trina quotes


Trina McGee | “There was a scene where it was a cheerleading episode, and I wasn’t feeling so great that day. And Rider [Strong] whispers in my ear to say the line differently… real crazy… ‘and start kissing’ right before the take. And I did it, and it made everybody laugh. And I was like, ‘Why am I’m excited for? This is so silly, I’m on T.V.’ I always remember that because Rider was such a champion for me.” (X)

Greetings fellow fans & followers, just a quick PSA that you should 100% read this amazing fic series by Chash called Miss Atomic Bomb that’s a modern day AU with all your fave Tortallans. It’s amazing and wonderful and I love it 👌💯 

*Bonus: it has a crossover with her other most excellent series with The 100 characters if you’re into that 😁