Me: isn’t it crazy how Cordelia and Charlotte recognized Whizzer when he took of his sunglasses at the baseball game? Though no one could really see, the lesbians look just as shocked as Trina and Mendel. But they were introduced to him, that must mean that they never met him before, and that means Marvin must have told them about his ex lover. More over the fact, Marvin probably showed them pictures of Whizzer or has pictures of him on display at his house, since Charlotte and Cordelia both gasped when they saw Whizzer stroll up in his leather jacket. But that just drives me crazy, like, did Marvin speak of Whizzer fondly, or in spite? Since he forced himself to believe that he was angry at Whizzer… What kinds of stories would he tell the lesbians? Were they the stories of how he and Whizzer met, or about how they broke up? About how great Whizzer was, or about how furious Whizzer would make him when he cheated on him? But the lesbians gasp and Cordelia laughs excitedly, so Marvin must have told them about how wonderful and fantastic he is. But what kind of photos did Marvin keep of Whizzer? Would he pull the photos out of his wallet, or would the photos be displayed on his mantel place, where everyone could see? Gee, that really rattles me, ya know? Like, would he be proud of having ever loved, and still love, Whizzer?

 Store employee: ma'am, please, we need to close the store.

so i just saw falsettos in theaters and here is everything awesome i managed to remember
  • Trina wears a small silver star of david necklace throughout the whole show
  • Whizzer has such intense anxiety during “This Had Better Come to Stop” that he is just wringing his hands like crazy, and this anxious habit follows him noticeably through the rest of his solos
  • During “March of the Falsettos”, the pit was tossing blocks up to Andrew Rannells and he screams “HIT ME” as he catches one and then goes “HIT ME TWO TIMES” as he catches another
  • After Jason’s torah portion at the makeshift hospital bar mitzvah, Whizzer grabs his shoulder, looks him in the eye, and whispers “Thank you” before walking out for the last time
  • Marvin was essentially crying throughout the entire second act including: choking up during “Days Like This”, laugh-crying during “Unlikely Lovers”, when Charlotte pulls him aside to tell him Whizzer is gonna die, trying to hold back tears during “Jason’s Bar Mitzvah”, and trying to belt through tears during “What Would I Do?” 
  • Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells do such an AMAZING job at changing their emotions on a literal dime during the chess game scene
  • The crazy raw emotion in “I Never wanted to love you” from each and every character
  • On that same note, Marvin’s FUCKING FACE after he hits Trina was so brilliant and like, immediately regretful and so full of emotion i wanna cry just thinking about it again
  • On ANOTHER note, after Whizzer answers do I love him with “No”, there’s a whole like 20 second pause before the music starts up again where everyone is just dead silent 
  • Whizzer was literally crying through the entirety of “Days Like This” as everyone kept gathering around him telling him everything was gonna be ok
  • During the first act Marvin was scary. Like his aggression in the recording does not do his character justice because it is so much more intense live
  • Every time Charlotte and Cordelia entered frame, the theater cheered obscenely loud (myself included)
  • All of Trina’s solos were brilliant and i swear to god Stephanie J. Block makes that stage her god damn bitch
  • During the “Falsettoland (Reprise) the mic picks up Marvin audibly sobbing as he walks away from Whizzer’s grave
  • While Jason is reciting his torah portion during the bar mitzvah, Trina is standing behind him mouthing the words to the verse 
  • “I’m Breaking Down” got the most applause in my theater out of any number, and my grandma said that it truly “stole the show" 
  • Trina and Mendel are sleeping on each other and are so adorable when Marvin storms in and wakes them up before “Marvin Hits Trina” cause they start blinking and rubbing their eyes like someone just turned all the lights on in the middle of the night
  • You can literally see the freckles on Christian Borle’s chest during “What More Can I Say?” that’s how clear it is
  • The relationship between Mendel and Jason was so cute and there were so many great choreographic parallels of the two of them throughout the whole show. Like just the two of them siting together or dancing together or just being a part from the rest of the family 
  • The entire cast having to dance around using the words fuck and shit
  • Charlotte’s hair was just amazing

What Falsettos does a good job of portraying: 

- Religion 

- Gay men and women in the 80′s

- The AIDS epidemic and how it ruined the lives of many families and gay men 

- Dysfunctional families finding comfort within themselves and their crazy family 

- Families in general 

What Falsettos doesn’t do a good job of portraying: 

- Whizzer’s loves for fashion 

- He spends the whole first act wearing the same clothes 

- And you expect me to think he is a “fashion icon” or whatever 

tbh i think one of the reasons falsettos is so heartbreaking is because you can’t ignore the reality of it. most of the time, when you see a sad musical/movie/whatever, you can just say “it’s okay, it’s not real” and move on. but you can’t do that with falsettos because the aids crisis is a real thing that happened to real people. and real people went through all the things you just saw. and that’s also what makes it so moving and so important.