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This is a big THANK YOU to everyone over the past four and a half years (new and old!!) who I appreciate, love, and adore, and I think deserve the world. It’s been a privilege to write with you, to see you all on my dash, and to have you welcome Trill with open arms. Thank you for everything, and here’s to many more years to come!

Under the cut is a list, in no particular order, of some pretty special beans who are worth following and checking out! I love you guys!

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Prairie Lullaby - Chapter 1

CS 19th Century Historical Western AU fic 1/?

Also available on FFnet 

Emma Swan never expected a fairytale. 

Certainly not from the circumstances she found herself in.  Lack of options and her son Henry to support have seen her agree to move to Kansas as the mail-order bride of Liam Jones.  But Liam’s untimely demise has left her in the care of his brother Killian and nothing is turning out like she thought it would.

Killian Jones was nobody’s idea of hero.

But he’d try to do what Liam would have wanted.  Even if that meant keeping Emma as his own, knowing he was a poor second choice.

Storybrooke, Kansas, wasn’t exactly what it seemed on the outside.  Respectable is a relative term when you’re living out on the prairie, and people will do what they have to do to survive.

Thrown together and facing an uncertain future, Emma and Killian must decide if they will find their own kind of happy ending in a strange kind of place.

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trixielestrange  asked:

MamaLioness Jack finding the lads after they got kidnapped. Maybe not all of them but one or two and the others are hurt and Jack's the only one on the rescue.


Jack normally isn’t the one running straight into danger. Normally she’s the one waiting for the others, providing cover from behind. She’s the pilot, the getaway driver. She isn’t the one going head first into a fight.

But they have Michael and Gavin, who are definitely hurt though none of them know how badly. And Ryan’s down, Geoff sticking next to him to protect them both as Ryan tries to keep his leg from bleeding out. Jeremy is stuck on the roof across the way; still desperately shooting down everyone he can with his sniper rifle. Leaving Jack by herself, gun blazing, to storm in to rescue their lads. And fuck if she’s letting any more of these fuckers hurt her family.

Fortunately, at this point most of the other crew were dead or fled the scene. She picks off the few guys that pop up their heads with ease, an anger behind her eyes terrifying all that saw it as she pushed her way inside. She works with precision and a cold accuracy never before seen by the crew. This lioness is bearing her teeth and striking out with her claws.

She’ll deny it later, but in the moment it felt great to release all the tension from last week with such vengeful violence.

The week started with Michael and Gavin not returning from what should’ve been a basic weapons run. Which led to Geoff worriedly pacing the penthouse and Jack trying to keep him and the rest of the crew calm. And the next day brought a letter demanding millions from the Fakes in return for the two boys. Jack had to hold all the others back from destroying the entire city to find them, suggesting they figure out who has them before going out guns and bombs blazing.

But without their hacker, their Gavin, finding the crew who had them proved to be a challenge. They brought in Matt and Trevor to help them, but it still wasn’t the same.

The whole penthouse seemed so empty without the two lads’ constant shenanigans, constant yelling, constant troublemaking. Everything was more subdued, more distant with them gone. By the time they tracked down the other crew, some small runts thinking they could make it big by attacking the hearts of the Fakes, Jack was missing the two lads fiercely. Missing Gavin’s trill of a laugh. Missing Michael’s soft curled hair. Even Michael’s angry yelling and Gavin’s pestering. She just wanted her family whole again.

She’s close now though. Close to getting them, to rescuing them. She’s made her way to the basement of the building, a trail of dead bodies behind her and a closed set of doors in front of her. She holds her gun up, gripping it so tightly her claws were scratching against it. She took a breath and kicked down the door.

The room was greeted by a huge roar the shook the walls and startled everyone inside. The people left in there, a woman standing over Michael and some man leaning against the wall, didn’t have any time to recover themselves, a bullet between both of their eyes before they could reach their guns.

Jack gives another roar, not as loud but just as fierce as she checks the rest of the room for anyone else. But there only lay Gavin and Michael, both tied to chairs, bruised and bleeding but alive.

“Jack?” comes a small voice (too small, too hurt, it pierces Jack’s heart) from the cat hybrid. “Jack that you?” it repeats.

“I’m here Michael,” Jack says, crouching next to the two to check their injuries. Gavin was unconscious, though breathing normally. A few cuts ran across his chest, deep and nasty but survivable.  Gavin’s wings were torn too, feathers missing and flesh pained. Michael seemed better off, though shaking and a hint of fear still lingering beyond his eyes.

“Where… the others…” Michael stammers as Jack breaks through the ropes holding him there.

“They’re all ok,” Jack says as she frees Gavin as well. “They’re all outside waiting for you guys. Do you think you can walk?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Not nearly as bad as Gavin…” Michael stands up weakly, hesitating a few moments as he tried to find balance with gravity again. “Jack… it was bad… They,” Michael’s breath catches. “They tried to get to me by hurting Gavin. They just kept hurting him, there was nothing I could do-“

“You’re safe now, cub,” Jack says, wrapping her sturdy arms around the other. She brushes through his curls, giving a soft, soothing shush. “The other crew’s gone and we’re here and Gavin will be safe. You did everything you could do. It’s aright.”

Michael buries against her chest, taking a few deep breaths of safety, of home, then pulls away, gathered again. He steps aside as Jack tenderly picks Gavin up, carrying him bridal style as she leads them out.

“Jack you better fucking tell me what’s going on right now-“ Geoff’s voice cuts through the coms as Jack reaches the stairs and can get reception again.

“I got them,” Jack speaks into it, immediately feeling the relief roll off from the others. “I got them. We’re going home.”