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waves 2.0 Mix by SWAMURAI

1. 21 Savage // X (feat. Future)
2. French Montana // Lockjaw (feat. Kodak Black)
3. Travis Scott // Through the Late Night (feat. Kid Cudi)
4. Dj Khaled // I Got the Keys (feat. JAY Z & Future)
5. Dj Esco // Too Much Sauce (feat. Future & Lil Uzi Vert)
6. PARTYNEXTDOOR // Make a Mil
7. Travis Scott // Ok Alright
8. Travis Scott // Goosebumps
9. Travis Scott // Pick Up the Phone (feat. Young Thug & Quavo)

Jeno - The Correct Direction

An overpowering smell of detergent tickled your nose. Straightening your back from your previous slouching posture, you stretched and made a weird noise of satisfaction. A completed piece of algebra assignment lay neatly on the table in front of you, and you scanned the page contentedly. That strong detergent smell was still irritating your nose. You got up, about to go hunt for the culprit of the detergent malfunction when your phone dinged.

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I’ve never said that much about me here, but the stories on this blog are some of the most personal dreams and nightmares I’ve never told. I wanted to come closer, and this is what came out. The lyrics and video edit I made here are the spark for what will come. Thank you for being here from the beginning. Enjoy their journey and the @purplekissesneonlights.

Message Delivered

@thinkoutsidethelovesquare  hey hey hey guess who’s late to the Think Outside the Lovesquare week me that’s who

Fic title: Message Delivered
Part: 1/1
Rating: T
Fandom/s: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing/s: Adrinath (also side ninette bc hell yeah)
Category: category? what’s a category?
Summary: well the prompt was Social Media so I schemed a plan and ran with it 
Real summary: Adrien Agreste is an Instagram model, with over a million followers. So how on earth did Nathaniel Kurtzberg’s message, which he was positive would be ignored, get an answer?

read it on ao3

“Just send him a message, it’s not like he’ll answer you anyway,” Marinette had tilted her chair so far back Nathaniel was sure she was going to topple backwards.
“I’m not sure if that was a ‘go for it’ statement or a ‘whatever just don’t get your hopes up’ statement.” Nathaniel muttered, stirring his frappe with the straw. Mariette pondered him for a moment, before replying.
“It was both.” She tipped her chair back even further. Nathaniel was convinced that gravity didn’t apply to her.
“Okay, so I’ll just send him a message saying that I think he’s hot and gorgeous and he’ll ignore it because he gets tons of those messages every day from people across the world and my heartfelt message will be caughtinthewebofsocialmedia-”

Merde, Nath, could you talk any faster?” Marinette interrupted his rambling, letting her chair thump back to the ground and picking up her latte. “Just get yourself together and DM him. By the way, what makes you think you’re going to get ignored?”
“You said so!” Nath flapped his hands around his head like a flustered bird. “You said, and I quote, ‘it’s not like he’ll see it anyway’!”
“Well yeah, he probably won’t, bur where would I be if I hadn’t have texted Nino?”
“Nino isn’t a world-famous Instagram model with over a million followers,” Nathaniel sighed, downing the last dregs of his frappe.
“Ah, come on Nathaniel, jut do it, or I’ll do it for you,” Marinette licked her lips.
“I’m not texting him.” Nathaniel scowled.

Marinette sat still with pursed lips for a few seconds, before lunging at Nathaniel’s blazer pocket, snatching his phone, and falling back in her seat, all too fast for Nathaniel to even try to stop her.

“Hey!” Nathaniel cried, hand over his pocket. He stood up and leaned across the table, grabbing at her for his phone.
“Told you I’d do it for you,” Marinette cackled, shooting out of her seat and sprinting across the road.
“Marinette, we didn’t even pay!” Nathaniel yelled after her. “Gah! I’ll do it myself.”
He ran inside, passed twenty euros over the counter with a hurried “Keep the change!”, then raced after Marinette.
He found her sitting in a tree, her thumbs moving at super-speed across his keyboard. She spotted him, quickly pressed send, then poked her tongue out.
“Marinette…” Nathaniel heaved. “That’s… that’s an… invasion of my… privacy…”
“Too bad, Nath, I already sent it, and I’m not giving this phone back until you promise me you won’s unsend it.”
Nathaniel eyed her wearily, bent over double, his frappe churning inside his stomach (he couldn’t be sure if it was from his run or his nervousness), then finally said,
“I promise I won’t unsend whatever message you sent to Adrien Agreste.”

“Hectic,” Marinette jumped out of the tree -Nathaniel hated when she used that word, then did whatever cool thing needed to be done- and handed him back his phone. Nathaniel chewed on his lip as he read through what she’d sent Adrien Agreste, the Instagram model he’d been fawning over for the past year.

_nathanielkurtzberg: hey, I’m just a fan of yours dropping in to say that you’re gorgeous and definitely worth losing my dignity to say that to you

“Oh, Marinette, that’s terrible,” Nathaniel covered his red-branded cheeks, dropping his phone into his pocket again.
“Aha, but you promised you would keep it!” Marinette danced around hi, laughing.
“I’m going home to bleach this day from my memory,” Nathaniel mumbled, folding up his scarf to hide his face.
“Okay, okay,” Marinette clapped his shoulders. “Don’t try and cover up what you said, you’ll make it worse.”
I didn’t say anything.”
“As far as he knows you did,” Marinette shrugged. Nathaniel swore, turned around, and stomped home.
“Goodbye!” She called after him. Nathaniel waved, still feeling heat radiate from his cheeks and cursing to himself.

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“Fiji” - Mac miller x Kendrick lamar type beat