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Hi so I'm a bit unfamiliar with some of Mark's Egos, you seem to know them a bit better than I. Like I don't know who Bim trimmer, cowboy hat dude and the one in the costume is, hope you can help me get to know them better. I'm just asking you because you seem to know a bit more that I do, and you seem generally nice and friendly. Maybe you don't know the answer to this or it might get lost, but if you don't know it's completely alright. And on a side note, I really like the things you make.

i got you covered, friendo! 💜

bim is from a cyndago sketch called ‘hire my ass’, and he’s pretty much just a very exuberant host. (hence why he gets a bit insulted in mark tv when he wanted to be the host of disc of riches)

ed edgar (the cowboy guy) is from another cyndago sketch called ‘ed edgar adoptallott’s baby bulk buy’ where he pretty much owns a factory that makes babies. the video is hilarious and sometimes i can’t even tell it’s actually mark lol.

silver shepherd (the costumed one) is also from a cyndago sketch called ‘super infidelity’ where he is a superhero who thinks that his girlfriend is cheating on him. it turns out that his girlfriend is cheating on him with his human alter ego.