trimblers asked:

Share ten facts about yourself and pass this on to your 10 of favourite followers :)

1. I love onions

2. My college mate once told a really lame joke, I pretended to laugh along then pulled a straight face and he said to our friend, “I swear to god if she was a guy, I would give her a punch in the face.” and I laughed so hard

3. I guess I’m pretty nice for an arse

4. I’ve been constantly told that I’m really short and small ever since I could remember

5. My family is Buddhist but I’m kind of not????? It confuses me idk I don’t consider myself a free-thinker though

6. I do a lot too much thinking sometimes and it is unhealthy (I tried to express my thoughts on writing once but it kind of failed as it was 6 pages long and I was not anywhere close to done)

7. I have never watched Titanic before

8. I’m turning 18 on the 24th wowza 

9. I hate it when people doubt me

10. I loathe people who complain constantly instead of at least trying to do something about it

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1. What are you listening to right now? Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours. that’s like my favorite song ever.

2. Have you ever seen Bastille live? Sadly, but no. But I hope so to see them soon. This summer maybe?

3. If you would have to give each member of Bastille a christmas present, what would they be? Omg that’s really hard question, let’s skip this one. Ok? Sorry I don’t have got a lot of time, bc I haven’t done my homework yet. :c

4. Favourite tv show? American Horror Story! Fuck yeah, I love Evan Peters so much :D

5. Would you rather meet the founder of facebook or of twitter? Twitter!

6. Where do you travel to next? I have got no idea.. I would like to travel to Italia, but it’s not going to happen while I live with my parents.. 

7. Are you creative? Yeah, I think so. I’m going to finish an art school at this Spring, yayy. It’s going to be amazing. Can’t wait! 

8. Did you dream last night? I can’t remember :D seriously, I have got no idea.. :D

9. Favourite youtuber? PewDiePie, or Smosh :D 

10. Did you make new year resolutions? I’m not sure…

11. Something you’ve learned in life: ,,People will stab you in the back and then ask why you’re bleeding.“  that’s sooo true.

My questions:

1. Favorite horror movie?

2. Describe your best friend in one sentence:

3.  Do you like Arctic Monkeys? Explain why.

4. Best gift you’ve got for Christmas? 

5. Your favorite gif? idk just quickly found one that you would like to share with everyone:

6. Best memories from last summer?

7. In how many concerts have you been? What bands?

8. I’m totally obsessed with… (end the sentence)

9. Alex Turner or Dan Smith?

10. The best female singer?

11. Have you seen your favorite band live? 

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