inspiration for this was because i have a friend who’s 6′5″ and i am a solid 5′2″ and trying to talk to him is hilarious

also some scheming kids

(i realize wylan looked like kuwei in that scene but wylan and inej are my favorite to draw so oh well)

also THANK YOU FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS!! you grisha fans are so sweet i really appreciate every single message ♡ stay tuned for more soc but this time with kuwei ;)


The Nintendo Switch’s handheld nature is turning out to be a bigger deal than I imagined it would be, and I think it’s going to play hugely into the Switch’s success.

date a boy who can’t sit still. date a boy who’s a mechanical genius. date a boy who respects your autonomy. date a boy who will always support you. date a boy with an asshole older brother. date a boy who fed a rival captain’s fingers to his dog. date a boy who is the Ravkan king. date nikolai lantsov.


Here’s my Calarts BFA3 Film, Virtual Critters!

Somewhat based on my life experiences and my family, which revolves around derpy dogs.

This year I only had 10 weeks for actual production- much shorter than last year-
I owe a great many thanks to all my friends, family, and faculty for supporting me during these crazy times!
Another shout out to Lucien Ye for the music and Derek Etman for the sound design, and my  actors Nick Smerkanich, Audrey Olmos and Shaina Lynn Simmons!

The (completely unrelated) Critters Trilogy is now COMPLETE! …ish.

can’t wait until sjm sprinkles some diversity into her new releases like “sorry for not including proper poc or lgbtq+ representation in the 8 books i have out so far, here’s some in the final installments of my two series!!!”

Books are a lot like love actually

Crushes are like those books that you always stare at at the store but could never buy.

There are books that you ever only read once and then never think about again. Like flings.

And then there are those book that brings you happiness and owns your soul, and at the same time brings you crushing despair and heartwrenching pain.

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I just learned about you dislike of the ST Movies, and let me tell you, me too. To be honest, I got interested on Star Wars because of the news around TFA, and I thought it was a good movie, but the other six captivated so much more. Then I learnt about the EU and I was so angry because it's so much better, it had so much potential in a fucking movie. Older Luke, Ben Skywalker, Jaina Jacen and Anakin. C'mon, Mara fucking Jade! I'm sorry if I'm annoying but I had to discuss this with someone.

I’m not very… loud about my dislike of the sequel trilogy. I prefer not to think about it and not to have all that negativity on my dash. And it’s pretty easy to avoid, because my focus is so much on Luke and Vader, and since Vader is dead by the time of TFA… :) But yeah, if you’re a relatively new follower, it’s not surprising you just found out I don’t like them.

I was a pretty big Star Wars fan (not like I am now, but still pretty into it) when I was in middle school. Wandered away to other fandoms for a while, until they announced TFA. It got me back into Star Wars, so I do have to thank it for that. And I also enjoyed it when I first saw it, wide-eyed, excited to see my first Star Wars movie in theaters. Then I started actually thinking about it, analyzing all the movies and the characters and their arcs. I realized they’d really screwed up by OT trio.

I was never into the old EU (I just started reading the books in the last year, and I still haven’t read many of them, though I know a lot about what happens), but even with as many problems as the EU has, it definitely got most things better than the ST has so far.

And it’s a shame, because I do like Finn and Rey and Poe. They’re good characters. And they could have had them without destroying the OT characters in the process. But for some reason they decided that, no, in order for people to like these new characters, we need to show the old characters as failures and terrible people, drag them down to elevate the new ones. That’s just bad writing. You can create new beloved characters without destroying the old ones.

And Kylo is just a mess I don’t want to touch with a ten foot pole.

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Hope you're well, just wanted to ask, what's your opinion on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy? Btw you're awesome 😁

Being from New Zealand, I’ve been drowned in it for years, since the films are one of our country’s proudest achievements :p btw so are you :)