how awesome her fans are, she kind of goes above and beyond any celeb I have seen)

4. She is pretty even when she is crying (not fair!)

5. Her hair though

6. That smile

7. She plays one of the baddest bitches of all time, flawlessly.

8. She is adorbs and sweet

9. She is silly and funny

10. Last, but not least….THIS


“Wish I had a mother like you.”
“I doubt that.”
“No, really. How do you do it?”
“Oh, you just do. You just love them. You want to spare them everything, take every bullet, but…”
“…but how can they learn if you don’t let them make their own mistakes?”