Feb. 9   10:00 am


I love coconut everything, so I immediately grabbed this before I even realized they were sampling them at this local deli. Heading to the register I see this table filled with this magical refreshing beverage I was sold on based on the label alone: coconut, protein, low cal, vitamins - a refreshing protein drink? Yup, sold.

Waiting in line to pay, of course I tasted ALL of them. Actually I got out of line to snap these pics and chat with a really cool chick - Jill Lawton of Power Up Marketing who was sampling them out.
She was dead on: It really did give me an energy boost, I wasn’t starving anymore + actually forgot I had lunch to eat! SO much better than those thick gritty protein shakes that hurt your belly. A great alternative to a snack to hold you til you can eat a healthy meal. I’m definitely a fan