In Which Everything is Dragons

Assassin’s Apprentice: Dragons aren’t real.

Royal Assassin: Why do you all think dragons are real?!

Assassin’s Quest: Oh, dragons are made of stone. Huh.

Ship of Magic: Hey, those people look dragon-y.

Mad Ship: Hey, that log sounds dragon-y.

Ship of Destiny: Hey, those ships are dragon-y!

Fool’s Errand: I’ve totes seen a real dragon but don’t worry about it.

Golden Fool: These people have very different ideas about what a dragon is.

Fool’s Fate: Let’s go kill a dragon! (or maybe not).

Dragon Keeper: Grumpy dragons and the people who put up with them (barely)

Dragon Haven: Everybody wants a bit of dragons (or a dragon’s bits)

City of Dragons: Mighy morphin’ power dragons (sort of)

Blood of Dragons: Don’t piss off the dragons.

Fool’s Assassin: What have dragons got to do with anything?

“Please don’t take him away from this world. Please don’t let him die here in my arms, not after everything we’ve been through together, not after You’ve taken so many others. Please, I beg You, let him live. I am willing to sacrifice anything to make this happen- I’m willing to do anything You ask. Maybe you’ll laugh at me for such a naive promise, but I mean it in earnest, and I don’t care if it makes no sense or seems impossible. Let him live. Please. I can’t bear this a second time. Tell me there is still good in this world. Tell me there is still hope for all of us.”

June Iparis by Moozy6

Remember Grace, if you let anger into your heart, it will push out your ability to love.
—  Bree Despain, The Dark Divine
  • Arran:How long have you been sleeping with Gabriel?
  • Nathan:That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get-- why would--
  • Nathan:I’ve never had sex with anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your-- you have the nerve, the audacity--
  • Nathan:Gabriel is my friend. And he is terrible, face-wise.
  • Nathan:And do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off, hmm? Check and mate.

ok so not only is there a synopsis:

Nathan Byrn is running again. The Alliance of Free Witches has been all but destroyed. Scattered and demoralized, constantly pursued by the Council’s Hunters, only a bold new strategy can save the rebels from total defeat. They need the missing half of Gabriel’s amulet - an ancient artifact with the power to render its bearer invincible in battle.But the amulet’s guardian - the reclusive and awesomely powerful witch Ledger - has her own agenda. To win her trust, Nathan must travel to America and persuade her to give him the amulet. Combined with his own Gifts, the amulet might just be enough turn the tide for the Alliance and end the bloody civil war between Black and White witches once and for all…

but theres also a release date of 31st march next year (src)