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AU in which after Chorus, Carolina goes off on her own to hunt down Locus but events force them to team up against a bigger threat that neither one can fight on their own.

Just a thought I had, Carolina’s a good match for Locus as a partner with her speed and agility. A good foil to his strength, direct and calculative fighting. It would be interesting to see them working together especially since the both of them can match each other in a fight.

Put Locus in his soldier armour cos I felt like it :)



VIXX released their 3rd mini album, titled ‘Kratos,’ on October 31, which is the last of the group’s trilogy project “VIXX 2016 Conception”. The lead song “The Closer” has just won the “Champion Song” of music program. We are proud to announce VIXX will bring their glamorous stage and fierce performance to ST★RLIGHT in Hong Kong soon.
VIXX Live Show in Hong Kong 'THE UNDERWORLD’
Date : 18th Feb, 2017 (Sat) 8PM
Venue : AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 10
Ticket Price : HKD $1780 (VIP*) / $1380 / $880 / $580
*Each VIP package includes one admission to a Hi-5 Session after show.

Please stay tuned with us for further ticketing details!

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Imagine Washington teaching Lieutenant Jensen how to drive.

  • It makes Wash pretty anxious but it’s worth it because he doesn’t want Jensen to hurt herself or anyone else with her nonexistent driving skills.
  • He’s tense in the warthog at first and holds onto it for dear life.
  • Wash lectures her on “10 and 2″
  • He sets up an obstacle course for her to do, and she completes it without hitting anything and he cheers
  • After he’s successful he beams like a proud dad for the rest of the day.

The Found Footage Trilogy

There are a lot of found footage movies. Some great (ex: Troll Hunter), a lot more pretty bad. But there is something about these three films that makes me think of them as one unit. They don’t share any cast, they aren’t directed by the same people, they weren’t even produced by the same studio. To be perfectly honest all these films share in common is a filming style and a poster style. Project Almanac has yet to be released and it has gone through a few title changes along the way (it used to be called “Welcome to Yesterday”) but its looking pretty good as a found footage time travel movie. Chronicle is the best one of the bunch by a country mile with its homegrown superhero origin story. Project X is probably the worst of the three, having a baffling terrible title and a morally bankrupt main cast of characters. But all three of these films represent a series of important lessons to an amateur filmmaker, namely what can and cannot be done with a small amount of resources. 

Project X (2012)
Chronicle (2012)
Project Almanac (2015)

Imagine Washington taking the lieutenants under his wing and protecting them, training them, and being like their cool badass uncle. He breaks up disputes between Feds and New Republic soldiers. He’s genuinely proud of their accomplishments and improvements and wants them all to be happy, even in times of war. He lets soldiers vent to him and he gives them advice. He sits with the younger, more timid ones in the mess hall when he sees them alone. He’s always there for the underdogs and the anxious ones and the sensitive ones because he remembers being the shy, clumsy kid in the beginning of Project Freelancer.

The Connection- 10 Years Later

Today marks the tenth anniversary of finishing book three of The Connection trilogy, my second Digimon project and probably the one I’m most known for. The Fanfic Recs page on TV Tropes describes it as such:

Inspired by Serial Experiments Lain with a borderline Gainax Ending, the author freely describes this as a Mind Screw. Still a very good fic that attempts to explain the Distant Finale we all love to hate, and takes a look at the meaning of existence while they’re at it. The focus of the series is on the Adventure/02 and Tamers casts, with the main character being Takato. Frontier’s presence is somewhat limited and no one could have predicted Savers when writing began, though, so fans of those seasons might disappointed. Parts of this story are very dark, with character death—but on the bright side, it is completed.

Seconded, The writer seems to have thought it out and actually gives us history and character development. It pulls off things that no normal writer could, all while actually causing the readers to think about the characters, the story, and even themselves at somepoint. All in all, worth the time taken out reading it.

The three books follow Takato a few years after his adventure where, after a series of setbacks in his life, he decides to abandon his world to find Guilmon in the Digital World. Instead, he finds several of the post-epilogue digidestined. He joins them and helps them protect the world, but questions are raised: how did they get there? What really happened after Zero Two? What is the link between the two worlds? And is there any way to set things right? Takato ends up meeting the children of the digidestined, old allies hiding the truth, and the unsettling reality of his own existence. It… gets intense.

I started writing it as soon as Tamers finished airing. Since real life stretched book three into a couple years, it bridges my participation in the fandom past when the show was on the air into the Savers era. Looking back on it now, I’m still very proud of it. There are some elements that frustrate me (Matt is such an evolution of his 02 characterization that he feels like a miss with tri. bringing his awkward sulking back), but the story, its twists, and the emotions it wrings out still feel powerful. The feedback received was amazing, with readers paying so much attention to details, hunting for clues, and showing a willingness to be patient and stick with the story through the long dry spells, even re-reading earlier chapters to remember where we left off whenever a new one was posted!

Although tri. messes with some of the backstory details, they’re superficial compared to the similarities with the world following Zero Two. Challenging the cheery hopeful world painted the epilogue, both stories feature government agencies scrambling to control a new and potentially dangerous part of life, the media and general public are inclined to fear and resent Digimon, and the digidestined struggle to navigate their childhood triumphs with adulthood. One of the reasons I love tri. was the acknowledgement of this reality. While the actual connection could never be considered canon, The Connection was a thought-provoking what-if that made a mark on the fandom and I felt deserved a look back ten years later.

After season 13, imagine Agent Washington sitting in the hangar bay of the base, waiting for the Reds and Blues to come back. He’s the only soldier there but he doesn’t care; he’s too apprehensive and excited for his friends to return. He waits to greet them with the biggest smile and brightest eyes he’s had in a while because this is the first time he knows his family isn’t going to leave him.


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So there are definitely some scenes I missed but this took 90 minutes to upload so oh well. In any case, here it is, the Agent Maine compilation. Volume warning for some parts and of course content warnings for blood, violence, guns, death, etc. as well as a little sexist/ableist language.


The piece that will adorn the finale of VIXX’s trilogy project “VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION” will be the god of power and authority ‘Kratos’, where (through this) they have notified the peak of (being) the 'concept-dol’. With their creative concepts and various stage manners, VIXX have showed (their) differentiated walk*, as how they will change for third installment of the 'VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION’ has the attention leaning (to them).

*meaning, that they have shown a difference between other idols and themselves)

sr. tenasia



This December, come and experience your favorite brands personified in a union of Fashion and Music.

Kenya International Sports LTD and Sun Africa Hotels has teamed up to provide Nairobi with three of your favorite activities.
A Fashion show, a Live Concert and a DJ after party. 
Thus >>> #TheTRILOGYProject

Nairobi is an international city and its inhabitants despise settling for less. That’s why we have TRIPLED the entertainment! 

There will be three in each Category:
3 International Brands- Converse | Alcott | Jeans Bar (by Factory 55)
3 Artists - STL | Just a Band | Camp Mulla
3 Dj’s - Drazen | Dj Nruff | DVJ Mobi


Be part of this Thrilling experience and engage in a fashion Ascension in the highest Frequency. 
Famous Grouse:

What’s better than closing 2012 with Scotland’s favorite whiskey.
#TheTRILOGYProject will also be featuring The Famous Grouse Experience:

Tickets and Customized Famous Grouse bottles to be given out.
[Details to follow later on today]
Tickets: STRICTLY 18+ [Proof of I.D. required at entry.

Advance 1,500/-
Gate 2,000/-
V.I.P 4,000/- 
[VIP tickets Inclusive of: Open Bar from 6:00 - 10:00 | Private lounge | Private Service provided by Sun Africa Hotels]
Date and Venue:

Saturday, December 15th.
THE BALL ROOM - Museum Hill 
[Between Tree House and The Loft]

Kenya Police will work hand in hand with us to ensure AMPLE Security is provided through out the night.



A tribute to Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Three Colors trilogy

From “Croker’s Project” on Vimeo.

This boldly cinematic trio of stories about love and loss, from Krzysztof Kieślowski was a defining event of the art-house boom of the 1990s. The films are named for the colors of the French flag and stand for the tenets of the French Revolution—liberty, equality, and fraternity—but that hardly begins to explain their enigmatic beauty and rich humanity.

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