Teen Wolf x Reader x Supernatural part 3

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(Y/N) = Your Name
(H/C) = Hair Color
(E/C) = Eye Color
(S/C) = Skin Color
(N/N) = Nick Name


Stiles couldn’t believe his luck. So far yesterday was absolutely freaking fantastic! Beacon High had gotten a new student - a gorgeous new student - and she and him hung out a good amount of yesterday! AND they were going to hang out more today! Plus the pack meeting was pointless since he showed up, was informed something they could have texted, then left.

For once he was actually excited for school, his dad was shocked to see him happily up and dressed by the time he usually barged in and threatened Stiles awake. Yeah, he was that happy. Which was weird. His life went from tv show drama cliché to romance movie cliché. He loved it.

“Woah Stiles,” He looked up, seeing Lydia and Allison walk into the almost empty classroom, he was that early, “I didn’t think you knew how to be on time or early even.”

He rolled his eyes, “I knew, I just never had reason to.”

Lydia just hummed a bit, sitting in her seat with Allison, both turning to discuss the latest whatever about whoever doing whatever with whoever. That’s all he ever understood. Girls were an off specimen.

“Someone looks like they could have used at least ten more hours of sleep.” He looked up, meeting (E/C) eyes, smiling at the sarcastic smirk on (Y/N)’s face. “Is my assumption correct?”

“We’re in high school, (N/N), am I supposed to look bright eyed and bushy tailed?”

She shrugged. “Depends. Ms. Classy over here seems like she’d wake up four hours before anyone else to make sure every hair was where it’s supposed to be.” She nodded at Lydia, and Stiles snorted.

“Knowing her that’s probably true.” She sat down, pulling out her English binder, and he took notice of a few pictures of her and her brothers and some other people. “Who are they? Any secret boyfriends?” Don’t come off as creepy just come off as curious Stilinski. Don’t scare the pretty girl who likes DC away.

She huffed a laugh, a sideways smirk as she pushed her binder closer pointing to the two he saw yesterday. “These two are my older brothers - well, adopted brothers. Sam and Dean.” Why did those names sound vaguely familiar? “This was my old foster family, Collin and Karen, and their son Josh. He had the biggest crush on me when I lived with them,” She held up her left hand, pointing to the ring on her index finger, “Convinced we were going to get married. The old guy in the plaid in my Uncle Bobby, adopted but still.” She smiled, though he could tell she was somewhat embarrassed. “I - uh, sorry, I don’t know why I bored you with that.” She shook her head.

He laughed a bit. “It’s fine. If I had a nickel for everytime I rambled to people I just met or hardly knew…well it’d equal the amount of nickels I would have from the times I rambled to people I did know and I’m positive I’d be a trillionare.” He saw more people file in, Scott one of them, looking confused before his gaze came to rest on Stiles and (Y/N). Stiles wasn’t sure but he could have sworn Scott’s eyes flashed gold, glaring at (Y/N).

“So when I come over today,” His head snapped back to said (H/C) girl, who hadn’t noticed the teen wolf glaring at her as he came to his regular seat, whispering something to Lydia and Allison, “My brothers are dropping me off. I tried easing it making it known you were the sheriff’s kid and - ”

“Why was that important?”

“If they knew you were related to the local law enforcement they would assume you were a good kid. That did not go as planned.” He snorted, she really had no idea.

“How’d you know he was related to the sheriff? Last I heard parents jobs isn’t a fun conversation starter.” Lydia butt in, and both his and (Y/N)’s eyes turned towards the strawberry blonde, Scott and Allison both watching.

“Stiles Stilinski? Sheriff Stilinski? It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.” You replied, sending her a forced smile, there was something about her that rubbed you the wrong way.

“Yeah our last name is pretty uncommon.” Stiles laughed behind you, and sending a quick, barely done eye squint glare at Lydia you turned back to the button nosed teen, unknowingly flashing your eyes a bright purple, which the three saw, sitting straight up, the two girls looking at Scott for answers. But said teen shook his head, mouth parted slightly as he stared at the (H/C)’s back.

“Hey Stiles,” Scott said, quite loudly as a few people in front turned to them, but Scott ignored them, interrupting Stiles before he managed to say anything to (Y/N). He didn’t trust her at first, but seeing her last night and this added to his concern.

Stiles sent Scott a confused look, and (Y/N) just looked between the two, face a mix between confusion, curiosity and amusement. “Um, we still on for the uh, movie marathon tonight?”

Scott could feel Allison send him an amused look but he did nothing about it, he didn’t want Stiles alone with a…whatever (Y/N) was. Stiles’ eyebrows came down in confusion, “We had a movie marathon tonight?”

“Yeah dude, uh we planned it a bit ago. After one of Allison’s and I’s dates um, bro time you know?” He was praying to all that was holy that Stiles bought it. Whoever was up there apparently took pity on the teen because Stiles’ face went from one of confusion to recognition and worry.

“Oh man, right, right.” He looked at (Y/N) who smiled at him.

“If you guys had a bronight planned we can always reschedule Sti.” Scott scowled, only Stiles’ closest friends should be able to give him nicknames. “I don’t break up bromances.”

Stiles nodded, then pondered. His face lit up and he inwardly groaned. He knew that face. He hated that face. That was his, “I have an idea”, face.

“Why don’t both of you guys come over? Allison and Lyds too. We could have a movie marathon! Pack night!” All four teens realized what Stiles said as soon as the words left his lips, “I uh - ”

“Pack night?” You felt your eyebrows come together in confusion, “Uh?”

Scott let out a laugh, which was so painfully fake, but you pitied them, turning to look at the teen with the crooked jaw. “It’s uh, see, we - ”

“It’s an inside joke,” His girlfriend, Allison you think, butt in, sending you a smile. “It’s stupid but it’s a joke. I still don’t fully get it.”

You nodded and smiled, noting to call Sam or Dean during class break. “That’s cute. Pack night.” Stiles let out a nervous chuckle, and you turned back to him, as Scott, Lydia and Allison all shared panicked looks.

Derek was going to kill them. Scott, being most worried, flinched heavily when the bell indicating the start of first period rang.


The ringing of the call going through was starting to get really annoying. You had five minutes between each class, and you were lucky your next class was so close to English. Finally you heard the phone stop ringing as someone answered.


You made a confused face. “Cas? Hey, why do you have Dean’s phone?”

“Dean is currently cleansing himself and Sam has run out to fetch fuel for both you all and the car.”

You paused. “So Dean’s in the shower and Sam went out to get food and fill Baby. Okay. Anyways, since you’ve been hanging with us for a while - ” You started digging through your bag, pausing when Cas took things by meaning again, chuckling a bit at his awkward yet somehow adorable demeanor.

“I wouldn’t call it ‘hanging’,” You could almost see the hang quotes, making you smile a bit, “More as you and the Winchesters have a tendency to almost die every hunt and it is necessary I am there to heal you all.”

You chucked. “Call it what you will Cas but I consider you family and a friend.” You glanced up at a group of teen girls walking by, almost glaring at the strong scent od perfume and high pitch giggles they were emitting, “Anyways, back to my question,” You glanced around, making sure anyone who was in hearing distance wasn’t in Stiles’ friend group, “What creatures would move in groups they’d call packs?”

Cas didn’t answer and you could just picture the stone look on his face as he thought. “I know the animals who tend to move in packs would be such as wolves, and other predatory animals. Most creatures you hunt, though, work alone.” He paused, “(Y/N) is something wrong with the school you are currently attending?”

You laughed breathily, hiding behind a wall of lockers from a teacher’s view. “I hope not. Uh, some people I know invited me to hang out. One called it ‘pack night’,” You checked how much time you had left. A minutes. You paused, “Cas, werewolves don’t move in packs do they?”

“The ones Dean has told me about, not that I know of. But I do recall those were feral ones. Ones who aren’t as in touch with their savage side may work together in packs, to calm both wolf and human parts of them.” You heard someone behind Cas, and knew Dean had probably gotten out of the shower but didn’t expect Cas to be there, due to the high pitch scream you heard.

“Alright, don’t tell Dean about this. Tell him I just needed to let him know I was going straight to my friend’s house, and others would be joining us. Bye Cas.” You pressed end, making sure Dean didn’t get the phone first. Sighing you leaned against the cool lockers, hearing the shrill bell go off as others scurried out of the hall, rushing to their next class.

Werewolves. Stiles and his friends…are werewolves.



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