Then the princess with her maidservants came down to bathe.

When she saw me, she took me up and recognised that I was a Hebrew.

My sister Mariam then ran up to her and spoke,

‘Shall I get a nursemaid for this child from the Hebrews?’ The princess urged her on.

Mariam went to fetch our mother who presently appeared and took me in her arms.

The princess said to her, ‘Woman, nurse this child and I shall pay your wages.’

She then named me Moses, because she had taken me from the watery river-bank. 

- fragment of speech by Moses in Ezekiel’s Exagoge (x)

This is the story of the Kaiju Kid, pictured above. 

So I was on the trimet getting home from a job interview and I was waiting at the bus stop along with this kiddo and his mom, and he ran up to me and informed me he was a Kaiju. He even knew what a Kaiju was and on getting a little loud his mom reminded him to “bring it down to category level 1”. He likes How to Train Your Dragon and his favorite character is Astrid. And recently he got into a fight at school, his mom informed me proudly.

Now usually you dont hear a mom say that kind of thing proudly, but she then told me the rest of the story and I gave the kid candy it was that good.

See the Kaiju Kid here has a friend. He refers to her as “the Princess” and she is muslim, and they are very close. Another kid called her dirty for playing with a white kid and started making fun of her….and this here Kaiju Kid jumped the other kid and in defense of his friend.

Kids like this give me hope, yknow?

(Also Im going to note I received permission to take the picture and tell the story, I was just asked to leave names out of it. I did make sure. <3)

honestly secondary school poetry education is so boring and probably the reason high schoolers hate poetry

“haikus are 5-7-5”

no they’re not, read a modern Japanese collection of haikus they won’t even follow that at all

a haiku takes two images and separates them with a cutting word

“sonnets are 14 lines with the following possible rhyme/stanza schemes:”

BEEP wrong a sonnet is 14 lines that pivot on a conceit, and which follow some type of formal structure that can be gleaned from reading it

“a ballad is compose of quatrains that can alternate tetrameter and trimeter with the following rhyme schemes:”

NOPE INCORRECTO a ballad is a singsong-y poem

“a limerick is-”

okay you’re already wrong you just tried to define a limerick

i mean. obviously there’s a lot more nuance in the definitions than what i’m presenting, and you could write a book on the histories of each of these forms.

but that’s not the point.

when you teach poetry. do not teach meter first. do not teach rhyme first.

meter and rhyme serve poetic forms, they in no way define them.

forms are a great way to dive into poetry, since no one can really define what “poetry” as a whole is. but they should be taught by what they mean, not how they're formed.

and it’s not like you can’t scale that to children.

example: have kids draw two images out of a hat, and ask them to think of a word or phrase that summarizes why they’re different.

wow. you just taught a first grader what haikus actually are, and now they’re much more likely to see meaning in poetry they read. congrats.

A long exposure captured on the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon.

Fact: the Hawthorne Bridge is the oldest vertical-lift bridge in operation in the United States and the oldest highway bridge in Portland. It is also the busiest bicycle and transit bridge in Oregon, with over 8,000 cyclists and 800 TriMet buses (carrying about 17,400 riders) daily. I like Portland. #portland #pnw #pdx #longexposure #vsco #night #hawthornebridge #wonderful_places #oregon #bueno

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I made a spider friend while I was on the bus today.

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