okay listen up guys

1. he is beautiful, like hot damn

2. hE CAN CHARMSPEAK LISTen: he is so convincing??? like, 

  • he rescues poe and poes (all heart eyes) is like why are u doing this and hes like bc its the right thing to do and u see poe nodding, totally transfixed and convinced but then it wears off (LIKE CHARMSPEAK) and poes relizes this guy just needs a pilot
  • when he tells rey that hes from the resistance, rey (who has TRUST issues) is convinced. i mean, look at that face he can tell me i look like shit and i’d thank him. 
  • also, he tells rey that bb-8 holds the map to skywalker and rey is like oh shIT THis could be TRU I need to help
  • i mean, he also manages to convince BB-8 to tell rey’s the SECRET RESISTANCE BASE, LIKE ITS THE HQ, WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION OF THE RESISTANCE, AND BB-8 (although yes, hesitant) stILL DOES IT?? AND HE GIVes finn a thumbs up???
  • so like counter argument: the only one who isnt convinced from his “im a resistance fighter” lie is han bc han has #beentheredonethat okay he was like yeah im a stormtrooper nothing to see here, sIKE (weak argument but who cares im sleep deprived and procrastinanting tm)
  • when he inspires everyone to attack the stardestroyer and convinces everyone he could carry out the plan bc he worked there. um, lies of omission tm bc he waS A JANITOR????

3. everyone falls in love with him at first sight?

  • *cough cough* poE DAMERON
  • rey doesnt do it immediately tho she trusts him pretty fast given her circumstances and trust issues?
  • the way everyone looks at finn like, watch the movie and you’ll see

im out of ideas but like APHRODITE!FINN ANYONE???

One of the neatest things to come out of new canon material like Rebels and Rogue One is the light it shines on the divisions within the Rebellion. Most of the Rebellion’s frontline fighters are people who have direct experience with the evils of the Empire. They’re either from a planet where the Imperial boot came down hard (Ghost crew, Rogue One team) or they’re ex-Imperials who saw one atrocity too many (Bodhi, Wedge, Kallus). They all understand exactly how ruthless the Empire is. Most of them are fighting for vengeance, survival, or both. Many of them have nothing left but the fight.

By contrast, most of the non-military leadership are a bunch of wealthy, Core World politicos. Their fight is an idealogical one waged with words and cloak & dagger spy games. They are reluctant to engage directly because they have so much to lose, but they don’t really understand the consequences of defiance. In the Rebels season 3 finale, Mon Mothma refuses to rescue Phoenix Squadron, but seems to think she can negotiate fair treatment for any prisoners. Mothma, the Organas, and their ilk operate from a place of privilege. Leia acts like such a smug little shit in ANH and her Rebels appearance because she knows the princess of Alderaan is untouchable. 

The Alderaan happens and suddenly the struggle is real for Leia and Mon in a way it wasn’t before. It’s one thing to hear the Empire is evil; it’s another to watch your planet be blown up. After Alderaan, they learn what the frontline folks have known all along: the Empire can not be negotiated with. They must fight. 

Of course, once they get on the same page re: outright rebellion, there’s still divisions re: end goals. Leia and Mon Mothma want to restore the Republic, or at least their idealized version of it. Ex-Seperatists like Cassian Andor, on the other hand, hated the Republic and probably don’t want to see it restored. Then there’s folks like Cham Syndulla who just want to see their home worlds free and independent, rest of the galaxy be damned. There’s probably also a sizable number who can’t even imagine an end to it all and may have a hard time adjusting to any sort of peace.

AU idea: the Jedi Order is a league of elite fashion models. Imperial Sith Co. are their rivals that supposedly disintegrated eras ago. But one day Maul comes onto the galactic fashion scene. And young model Obi-Wan fucking crushes him. Also they discover the kid that will fulfill the prophecy of the chosen one; a model that will bring balance to all glamor in the entire galaxy.

they don’t make tums for ulcers of the heart (sledgehammer)

“cake as weapon” trilogy, part three

i was making a live mistake / starting with the title is almost always a bad idea / because then you’re setting yourself up for a prophecy / that’ll take you places you’ll curse yourself for creating / i don’t know / maybe there’s a way to cross every bridge without burning it / maybe there’s a way to make it home without getting smelly socks and stingy hearts / maybe there’s a way to make it through the wall without breaking it down with a sledgehammer / maybe

feels like i’ve been struggling through one thing or another / all my life / i put on my favorite album (sick scenes) and forget / or at least try to / at least try to / that’s what i’ve been doing all my life, it seems / forgetting / or at least trying to / trying to / no big red buttons to push / no swivel chairs to perch in / no greasy keys in bluesy nightmares / just greasy keys when i wake up to sketch something / with a handful of busted words / and some shakes that’ll undoubtedly (sadly) see me through

/// inspired by the words of @bogmoths and the music of los campesinos! ///

Star Wars News Net has a big new article on the future of SW:

Obi-Wan movie:

- Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of Lucasfilm fully intend to make an Obi-Wan movie set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, with Ewan McGregor in tow.
- I want to emphasize that it’s a movie, singular – not a trilogy.
- Rogue One’s Gareth Edwards could be returning to the director’s chair, as Kathleen Kennedy was happy with his work on that film.
- An announcement of an Obi-Wan movie might just be one of the big surprises at Celebration Orlando. And it’s not just a gut feeling: This possibility is supported by the existence of a few materials that were made in conjunction with the event.

After going to a concert:

*Sees concert pic*
“Oh, that’s cool!”
*Blinks* “Wait..”

was completely blessed to have seen bts tonight in chicago, absolutely love the boys and i’m so freaking proud of them and their amazing show. i hope everyone can see them at some point because it’s an incredible experience, and i wish them all the best luck and success in the future. they deserve it. love you boys ❤

delectabledelirium  asked:

*curtsies* Duke, I would greatly appreciate a book rec. Some of my favorites are: The Name of the Wind, the LoTR trilogy (and oh gosh, the Hobbit), and Macbeth.

*Curtsies* Three ideas: Beowulf, translation of your choice, The Name of the Wind by Pat Rothfuss, and if you want to see some more early modern witchiness check out Jonson’s Masque of Queens. Alternatively if you haven’t read Caesar you might try that. Lots of murder and supernatural fun stuff.