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I’ll Be Good - Part 8

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Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – You’ve pushed Bucky too far during training and he confronts you about it.

Warnings: Swearing – you should know this by now. A lil bit of lovin? Idk that’s a stretch, a big one. It’s real tame. But I’ll say it for any young mushrooms that might be following this story.

Word Count: 1528

Author’s Note: Ok my loves, hopefully you will feel a LITTLE bit better after this one than you did after 7. Maybe? You might not… Also my Russian is so rusty it’s like all rust. It’s like when you find a bucket of rusty old nails in your grandpa’s garage, and you dump them out and there’s little bits of crumbling rusty who-knows-what at the bottom? Yah that’s my memory of Russian. So if I have any fluent readers out there, please bear with me and feel free to message me corrections on this or at any point in the future!

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Bucky was gripping your elbow tightly; he had caught you by surprise and whipped you around to face him. He was looming over you dark and intense.

“What the hell was that?” he demanded, hardly containing his rage.

You glanced deliberately down at the metal fingers’ bruising force at your elbow and he seemed to realize then how tightly he was holding you. His grip loosened somewhat. Still reeling from the force of your misjudgment, you were unsure how to proceed. You look up at him, your eyes darting back and forth between his searching for the right answer. What does he want to hear? Your heart was racing in your ears, but you couldn’t tell him that you’d pushed him because you were afraid to let him help you. So you sighed, shifting to look up at him with tired eyes.

“Look. We agreed that while I’m here I’ll bring my field perspective to training and that’s what I did.” You shrugged, as if he should know this already. “If you think I wouldn’t use everything I know about you to knock you off balance, then you’ve been on team goodie-two-shoes for far too long.” He was still holding on to your arm, but it wasn’t a painful grip, and the anger was just a dull simmer in his stormy blue eyes. You were amazed to find that his expression was softening. You’d pushed him – hard – but he was still here, still listening, so you kept talking.

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I’ve never said that much about me here, but the stories on this blog are some of the most personal dreams and nightmares I’ve never told. I wanted to come closer, and this is what came out. The lyrics and video edit I made here are the spark for what will come. Thank you for being here from the beginning. Enjoy their journey and the @purplekissesneonlights.