‘Marvel Superheroes Summer 2016 Collection’ from Castle Galleries in the UK.

The collection of 6 covers are all signed by Stan Lee and are available as 27.5" x 40" boxed canvas limited editions of 195 for £995 each and as framed 16.5" x 24" giclée prints on paper in limited editions of 295 for £695 each.

They’re also available as a set of six, with presentation packaging, with the framed giclée prints on paper for £3995 and the boxed canvas editions for £5750.

Go here to buy.

Gabe Newell’s Rosy Rupeeland - 7 - Gabe Newell’s Rosy Clickerland

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Video games are just about done. The forecase is not good. Pack it up folks, because between infinite planets and infinite clicker games, it’s just all downhill from here. Zach self-loathes. Maxie is a small business owner.

Games discussed this episode:

Reigns -
Spaceplan -
Trimps -
Adventure Capitalist -
Duet -
Camera Obscura -

its 2016 and people are still asking ‘does the Seidurs is gaey’

seriously. get the fuck over it????? like????? sometimes the Seidurs is gaey???????????

seriously people, its the year of 2016 and still, people are freaking out over doesing the Seidurs, is gaey. This fucking year is a TRAVESTY because of people like this, who can’t accept a simple fucking concept such as, the Seidurs, who is does the gaey.


How hard is that to understand????? fucking babby boomers, cant even stop watching the DONLAND TRIMP for fucking five seconds out of his ass to think that hey, maybe does the gaey, and Seidurs is does, is the gaey, is not a big deal????? But no. they are bigots. still. 

it makes me sick. people like you make me sick, all because does the seidurs, WHO IS A REGISTERD GAEY, is gaey.