Juanin: Every summer, the muscly men get together to take an important decision !

Muscly man1: Oh leader, whatever shall we do?

Leader: before taking any decision, we have to ask the great master.

Muscly man2: Ooh but the great master lives really far, far away !

Leader: I’m sorry, that’s how it’s always been, and that’s how it will be forever. The great master has the last say. Go, boys. Good luck, boys ! Have a good trip!

Muscly man1: did you bring money for the ticket?

Muscly man2: yeayeh, I brought some… please! .. …augh. …I trimpped !

Muscly man1: Ooh great leader! you that know it all, tell us! What is the answer?

Great master: the answer is .… .NO

Leader: What did the great master say?

Muscly man1: umm…he said…yes!!

Leader: alright. you can hose each other down then.