Submission - Portland MAX Light Rail Yellow/Orange Line Interlining Graphic

Submitted by Breck, who says:

Here’s a neat little animated map and explanation that show how the new MAX Orange Line will tie into the rest of the system in downtown Portland. Like many other transit fans, I too have wondered how the Orange Line will work and why it won’t just be a simple extension of the Yellow Line. It is all explained here, and the reasoning seems to make pretty good sense.

Transit Maps says:

Like Breck, I’ve also wondered how the Orange Line will tie in to the downtown part of the MAX system, and this neat little GIF confirms what I’ve suspected for a while: most of the time, the Orange Line will simply act as an extension of the Yellow Line. The reason it isn’t officially Yellow is two-fold: flexibility of operations (interlining with the Green Line or turning back to Milwaukie at Union Station if required); and… marketing. Basically, it’s easier for TriMet to promote a “new” line to the public (exciting!) rather than an extension of an existing one (yawn!). As the TrIMet blog itself says:

We think the Orange Line deserves its own recognition as a pioneering endeavor. Besides showcasing the first bridge of its kind in the U.S., the Orange Line features a host of sustainable elements like eco-roofs, eco-tracks and bioswales to capture stormwater runoff. And it serves a distinct corridor stretching from the region’s urban core to growing communities, setting it apart as our region’s newest light rail line.

While i’m still not sure if I agree with the decision to not make the whole thing Yellow and be done with it, at least the changeovers between Yellow and Orange as shown in the GIF make decent sense. Coming from the north (Expo Center), trains are Yellow until they reach Union Station. Presumably at this point, riders from the north will mostly disembark at the downtown stations (still believing they’re on a Yellow Line train), while new riders from Union Station onwards will see incoming trains as Orange Line trains to PSU and Milwaukie. Similarly, Orange Line riders from Milwaulkie will mostly get off in the city centre, and any new riders will instead be greeted by a Yellow Line train to Expo Center.

Source: TriMet’s “How We Roll” blog

caption: I am the worlds No. 1 fan of underground public transport #pdx

I went to the Children’s Museum to turn down a part time job that they offered me. It was an awkward experience because they thought I was coming in to accept the job. I felt really guilty about saying no to them, but the Max Station made me feel a little bit better. It’s underground and reminded me of the London Underground which I miss. Also I felt really good about my hair that day.

Bus stupidity

The other day, I had to go to my storage unit. So I took the bus line 71, and the line 15. All goes well until a couple blocks from the stop the 15 normally gets off at, which is just a couple blocks from the storage company’s building; the bus turned, and when I started shouting at the bus driver asking him what the hell he thought he was doing, he said there’s a reroute because “the bridge is out.”

Okay, first of all, when I walked from there to the usual stop, yes that stop was closed, but the bridge was NOT out. There were plenty of cars going across the bridge. There wasn’t even any sign of construction or anything like that on the bridge, so I call bullshit there.

Secondly, even if the bridge HAD been out, it would still be a stupid and pointless reroute, because the stop I wanted isn’t even on the bridge, it was on the same side of the bridge as the one the bus did get off at, and there’s a light and turning lanes there too, which would get the bus to whatever other bridge they were using just fine, so there’s literally NO fucking reason at all for that bus stop to be out.

Gods, I get SO FUCKING TIRED of TriMet pulling pointless bullshit changes like that, just to fuck with their customers. May all their genitals burn and peel and break out in painful, pus-oozing sores! 

Went out today to do a few things, one of which was going to see my shrink. My ID has to be renewed soon, and she helped me by filling out and signing this form for me to get my gender designation changed on my ID from that horrible lying M to F. Now I just have to go into the DMV tomorrow and get my new ID.

I also have to go in to TriMet and get my Honored Citizen card renewed, but that’s minor compared to the DMV thing.

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Ride Report: Pedalpalooza "Save the Humans Ride" - Now with Extra Irony!

Ride Report: Pedalpalooza “Save the Humans Ride” – Now with Extra Irony!

As you my fine followers may have surmised from my previous post, I haven’t been feeling at my most peak athletic condition lately. Which is terrible, considering this month is the holiest of all Portland cycling months; being Pedalpalooza and all. So, on Tuesday, June 23 when I got home a little early from work after not feeling super great I lubed up with my grand variety of salves and…

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