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“I liked the building, not you.”

A/N: Hope this breaks my writing hiatus.  I tried to make this as realistic as possible. I might have more parts if you guys like it. 

Paring: Shawn X Fan

Word Count: 3,175

I wasn’t sure which neighbourhood I was in or how I exactly got there but I didn’t care. As I passed further into the blocks of residential houses the more they began to bloom with colour and greengage. I felt like I was returning home.

I continued listening to my music out of one earbud and ambled my way down the streets, the shutter on my camera never seemed to stop. Everything was perfect and it had been so long since I felt this way.

Toronto was good for me but it also was different. It was nothing like back home and after living on The Rock for my whole life I wasn’t used to change. Moving to Toronto I expected that my abilities would expand and flex but after the third month, I was feeling trapped. My source for photography was suddenly limited and I was trying to learn to adapt.

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One more Zelda selfie for the night 😅

Cassandra ‘High Resolution’

Its Tangled: Before Ever After Eve, and as we all wait for the premiere of Tangled: BEA and the Series that is to follow, I decided to have a little fun and workup this detailed Cassandra picture to pump myself and I hope all of you for the series.  Had to use some personal creativity on detailing Cass…  I made her tunic leather, and padded cloth for her leggings.  Added some detail to the tunic trim.  I see Cass looking for performance and practicality over fashion and form. So I didn’t want to over do it.  The trim detail has inspiration from Tangled the Movie.

Please enjoy…  I hope you all like it.  Any comments or critique please feel free to make them.

Take care, till tomorrow. 

One Piece Live Action

All of the live actions Hollywood has done has been an ass of a disaster. Just getting that out there.

I personally haven’t watched DBZ or the recent Ghost in the Shell but I’ve been in the midst of the generally dissatisfaction, to say the least, about both. And we all know of the unspeakable Avatar the Last Airbender (ATLA) live action.

But with One Piece(OP), that’s a whole monolith of a story that ATLA and Attack on Titan and others haven’t been before with almost a thousand chapters and episodes ongoing.

I think the main problem live action movies and their writers and directors have is that they can’t get the idea of the source being from an ANIME. It just sticks in their head and doesn’t allow them to treat this as a movie as it should be. An anime, a tv series, a book, and a movie are all different mediums and have completely different rules.

The thing I’m afraid about is that the live action will try to get the whole crew together in one movie and the fans know how long it took to get to Brook. I’m thinking that the best way to approach this is by following the animated movies’ lead, such as Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island and Dead End Adventure, and create an original narrative and plop it into the flow of OP’s storyline, kind of like what they do for filler.

Then comes the main purpose of the live action even existing, which is to appeal to an audience that typically wouldn’t watch anime and haven’t even heard of OP. So if they do as I said and make an original narrative like which was made for only the fans in mind, it might alienate the other half of the population.

Which comes in the whole situation of treating this like a movie instead of an anime. Get your head out of that anime is weird belief that everyone still has, writers and directors. You don’t need to spoon feed us everything by stating it directly and I think the audience who weren’t fans originally would agree even if they don’t have previous knowledge.

Let’s take Avatar again. The writers and director had a hard time with that one as they felt the need to add narration and world building and backstory within the characters’ dialogue and thus sucking any characterization from them and making it seem like the movie was just regurgitating information at you. Narration and Dialogue can be utilized to do worldbuilding, but it needs to be done right and not overused or repetitive. As I’m not an expert I can’t dive into this knowledgeably but I think this is the general consensus, unless they would do something smart and innovative with those things, but I digress. Even taking the anime in consideration, OP doesn’t use its narrator often, he mostly just shows up to recap on the fights or show where Zoro is lost at the moment. There needs to be a balance for both the fans and the ones who don’t know what they’re getting into. So worldbuilding is important, backstory is important, but what I believe should be the main focus is selling the characters and the spirit of One Piece.

This doesn’t mean doing as Percy Jackson the movies did by changing things unnecessarily, such as the character’s ages and the entire plot and the wit and spirit Rick Riordan put into the books. I think the Harry Potter franchise did the best in this case as they sold the spirit of the books, stuck to the plot, but was good at knowing when to trim some details off to fit the movie format.

So what I’m trying to say is that you’re translating something from a different medium to another, so it should be different from the main material. Of course, OP is going to be better as a manga because it works best as a manga. It has basically no restrictions on when it should stop and this way the writer, Oda Eiichiro, can more freely get people involved in the characters and the backstory. But there is a restriction on movies, and clearly the formula of shoving everything into a medium that has different rules isn’t working. The movies aren’t something the populus should expect to see an entire book in or an entire anime series in.

Another example is Howl’s Moving Castle, which is a stretch as it was inspired by the book and not based. But in my personal experience, I checked out the book because it did beautifully in an ANIMATED format but was completely different from the book.

So, if ATLA had been given and promised multiple movies, then they should’ve stuck to the plot. If possible stick to the plot. But it wasn’t because they weren’t promised another movie. And I believe, trying to fit the entirety of season one into one movie wasn’t the right choice for a solo movie. They should’ve cut it down. They should’ve stopped after the Winter Solstice, maybe cutting out Avatar Kyoshi and Omashu, though those are really important parts in themselves. The success of a movie done right, even though it didn’t have everything could’ve brought on the chance of another and maybe even more live action movies.

If OP is given more movies then they should stick to the plot. But the big difference between OP and ATLA is their versatility. OP as an anime series is more malleable and, in my opinion, has written the better filler arcs of anime. ATLA had a strict almost book like structure that builds off of each episode. So OP can have the possibility of straying off the original plot more than ATLA had.

To sum up, sell the spirit and character, never change things unnecessarily like Percy Jackson, don’t stick to the plot with a giant of a story like One Piece, and treat this like what it is: an action and adventure movie.

I know for a fact, it’s almost a given, that the movie will begin with Gol D. Roger’s execution and his last words about the one piece that prompted the Pirate Era. (and then Cinema Sins will say ‘roll credits’). Then it can go multiple ways. A montage of Luffy meeting his crew, young seventeen Luffy about to leave with his little boat, thinking back to Shanks and his hat, or just the flashback to Shanks putting the straw hat on luffy, and my personal favorite is just cutting to Luffy’s grin and the crew fighting on the deck of the Sunny where they can show their relationship to each other while in combat and their role in the crew. Or maybe a mishmash of all of them.

My hopes are that they will make Chopper cute and– the elephant in the room–not whitewash the Straw Hat crew. Personally, Usopp and Brook should be played by black actors, Nami could be latina, Zoro should be asian, Robin could be filipino or Indian but definitely someone dark skinned, Sanji and Franky can be white but Sanji needs to be or must resemble a french origin. Luffy can be anything to be honest as long as he acts like the character.

And the thing is, One Piece didn’t catch on in America as well as Naruto did back in the day, because of the horrible 4kid’s adaption that tried to make the show kid friendly which One Piece really isn’t (and that whole issue with making things kid friendly or maybe even dumber for kid’s to understand is also something that gets on my nerves). It ruined the chance of the show to be something even more amazing than it already is. The same thing happened with the live action of ATLA which made people disinclined to check out the animated show and affected the success of Korra.

I’m very passionate about One Piece, it’s dear to my heart and I really hope the live action isn’t a complete flop. I don’t remember OP for the fights, honestly, (naruto fights are more well animated and interesting) and I don’t like OP for them either, I like the story, and the characters. Luffy and the others say some profound things that have resonated in me and motivate me to this day. OP makes me laugh and cry and feel a connection to the characters. Not saying it doesn’t have faults, but I can see why it made the top and has stayed the top in shonen manga.

This is just my messy attempt at making a suggestion for the infamous anime live action. Oh yeah, and there’s the whole deal with how weird and wacky one piece can be, especially for western audiences. Well, if they can handle a movie about humanized emojis I think they can handle a rubber man and a talking reindeer.

Really hoping live action FMA is good though.

Thank you to nchanstories who talked this through with me and who I can’t tag at the moment because theyre getting some rare hours of sleep

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The snowball part 26

Sorry, I left this update longer than I wanted to but uni work had to come first (I had to basically finish Jane Eyre in 3 days so read 400 pages in 2 days).

Link to previous chapters X

A growing collection of people who have asked to be tagged in updates, thanks guys xx @illyrianinterrasen @bluephoenix222 @personpersonper

Feyre heard from her small room when the hired band started playing and the soft murmurings of people as they walked down the hallway to the ballroom.

She was anxiously clenching and unclenching her fists as she waited nervously for Mor to return. There had been an issue with a seafood dish that Mor had deemed a catastrophe and had gone to investigate, leaving Feyre to wait alone. She kept checking her phone by the minute, hoping to see a text that Mor was on her way back. Feyre really didn’t want to have to enter the gala on her own.

Half an hour had passed and Feyre could now hear the party in full swing just a few rooms away. The sounds of people laughing and tinkling of glasses as people drank.

Where was Mor?

Just as Feyre was about to call her, her phone lit up with a text from Rhys. ‘Everything okay?’ He asked.

'Mor told me to wait for her.’ Feyre responded, not wanting to admit that she just didn’t want to go alone.

A few minutes passed before Rhys sent her another text. 'Mor’s here with us. She said to just come out now because she’ll still be a while.’

Taking a deep breath Feyre looked herself over in the mirror one last time. She glared at herself, willing her shoulders not to cave in slightly, for her neck to stand tall, and her face to be held high. She would not let fear, or her past, dictate how people would treat her tonight.

'Okay. Coming now.’ Feyre quickly texted Rhys before stepping into the hallway.

Cassian had been slumped at a table, his hand under his jaw as he watched with amusement as Nesta and Azriel awkwardly stood near the buffet table together. Nesta was glaring at anyone who looked her way, as Azriel held a small plate of food he was picking at but not eating in an effort to keep himself occupied.

Cassian snorted in amusement at how miserable Azriel looked, despite him easily being one of the friendliest and most approachable one of their friends. Nesta had that effect on people. For people that weren’t Cassian that is.

Putting on his best mischievous grin, Cassian thought he should go and relieve his brother from his obvious discomfort.

“Az, Rhys wants to see you.” Cassian said, sauntering over.

Azriel looked visibly relieved, disappearing so fast he nearly forgot his unwavering manners, quickly nodding to Nesta as he left.

“What do you want?” Nesta asked icily.

“I’m actually just here for the food.” Cassian said dismissing her entirely, as he grabbed a plate and started piling up food. “Nice dress.” He added, eyeing up her dark blue gown.

Nesta absentmindedly plucked at the fabric. “Feyre picked it out for me.”

“It suits you.”

Nesta glanced at him suspiciously. “You’re being nice?”

“I’m often nice, to people who are nice to me that is.”

Nesta snorted. “Your friends would say otherwise.”

“They only say it with love.” Cassian paused, “What do your friends say about you Nesta?”

Nesta’s face turned bright red. “I’m done talking to you.” She said, turning to leave.

But Cassian gripped her wrist tightly to stop her, but not enough to hurt. “I know that Amren thinks you’re incredibly smart. Mor admires your ferocity. Azriel thinks when you’re not frowning you have quiet a lovely smile. And Rhys respects you. These are your friends Nesta. They care about you, why do you push them away?”

Nesta stared back defiantly at Cassian. Ignoring his question entirely as she stared him down, “And what do you think of me?”

Cassian opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly closed it. He turned his face away, letting go of her wrist. “… Enjoy the gala.” He muttered before turning his back.

Elain had been sitting at a table with Amren, who only slightly terrified her, and Rhysand, who Elain couldn’t stop herself from staring at. He was in a black suit with gold trim, the details so fine and exquisite Elain had to refrain from asking where he bought it.

He looked tense. His gaze constantly roving the hall searching for someone. Feyre. Elain immediately thought. She hadn’t seen her youngest sister all night.

People were in constant revolvement of their table with many richly dressed men and women approaching Rhys to shake hands and talk quietly with him. Rhys happily introduced Elain to them who gushed over Elain’s dress and hair, which she had entwined various flowers into. But Elain could tell Rhys was distracted.

“Should I go and check on her?” Elain asked.

“Feyre’s fine, she’ll be here soon.” Amren interrupted coolly.

Rhys looked down once more at his phone in response. “She should be here by now.” He said quietly.

But Elain was interrupted from answering by the shadow of a man standing over here. When she looked up she smiled sweetly into the face of Lucien.

“Lucien! You look great, you even brushed your hair.” She joked.

Lucien self consciously smoothed down his long, tied back hair.

“I still think you should have let Elain braid it.” Amren teased.

Lucien’s face turned pink in embarrassment.

Just then the band picked up a fast beat that Elain recognised. She jumped to her feet, startling Lucien. “Come dance with me!” She squealed excitedly, pulling Lucien along by the hand.

Lucien looked back at Rhys for help, but Rhys only laughed and shrugged, urging him to follow Elain.

“Those two are… odd.” Amren drawled from her chair, watching the two with feigned disinterest.

“Feyre thinks so too. I don’t know what to do about it though.” Rhys replied.

“Don’t do anything. Let it run its course and see if it works out.” Amren shrugged.

When Rhys again checked his phone Amren sighed in disgust. “Oh stop you’re worrying, there she is.”

Rhys looked up in time to see the great double doors opening and a small figure he would recognise anywhere, slip through. She tried to remain unspotted but as she approached the staircase to descend, the lighting hit her and audible gasps rose from the room.

From a dark corner Cassian had been watching Nesta as she slowly moved around the room. She must have been searching for Feyre or Elain, just for someone to talk to.

Well Cassian was done trying to talk and be nice to her. For tonight at least. The gala was full of plenty of interesting people that he would occupy himself with instead.

Just as Cassian got up to find an old friend, he noticed Nesta’s head whipping to the doors as they opened. Her mouth dropped open in surprise as she took in whoever had just walked in.

Cassian followed her line of vision and saw Feyre enter shyly, wearing a dress that Cassian knew only Rhys could have found for her. He found himself smiling at the sight.

Elain was leading Lucien around the dance floor, trying to loosen him up from his stiff and proper demeanour. His hand was holding hers loosely and his other hand was resting high on her back in-between her shoulder blades.

“Come on Lucien! Stop watching your feet and dance with me properly.” She teased.

Lucien slowly raised his eyes to hers, his cheeks turning pink again as she smiled encouragingly at him. His mouth opened to say something to her but Elain stopped moving, looking at something over his shoulder.

Lucien’s heart sank. His request to take a walk with her outside in the garden forgotten on his lips as Elain dropped his hand.

Lucien turned to see what she was staring at and was shocked to see Feyre entering the ballroom, looking more beautiful and happy than he had ever seen her with Tamlin, even if her smile was slightly tinged with fear as she beheld the packed room of people.

Rhys lost his breath as he saw Feyre practically glowing in her dress, light bouncing off her and shimmering as she took a hesitant step down.

People cupped their hands to their mouths as they began whispering. Rhys heard words ricocheting around the hall, convinced they were all just as stunned as himself. Until he caught words like “Tamlin”, and “gold digger”.

Feyre must have heard them as well as her foot halted on the second step, hovering in place with a look of fear on her lovely face. Her eyes darted around the room quickly and the hand holding up the train of her dress trembled slightly.

Rhys stood slowly from the table. He began politely sidling past people, resisting the urge to push people out of the way in his need to get to Feyre. To show her he was there. That she could do this. That what the others thought didn’t matter.

Eventually people saw him coming and started to part for him, making his process much quicker. As a ripple effect took part in the crowd, Feyre looked up, searching for the source of the disturbance.

When she finally found Rhys, their eyes met for just a second, Rhys accidentally stepping on someone’s toe as he forgot to look where he was going.

Feyre’s foot connected with the second step.

When Rhys reached the bottom of the stairs, he looked up at her and to Feyre’s obvious surprise, he bowed at the waist, glancing up quickly to wink and offer her a challenging smile.

Somewhere from within the crowd Cassian wolf whistled, and Feyre had to stifle a laugh, moving down to the third step.

Seeing that Feyre was moving, Rhys straightened. Close enough now to properly see Feyre, as if from a distance he had only been looking at her through a frosted window. Now he could take in all of her beauty at once. His eyes raked up and down her body once, twice. Stopping to look at her face, her hair, not missing a single bit of detail.

Feyre blushed furiously under his stare. And suddenly it was if no one else in the room was there at all. She reached the bottom of the stairs, stopping before Rhys, who offered her his arm immediately.

Feyre slipped her hand into the crook of his elbow and allowed Rhys to escort her through the crowd, staring down those who looked at them too critically, and warmly smiling at those who also smiled at them.

He pulled her onto the dance floor as a new song was beginning by the band.

“I thought we both knew that I can’t dance.” Feyre joked in his ear, remembering their drunken night out.

“Luckily, I am a good enough dancer for both of us.” Rhys laughed back. “You look lovely by the way.” He added, running another appreciative glance over her.

“Thanks for the dress.”

“It was nothing. Although I doubt Mor will ever forgive me.”

“She was not impressed that you hid it from her.” Feyre laughed.

“She doesn’t look too mad right now.” Rhys said, indicating with his head a column that Mor was watching them from, her hands clasped together tightly as she smiled softly at them.

“Is that Elain dancing with Lucien?” Feyre asked in shock, noticing the two nearby.

“She dragged him off right before you arrived.”

“Lucien looks so stiff he could be a statue.” Feyre giggled staring at his rigid form.

“I don’t think Lucien is used to dancing with pretty girls.” Rhys smiled down at her.

“Unlike you?” Feyre asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I thought I was used to it. Until tonight and I realised I’d never had the chance to dance with you.”

Feyre took a step closer to Rhys as his hand on her back simultaneously pulled her towards him.

“How has Nesta been tonight?” Feyre almost hated to ask, stopping Rhys from where he was beginning to lower is face to hers.

Rhys growled roughly in the back of his throat. “I’d much rather talk about you right now.” He said leaning in again.

But Feyre’s hand gripped his tightly, to the point of nearly breaking the skin on his palm. “Everyone’s staring Rhys.”

Rhys took in her tense face. The way her eyes were constantly flitting to the watching crowd around them.

Rhys stopped moving, cupping her face with both of his hands. “I love you Feyre. And I don’t give a damn what these people think. If I get a chance to show people how much I love you, I’ll do it every time. If you think-”

Feyre cut Rhys off smoothly by raising herself on her toes to kiss him roughly. Ignoring the murmurs around them, she threw her arms around his neck as Rhys practically lifted her off her feet in his eagerness to return her kiss.

When Rhys bunched his hands in her hair, Feyre broke off the kiss smiling at him. “Mor spent at least on hour doing my hair, you’d better not wreck it.” She laughed.

“I promise not to ruin your hair darling.” Rhys whispered to her, leaning in once more.

“They’re disgusting aren’t they?” Amren said to Cassian who had joined her at her lone table.

Cassian looked again at Rhys and Feyre kissing in the middle of the room. “You’re happy for them. Your foot’s tapping, and you only do that when you’re happy.” Cassian pointed out.

“Only because they were both so stubborn I thought it’d never happen. Just like a certain other couple I know.” She said dangerously.

“Amren you’ll have to be a little more specific.” Cassian rolled his eyes.

“I saw you talking to Nesta earlier.” Amren said with glittering eyes.

“Yeah and look how well that worked out. Nesta wants nothing to do with us.”

“You mean you?”

“Yeah, me too.” Cassian sighed.

“Look’s like your luck’s about to change.” Amren mused to herself.

Cassian looked up to ask what she meant when he saw Nesta bee lining for them. She stopped shy of their table, a foul mood practically rolling off her.

Cassian ignored her, not wanting to get into yet another fight. So nothing surprised him more than when Nesta spoke to him a single word, “Sorry.”

“What?” Cassian sputtered.

“I said I’m sorry. I was unnecessarily cruel tonight.” Nesta said, looking obviously uncomfortable.

“Just tonight?” Cassian asked with a grin.

“Don’t push it.”

“I’ll only accept your apology on one condition.” Cassian said wickedly.

Nesta eyed him up uneasily. “What condition?”

“You dance with me.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Come on Nes. We can’t let Elain and Lucien of all people show us up.” He said getting to his feet.

“Don’t call me tha-” Nesta was cut off as Cassian pulled her by the arm to dance, Amren shaking her head in amusement at them.

Throughout the night Feyre drank and happily danced with Rhys, as well as Cassian when he asked to switch partners. Rhys had looked at her in fear as Cassian twirled Nesta towards him while Cassian reached for Feyre.

Feyre had laughed with Cassian as Rhys attempted to dance with Nesta who obviously was uncomfortable.

At one point Feyre noticed Mor talking to a pretty girl at the back of the room, the two laughing together.

Whenever Rhys let Feyre sit down to rest her already sore feet, they were constantly hounded by friends of Rhys who wished to be introduced. Out of all the people she met, one of her favourites was a tall, dark man who introduced himself as Tarquin when Rhys was busy talking to others.

He had kissed her hand formally and told her how stunning she looked, all within earshot of Rhys who appraised Tarquin with surprise. Feyre later learned that Rhys hadn’t known the man that well but he was known to them and Rhys had been trying to schedule a meeting with him for months. He was both surprised and annoyed that he seemed to have taken such an interest in Feyre.

Later on Feyre was introduced to old friends of Rhys, Helion and Kallias. Kallias was friendly but was distracted from their conversation as he was always searching the crowd for the beautiful woman he had arrived with.

“I see why you’ve kept her hidden from us for so long Rhys, she is exquisite.” Helion said after he had introduced himself to Feyre.

“Can you blame me, when everyone knows what a shameless flirt you are Helion.” Rhys said, warmly shaking his friend’s hand.

“Is this who you learnt it from?” Feyre asked Rhys, bumping his hip slightly.

Helion laughed while promising he would come visit for dinner more as he was intrigued by Feyre.

It wasn’t long before Feyre had relaxed and begun to really enjoy herself.

Towards the end of the night Rhys took to the band stage to thank everyone for attending, as well as donating throughout the night. So much money had been raised that he now thought they stood a chance of being able to buy the land back from Hybern, allowing them all to keep their properties.

This news was met with cheers and loud clapping as Rhys lowered his head in thanks, before leaving the stage.

Rhys rejoined the small circle of his friends smiling at them all happily.

Feyre saw from the corner of her eye the front door opening and a man enter. She didn’t recognise him but he had the dark hair and tanned skin of an Illyrian as he scanned the room, stopping when he saw Rhys.

He pushed people aside roughly until he had reached them, pulling Rhys aside to speak quietly with him. Feyre’s heart stopped as she saw Rhys start shaking his head in disbelief, hands covering his face in what looked like grief.

Feyre was at his side in an instant. Their friends watching on anxiously. She reached out to grip his shoulder to get him to look at her. “What is it?”

When Rhys looked up his face was so angry, so on the brink of exploding with rage, that Feyre took an involuntary step back. At that Rhys’s eyes widened as he read what Feyre was seeing, or rather comparing him with, and he immediately schooled his features into something much calmer.

Looking at his friends he steeled himself to tell them the news he had just received. “We’re too late. Hybern has already blocked off the neighbourhood and has a team of bulldozers set up." 

“Come Here Often?”

This was a prompt idea from the amazing @blacksheep33512 that I couldn’t unsee. The idea was to take the Garrus romance sequence from the Citadel DLC and put Reyes and Ryder into it instead. I had a ridiculous amount of fun writing this, and I hope you all like it!

Artwork is by @blacksheep33512 

Reyes waited in his room at Tartarus, pacing the length of the couch. It’d been so long since he’d had an occasion to dress up that he found the collar of his white button-down shirt confining. He wanted to tug at it, to loosen its stranglehold on his windpipe, but he couldn’t. This was what Sara wanted, no matter how ridiculous he felt.

His omnitool beeped, and he looked down to see Kian’s message.

She’s at the bar.

God bless that man, he thought. Reyes took a moment to pull on the formal coat, buttoning it with jittery fingers. The jacket was cut in the long lines that were fashionable back on the Citadel when he’d left it in 2183. The collar was high and tight, and though it tried to suffocate him, he had to admit he looked good. The coat made him look taller, leaner than he really was, and with the white of his shirt collar beneath it, and the white trim details, he looked ready for a formal event.

Which was the point.

He checked that his hair was perfect, not a single black strand out of place, and then tugged at the hem of his coat, straightening it.

“All right, Vidal,” he murmured to himself. “Show time.”

Sara sat at the bar, chatting amicably with Kian. She knew the bartender and Reyes were friends and she was hoping that a well placed smile and kind words would convince the man to share some details about the ever mysterious Charlatan. But, Kian was impervious to her charms.

Movement on her left pulled her from their conversation, and she turned to see Reyes leaning casually against the bar. Her eyes widened as she took him in, the sharp lines of his coat hinting at the strength in his shoulders and chest, the tall collar accentuating his jawline. When she finally met his gaze he smirked at her, no doubt pleased by her obvious approval of his choice in formal wear.
“A Pathfinder on shore leave,” he drawled. He motioned for Kian to pour two drinks and then turned back to her. “You come here often?”

Sara bit back a smile as she took her drink from the bartender, who rolled his eyes but didn’t say a word. She took a drink, whiskey of course, before she answered him.

“I do. It’s a good place to blow off steam.” She smirked at him, and let her eyes wander around the club, lingering over the caged dancers. “Scenery’s not bad either.” She felt the weight of his stare, and her comment was rewarded with the faintest traces of a frown tugging at the corner of his mouth. “Though,” she said, pitching her voice lower, dragging her eyes up and down his body. She really did like that suit on him. “The view in front of me is even better.”

He raised an eyebrow at her and grunted softly. “That supposed to melt a guy’s heart?” He asked, playing into his wounded pride at her wandering eyes.

She bit her lip, not entirely on purpose, and locked eyes with him. “No,” she said, leaning closer to speak in his ear. “But, this voice is.” She sat back, satisfied to see he’d closed his eyes at her words. “I’m Sara Ryder, Human Pathfinder, all-around human biotic and conquerer of worlds.” His lips twitched with humor at her title, but she wasn’t done yet. “Also, I kill Kett on the side. And you are?”

He sipped at his whiskey, the motion languid and self-confident. Perfectly controlled. “Reyes Vidal, smuggler.” He smirked at her, that patented Vidal the Smuggler expression, and Sara had to take a sip of her whiskey to keep from laughing.

“Vidal, huh?” She asked. “I might have heard a few things about you.”

His eyes slid over her, taking in the tight black dress, and the glittering angaran necklace that rested against her collar bone; a gift from Keema just for the occasion. And then his eyes were back on her, full of heat and mischief. “If they’re naughty, they’re right.”

There was a familiar, pleasant heat gathering between her thighs, and Sara didn’t have to try as hard to add a husky quality to her voice. “Well, I’m looking forward to finding out,” she said.

Reyes licked his lips and readjusted his grip on his whiskey glass, beads of condensation gathering under his fingertips. Those were the only hints at the arousal he felt at their little game, and then he shut it down completely, leaning away from her slightly.

“Uh-huh,” he said dismissively. He raised a dubious eyebrow at her. “And do most guys fall for that?”

The song changed, the driving beat of the electronic music fading away to something more subtle, slower and… familiar? She stared at him as the jazz song from their first dance in his room echoed through the club, but his expression never changed from one of mild interest as he waited for her reply.
She cleared her throat. “Well sure,” she said. “You know, this voice and, uh…”

Reyes grinned then. “Seems you’re all out of banter, Ryder.” He finished his whiskey and took her hand. “And since you’re speechless, you won’t be able to protest.” He tugged her out of her seat and onto the dance floor.

“What?” She screeched. “What are you doing?” She pulled against him slightly, desperate not to make a fool of herself for all of Tartarus to see.

Reyes looked back at her over his shoulder. “It’ll be fun,” he promised.

“No, no, no, no!” But it was too late. Reyes spun her out onto the floor before him, and it was a miracle she managed to keep her feet from tangling together in her strappy black heels. And then she was pressed against his chest, his arms firm as they wound around her, guiding her through the steps. “You’re going to pay for this later,” she hissed.

Reyes smiled as he spun her away from him, and with a sharp pull on her hand, brought her back. “Promises, promises,” he murmured, but his eyes were bright with humor and affection. He lead her through the dance, his feet sure as he placed them, his hands commanding and agile as he directed her movements.
They found their rhythm, the steps making sense to Sara as she let her body relax. He smirked. “There you go,” he said as she added an extra step with a flare of her hips.

She smiled, forgetting about the gathered crowd, the dancers who made way for them as they swept across the floor. And then she upped the ante. Sara let her hands wander while Reyes led them in sweeping circles. He moaned slightly as her mouth brushed his jaw before he spun her out and away from him. This time, when he pulled her back to him, she was ready.

With her weight in her toes, she twirled into him, her body flush against his as she lifted one leg to hook onto his hip, her hand in his hair. Reyes gasped, the sound just audible as the song ended, and he held her there, searching her face with wonder.

“So, tell me” she drawled. “You think a guy would fall for that?”

“Oh, hell yes,” he groaned. His eyes flicked down to her lips, but didn’t linger there. “You’ve been practicing.”

She shrugged as he released her leg, allowing her to stand on her own. “Lexi recommended yoga for stress relief,” she said. And then she leaned into him, her lips at his ear. “I’m betting it’s even better when you try it in bed.”

The look on his face guaranteed that he was determined to find out. He nodded to Kian and marched off the dance floor, Sara in tow as they hurried back up to his flat.

She chuckled as they stood in the lift, heading up to the port.

“What?” He asked.
She glanced at him, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. “I’d say our first ‘date’ was a great success,” she said.

His hand fell to the small of her back, guiding her out of the elevator as the door opened. As she stepped in front of him, his breath was hot in her ear.

“It’s not over, yet.”


The ICON D200 Reformer is a 1965 Dodge D200 Crew Cab built on a 2006 Dodge 3500 truck chassis. It features a Kore Baja chase suspension, 37-inch BFGoodrich A/T tires, Hutchinson bead lock wheels and ICON-designed stainless trim details (notice the ICON name on the front quarter and hood). The interior is highlighted by Parabellum bison hides on the seats, Rolls-Royce wilton wool carpting, LED lighting throughout and a JL Audio system with interconnectivity with iPhones. This truck was featured in the OPTIMA Batteries booth at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.


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From @tallhousepottery - Working on some new mugs. Hoping my glazes work well with the texture. If I get some good ones I’ll do a giveaway! Stay tuned

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Historic Diamonds~ Blue Diamond Progress

The elusive Blue Diamond appears!

We’ve been super busy and for the base of Blue Diamond’s dress nailed down! :D we’re currently busy working on the trim and detailing ^^

Artwork belongs to @romans-art (used and cosplayed with permission)
Blue Diamond belongs to Rebecca Sugar

Red // 1

Red — ft. Oh Sehun

// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — it’s mildly smutty later on

A/N: This is my take on a requested CEO!au. I made this a mix of other concepts from the drabble list: “I don’t think I can do this anymore.” “I don’t want to hide this anymore. I’m not some dirty little secret.” 

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‘You’ll be here soon?’

My hand grips onto my phone while sitting in the back seat of the car service. It weaves in and out through traffic as the driver makes it way to Arcola National Public Library. A part of me dreads the end of this drive and a part of me just wants the night to stop here and now right on the chaotic road without having to attend this philanthropy gala. But instead, I focus all of my professional attention onto the call with my stern and clear voice accentuating every word. "Yes, sir. I’ll be there in seven minutes.”

‘Seven. You’re always so exact,’ he chuckles and I can already imagine his laughter; how his head tilts and shakes mildly from side to side. ‘And also—sir? You know I prefer it when you use my name.’

I ingrain his pitch into my head and soul, knowing far well this will be my very last phone conversation with him. “Yes, but you are my boss and I’m your executive assistant, Sehun. Sir is the appropriate form of address.”

‘That may be true but you didn’t say that yesterday night.’

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