“I really hate it when people say that a Paragon Shepard is either unrealistic or "too wimpy.” Like, is it really so hard to believe that someone can be kind and still take on an army? It just seems like people think the only way to be strong is to be ruthless, and that is simply not true. Like, at all.“

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There’s Niggas That Make It Happen, Niggas That Watch It Happen & Niggas That Don’t Even Know What The Fuck Is Going on. Which One Are You? #TRILLOGIES

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BOYS LIKE BOYS LIKE GIRLS DO ;;  a bunch of love songs covered by men with no pronoun changes.

tracklisting: 001. Sparks Fly - The Endless Summer 002. National Anthem - His Dream of Lions 003. Can’t Help Falling In Love - twenty one pilots 004. Back To December - Jake Coco 005. Fools - Michael Jameson 006. Brooklyn Baby - Sylvain Wuyts 007. Ghost - AJ Edwards 008. Tennis Court - Mike Semesky 009. Video Games - The Young Professionals 010. Stand By Me - Imagine Dragons 011. American - Justin Salvanera 012. Winter Song - Trillogy 013. Be My Husband - Ed Sheeran 014. Dear Future Husband - Emilio Huerta 015. Everything Has Changed - Royal City 016. Sinners - Archie Smith 017. Call Your Girlfriend - Justin Salvanera


We’re featuring some of our amazing artists every day of the Kickstarter! Starting us off is the lovely Katy Farina (katyfarina), a freelance illustrator currently living and working out of New York City. Her greatest passion is to tell good stories that will inspire others. Other great passions include good coffee, great tea, and caring for her plants.

  • Ladies of Literature: Volume 2 Character: Bastet from Egyptian Mythology
  • Favorite childhood book: ”The Golden Compass (and the entire His Dark Materials trillogy) by Philip Pullman!”
  • Favorite work song: “Lately it’s been ‘Work This Body’ by Walk The Moon. It gets me stoked to work - both on my art and on my physical fitness!”
  • Fictional character you feel on a spiritual level: “Mimi from Digimon. Her arc and character development are super important to me. It made me realize that being sincere and honest is important in any relationship, and that being a girly-girl doesn’t make you weak.”
  • What are you working on right now: “I’m currently working on establishing myself fully as a freelance illustrator/comic artist! It’s going well, and I have a few secret projects in the works that I can’t talk about just yet. ;D”

*Katy is also offering limited commissions as a Reward Tier for the LADIES OF LITERATURE: VOLUME 2 Kickstarter (! Check it out and cop a Katy original commission before the tier runs out!