trina davis

okay here is a thing that needs to be addressed.

also note that i am white so if i’m speaking over any poc, please let me know.

white shaty fans need to stop telling black shawngela fans to “get over” shawngela not being endgame. these same sh*ty stans are the ones always claiming to be feminists for stanning a single mother but in reality, they’re white feminists and here’s why: shawngela was groundbreaking for so many people. i’ve been in the bmw fandom since 2012 and the amount of black girls i’ve seen talking about how important both angela and shawngela was to them is insane. michael jacobs consistently kisses his own ass about having an interracial couple in the 90s and you know what he did? replaced a black woman with a white woman after teasing angela’s return.

also so many people continue to talk shit about trina and claim that she’s being extra with her shit talking of gmw but she has every right to be!!!! trina spoke so highly of bmw. she always said how honored she was to be apart of one of the first interracial relationships. and they paid her DUST. she is the only one in gmw to get that treatment and according to what she says, she wasn’t even invited to the big reunion episode thing, probably because michael jacobs is annoyed that she’s standing up for herself. also can people stop saying that rider likes sh*ty because……….why would he…….he continuously says shawn is treated like trash. he is close friends with trina still (trina also only tweets nice things about rider and says they love each other). he is married to a woc and is an open intersectional feminist. in what world what rider be supportive of a ship that pushes a black woman aside? never.

so shut the fuck up saying that trina and shawngela fans need to get over themselves. seeing a white boy they might’ve had a crush on be in love with a black girl was probably SO important for young black girls. sh*ty benefits no one except white women and a white man. a white man who i refuse to refer to as shawn hunter bc that’s not shawn hunter so we’ll say rider is playing a new character named shane hummus.

shawngela was important and deserved better. you are not a feminist if you’re sitting up here telling people to support a mayo ship. 


Hey guys I did a thing!

Can people stop throwing around Peyton and Rowan’s age difference as something problematic, especially in regards to Rucas?! Because it’s not!

Think about this. This is just off the top of my head. Do people have a problem with…
28 year old Trina McGhee-Davis kissing 17 year old Rider Strong in Boy Meets World? (11 year difference)
20 year old Ashton Kutcher kissing 15 year old Mila Kunis in That 70’s Show? (5 year difference)
23 year old Dean Butler kissing 15 year old Melissa Gilbert in Little House of the Prairie? (8 year difference)
30 year old Brad Pitt kissing 11 year old Kirsten Dunst in Interview with a Vampire? (NINETEEN year difference)

The short answer is no. You know why? Because what matters is the age of the characters or the time period they’re living in or the exact circumstances of the characters. All these people are actors, and they’re paid to do what’s in the script, kissing and all. What matters is Lucas is a year older than Riley, tops, and they’re in the same grade, so the 3 year age difference, which is so not a lot, between Peyton and Rowan is irrelevant.

It bothers me to see such a naive way of thinking.