trina quotes

  • Trina: Hello, people who do not live here.
  • Whizzer: Hi!
  • Marvin: Hello.
  • Mendel: We gave you a key for emergencies.
  • Whizzer: We were out of doritos.

Falsettos requested by @themoments-ofhappiness1 and @jess-011 

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  • Trina: Would you please not Marvin this into a worse situation than it already is?
  • Marvin: Hang on, did you just use my name as a verb?
falsettos characters as thing said on my bus pt. 3

the eagerly anticipated third installment is here

marvin: “i’m always tired it’s because i’m gay”

whizzer: “would you object to me marrying you for your money?”

trina: “so, i accidentally hired a hitman for my ex”

mendel: “and then he goes ‘if you’re a real psychiatrist, read my mind’”

charlotte: “the answer to all of life’s problems is good quality bandaids and liquid nitrogen”

cordelia: “i don’t WANT your salt”

jason: “you owe me a gucci asthma puffer now”

bonus interaction!

mendel: “who’s the lucky girl taking up all your time?”

jason, deadpan: “the destruction of capitalism” 

Grover to Percy: everyone hates their parents

Don’t be ashamed,

You’ll grow up

You’ll come through

You’ll have kids

And they’ll hate you too


Trina McGee | “There was a scene where it was a cheerleading episode, and I wasn’t feeling so great that day. And Rider [Strong] whispers in my ear to say the line differently… real crazy… ‘and start kissing’ right before the take. And I did it, and it made everybody laugh. And I was like, ‘Why am I’m excited for? This is so silly, I’m on T.V.’ I always remember that because Rider was such a champion for me.” (X)

PROTIP: Marry someone who proposes to you by singing ‘A Marriage Proposal’ from Falsettos.
—  Me