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Happy (one day early) birthday to children’s book illustrator Trina Schart Hyman! Born on April 8, 1939, Hyman is known for her illustrations for classics like Peter Pan and contemporary works like Star Mother’s Youngest Child. Hyman also wrote a book for the Self-Portrait Collection, a series of books written by picturebook artists to show kids how they came into the art of illustration. Hyman shares her mother’s literary influence on her from infancy, the red cloak that helped her become Little Red Riding Hood, and her artistic progression that culminated in a legacy of illustrated books that the world will cherish for decades to come.

Hyman, T. S. (1981). Self-Portrait: Trina Schart Hyman. Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley.

From the Children’s Literature Collection, University of South Florida Libraries

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Whizzer realizing that he's on his death bed and having so much to say but not knowing how. So he gets a pen and some paper and starts writing some letters. He writes Marvin 11 letters, he writes 2 for Trina and 3 for Jason. He hid them under his hospital bed for them to find. When they did, Marvin read them all, over and over for years. Trina read them all immediately and stored them away in a box. Jason read them, and wrote countless letters back to him that were never sent.