trimblers  asked:

Share ten facts about yourself and pass this on to your 10 of favourite followers :)

1. I love onions

2. My college mate once told a really lame joke, I pretended to laugh along then pulled a straight face and he said to our friend, “I swear to god if she was a guy, I would give her a punch in the face.” and I laughed so hard

3. I guess I’m pretty nice for an arse

4. I’ve been constantly told that I’m really short and small ever since I could remember

5. My family is Buddhist but I’m kind of not????? It confuses me idk I don’t consider myself a free-thinker though

6. I do a lot too much thinking sometimes and it is unhealthy (I tried to express my thoughts on writing once but it kind of failed as it was 6 pages long and I was not anywhere close to done)

7. I have never watched Titanic before

8. I’m turning 18 on the 24th wowza 

9. I hate it when people doubt me

10. I loathe people who complain constantly instead of at least trying to do something about it