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me: oh new SW movies and live action TV show? that’s great i am really looking forward to seeing all that!

me internally:

Save Data icons for various Dreamcast titles.

i’ve been re-watching red vs. blue (as i do from time to time) and hit season thirteen. i’m always looking for easter eggs that not everyone has found yet, and i realized i never stopped to check these letters out. in case you guys haven’t seen it…

F.I.L.S.S. displays some jumbled letters in a status update while she is talking to Epsilon aboard the Staff of Charon. if you slow youtube down to .25 speed and systematically pause for each new set of letters…

eventually she will try to warn you.

i just felt my heart shatter into a million tiny pieces all over again.

((i know it was probably just an add-in, but consider that maybe she discovered epsilon’s plan while they were conversing. it’s plausible.))

??? !?!?



The Found Footage Trilogy

There are a lot of found footage movies. Some great (ex: Troll Hunter), a lot more pretty bad. But there is something about these three films that makes me think of them as one unit. They don’t share any cast, they aren’t directed by the same people, they weren’t even produced by the same studio. To be perfectly honest all these films share in common is a filming style and a poster style. Project Almanac has yet to be released and it has gone through a few title changes along the way (it used to be called “Welcome to Yesterday”) but its looking pretty good as a found footage time travel movie. Chronicle is the best one of the bunch by a country mile with its homegrown superhero origin story. Project X is probably the worst of the three, having a baffling terrible title and a morally bankrupt main cast of characters. But all three of these films represent a series of important lessons to an amateur filmmaker, namely what can and cannot be done with a small amount of resources. 

Project X (2012)
Chronicle (2012)
Project Almanac (2015)

Working on something really special. I am redesigning the covers of A Darker Shade of Magic trilogy as a class project under Marc Scheff. SO exciting! There are my thumbs so far - they will prolly change :)

Imagine Washington teaching Lieutenant Jensen how to drive.

  • It makes Wash pretty anxious but it’s worth it because he doesn’t want Jensen to hurt herself or anyone else with her nonexistent driving skills.
  • He’s tense in the warthog at first and holds onto it for dear life.
  • Wash lectures her on “10 and 2″
  • He sets up an obstacle course for her to do, and she completes it without hitting anything and he cheers
  • After he’s successful he beams like a proud dad for the rest of the day.

AU in which after Chorus, Carolina goes off on her own to hunt down Locus but events force them to team up against a bigger threat that neither one can fight on their own.

Just a thought I had, Carolina’s a good match for Locus as a partner with her speed and agility. A good foil to his strength, direct and calculative fighting. It would be interesting to see them working together especially since the both of them can match each other in a fight.

Put Locus in his soldier armour cos I felt like it :)

Imagine Washington taking the lieutenants under his wing and protecting them, training them, and being like their cool badass uncle. He breaks up disputes between Feds and New Republic soldiers. He’s genuinely proud of their accomplishments and improvements and wants them all to be happy, even in times of war. He lets soldiers vent to him and he gives them advice. He sits with the younger, more timid ones in the mess hall when he sees them alone. He’s always there for the underdogs and the anxious ones and the sensitive ones because he remembers being the shy, clumsy kid in the beginning of Project Freelancer.

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project runway grisha FUCKIN DO IT

Nadia stares into the camera, dark circles under her eyes and a general aura of defeat about her person.

“We had three hours for the winter fete challenge. And a budget of-”

Her voice cracks. She buries her face into her hands. 

The Darkling’s face is expressionless as he stares at his watch. “Two minutes remain.”

Around him, there’s only chaos as the designers attempt to claim the last piece of black organza.

“IT’S MINE!” Shrieks Zoya, shoving Alina into a wall of jersey prints. She does not get up as rolls of 80s aesthetic rain down on her.

Zoya tosses her curls over her shoulder. “This is a competition, not a summer camp. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to win.”

David sits at his table in the workroom. By his side, Genya is leaning on his station in her model’s underwear, languidly stretching to ask about one of his sketches. He frowns.

“I only do avant-garde,” David says in a monotone, staring blankly at the camera.

“What? Something going on? With David?” Genya laughs.

Then winks.

Only avant-garde,” David repeats, not blinking.

Zoya holds up the organza as the Darkling starts his critiques. “So I was thinking color blocks, something bold in midnight obsidian-”

Alina scowls. “Zoya’s so pretentious. It’s fucking black.”

“I just want to see my family,” Nadia whispers.

The Darkling stands directly behind Alina, critically eyeing the blue and gold garment she has on the dress form.

“A bold enough silhouette, but it appears you are going to need to make it work.” He leans over to whisper in her ear, “Or I kill your otkazat'sya boyfriend.”

Alina swallows as she stares into the camera.

“…I decided to remake it all in midnight obsidian.”

“You have two hours to get your models to the hair and make-up stations,” the Darkling says evenly. “Or else.”

“As I watch my garment go down the runway, all I can think is that Alina’s is hideous, and that David’s model has clearly gained five pounds,” Zoya says with a smile.

“The only plausible accessory this girl can wear with this dress is a ring for the tiger to jump through,” Baghra says judgmentally from behind her note cards.

“Baghra just doesn’t understand my perspective as a designer,” David mutters. Still not blinking. “The concept was high avant-garde.”

“Nadia, I’m afraid we have to send you to clean up your station,” Nikolai says sadly, kissing her on each cheek. “Do svidaniya.”

She grabs his arm tightly. “Thank you,” she hisses.

Sending the Darkling a concerned look, Nikolai absently pats her hand.

On the next Project Ravka:

“It’s the unconventional materials challenge,” the Darkling declares, dumping a pile of antlers onto the desk.

David’s mouth pulls into a grin as Alina pales.

Nano Update: Nov 6

Project: Forgotten Sisters Book 2

Word Count: 14,915

Favourite Sentence: On the other side of the garden, Nola delivered her own form of vengeance.

Project: time travel wip

Word Count: 5,192

Favourite Sentence: To which you would say, had you already finished hearing this tale, that I am entirely wrong.

Wow today was interesting. I’ve decided to write 2 projects at the same time, which is kind of strange but here we are. The first project (forgotten sisters book 2) was my original nano project and I do want to finish it but I know it’s going to end early and I’m not as invested in it. The second is what I’m currently calling my time travel wip, which is super fun and calming to write and which I’m still planning. I think that was my original problem, that I had planned so excessively I didn’t leave myself any creative on-the-spot writing.

I only had one class today and nothing else much to do so I really went ham on my time travel wip. I did finish that fun scene for the other project but that was it. Side note: some of the time travel wip word count is from yesterday I just didn’t update about it because I wasn’t sure what I was doing with it. 

After season 13, imagine Agent Washington sitting in the hangar bay of the base, waiting for the Reds and Blues to come back. He’s the only soldier there but he doesn’t care; he’s too apprehensive and excited for his friends to return. He waits to greet them with the biggest smile and brightest eyes he’s had in a while because this is the first time he knows his family isn’t going to leave him.

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The Weeknd’s Trilogy

Favorite songs: The Morning, Valerie, Same Old Song

House of Ballons was one of the best debut albums. Tuesday was a solid follow-up. Echoes of Silence was my favorite album of the trilogy.

I love The Weeknd’s music still, but it’s a little too Pop for my liking. I wish he would give us straight R&B songs like he did on The Trilogy projects. I think due to the flop of Kiss Land is why he steered towards Pop more.