Outlast 2 is so cool because the entire cult?? A product of brainwashing. Those people were exposed to the signal for so long their minds are gone. Lynn’s baby? It doesn’t exist. Before she dies you hear her say “there’s nothing there”, meaning that Blake’s mind has been scrambled so much he’s seeing things that aren’t there, for example, the baby. The bright light at the end? A nuke sent by Murkoff corp to wipe the whole slate clean. The whole thing was just one big experiment, just like in the first game. 

Do y'all ever think about fictional characters discovering media?

Like idk sometimes I watch or listen to things and are like “oh I wish ___ could see it.”

Like I want Kaz to see the Now You See Me movies

And I want Mor to discover lgbt music!

Wylan to discover dyslexia websites so he can show others and just know its not him!

Sometimes I think about Feyre and the Illryian women discovering the “Fight like a girl” saying. You know with badass women with it.

Various characters discovering sources on ptsd, depression and anxiety.

Sometimes is just really badass fanart.

I want Lysandra to read six of crows and The grisha Trillogy for Inej and Genya.

I want Aelin and Nehemia to see photos of women of colour standing up to the police/authority.

I want manon and the 13 to see characters like Regina (ouat) etc who are ruthless in their protection but love alot

Idk i have a lot of feelings

I just wanna see them see it.

Please add to this list. For science obvs.
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What is your…

All time favorite movie: Lawrence of Arabia

Movie you’ve seen again and again: Avatar

Movie that makes you feel inspired: lord of the rings trilogy

Movie with cinematography you love: the grand Budapest hotel

Movie that scares you: A.I. (artificial intelligence)

Movie that makes you cry: The Fellowship of the Ring, Also The Bridge to Terabithia, Inside Out, The Hunger Games

Movie that comforts you: lord of the rings trillogy, that old Balto animated movie

Movie you dislike: 12 years a slave

Movie you hate that everyone loves: Brave, also anything with Tob Cruise he’s annoying

Movie you love that everyone hates: Ender’s Game

The first movie you remember watching in theaters: Toy Story 2

The last movie you watched: I think it was Captain America

Favorite genre: sci fi fantasy

Favorite animated movie: Either prince of Egypt of the Fantastic Mr. Fox

Favorite Disney movie: Frozen (fight me)

Favorite Movie Musical: 1997 Cinderella with Whitney Huston

Favorite horror movie: The Shining, though i haven’t seen it all the way through

Favorite drama: Besides Lawrence of Arabia? That movie they made about those newspaper people who uncovered church sex abuse scandals in boston and Bruce Banner was in it.

Favorite comedy: Pee Wee’s big adventure (fight me)

Favorite fantasy/sci-fi:  Besides Avatar and Lord of the Rings?  Return of the Jedi

Favorite documentary:  March of the Penquins do you think i’m some kind of monster?

Favorite sequel:  Balto 2 Wolf Quest.  Come to my house and fight me on my front lawn in front of my entire family

Favorite director: The Coen Brothers

Favorite Actress/Actor: Elijah wood maybe?  But from his comedy roles, not Lord of the Rings

A line of dialogue that’s stuck with you from any movie: I’m a Jedi, like my father before me.

A line of dialogue you dislike from any movie: The whole song of “I’m just like you” from Barbie Princess and the Pauper.  I mean, it’s not bad, but the Princess Barbie needs to check her fucking priveledge and admit that NO YOU”RE TROUBLES ARE not JUST LIKE POOR BARBIES.  that movie really could have been an awesome moment to teach children about privilege and social responsibility and they blew it.

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1 - Garrus Vakarian - Mass Effect Trillogy

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2 - Jaal Ama Darav - Mass Effect Andromeda

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3 - Tony Tony Chopper - One Piece

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4 - Usopp - One Piece

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5 - Lola Bunny - Looney Tunes

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6 - Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) - X-Men

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7 - Fluttershy - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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8 - Amethyst - Steven Universe

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9 - Eevee - Pokemon

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10 - Amy Rose - Sonic the hedgehog

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Do you recommend some good Anidala fanfics? I'm in need of more and need to cry about my babies.

A River Flowing by BarkBarkBarkour

AU, PT. Drama. A shadow has left the force, but other threats remain as Padmé and Anakin prepare for the birth of their child. 

Fever by Lady Aeryn

In a place designed to bring death, Anakin Skywalker feels more alive, more connected to the universe than he has in months.

Mountains All In Flames by aeternium

In the end, a career move and a hangover changed everything. AU in which Padmé the handmaiden was no decoy.

air and angels by irnan

Oh, look, just - show me that holo, OK?“ Luke said irritably. “Yes, that one of your Mom. And, see - this - this is my father.” Leia, still suspicious of him, took one look at his holo and paled. “Dad!” she exclaimed.

Lives That Never Were by mathematica 

AU. In a world where certain actions were never taken, following the rules still comes with a price. Anakin, Padmé, Bail Organa.

Falling Is Like This by  Meredith Bronwen Mallory 

She knows he’s coming, but there is no where left to run. (PadmeAnakin; inter-trillogy)

The Smart One by FernWithy 

Naboo artist Palo Torezi gets a request for very specific art from Lord Vader.

More Than I Can Give by Gina

Ordered by a suspicious Obi-Wan to sever all ties with Anakin, Padmé faces a difficult decision when Anakin escorts her home to Naboo following the Battle of Geonosis. Will she follow her heart? Or will duty prevail?

Sins Of The Father by indie (this one is my all time favorite)

Alternate Universe where Obi-Wan did not win the battle on Mustafar, Vader was not disfigured and Padmé did not die.

i don’t know you anymore by praiseofshadows 

So, the RotS game has an alternate ending wherein Anakin wins at Mustafar. This is just my idea of the aftermath…

Lament, Repent by emavalexis

He waits expectantly, and it sets his teeth on edge as her silence stretches out, blanketing him with a million little doubts he doesn’t wish to acknowledge. 

and here is my ao3 profile 


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  3. Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  4. Height: 157 cm
  5. Orientation: sweet secret
  6. Nationality: Polish
  7. Favourite fruit: peach and banana
  8. Favourite season: winter
  9. Favourite book: Black Magican trillogy
  10. Favourite flower: convallaria
  11. Favourite scent: forest after rain, good mans perfume
  12. Favourite colour: dark blue
  13. Favourite animal: rabbit
  14. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea
  15. Cat or dog: dog
  16. Favourite fictional character: Black Rock Shooter & Kanda Yuu & Jack Sparrow
  17. Number of blankets you sleep with: one
  18. Dream trip: New Zeland, Japan, Korea~ Greenland, Iceland…
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