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Travis previewed new music from the Quavo collab album on Beats 1 today and talked about adding dates to the tour, has 3 songs done for Astroworld, and other stuff. He also said he shot about 3-4 videos for Goosebumps which is prob why this took so long.

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[FREE] Chance the Rapper x Logic x J. Cole Type Beat 2017 - Miracles


“ OROCHIMARU ” - Japanese Type beat | Anime Type Beat | Trap & Bass Inst…

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Lad, mate, bruh, if you're still doing this: 55) things you said under your breath

55) things you said under your breath

Before Seung-Gil steps onto the ice, he glances back one last time, searching until his eyes find Phichit’s. He offers a shy smile and a tentative wave and, when Phichit grins back and waves enthusiastically, Seung-Gil relaxes just like that.

And he’s off.

He takes his starting position, and when the music starts, Phichit can hardly contain the smile on his face when he hears JJ swearing next to him.

“What the fucking hell is happening?” JJ says, sounding scandalized. As if Seung-Gil’s impeccable step sequence to the cheerful horns of the music are a personal offense to him. But then Seung-Gil turns around, shoots a smoldering look as the piano takes off in a trill and prompts the beat to drop.

JJ absolutely loses it. “What the fuck—”

On Phichit’s other side, Chris is laughing. “Little parrot’s learned how to fly, then, has he?” He nudges Phichit lightly, gives him a knowing look.

Phichit shrugs, trying for casual, and continues to watch Seung-Gil pour his heart out on the ice. It’s nostalgic, the performance, but it’s reminiscent of something bright and new. Sentimental but optimistic, trusting. Seung-Gil’s theme is “Contentment”—a stark contrast with last season’s “Greed.”

Later, when he joins Seung-Gil at the Kiss and Cry, and the score’s been announced and Seung-Gil’s in tears—happy tears this time, thank god—and JJ can be heard swearing in disbelief a distance away, Phichit pulls the man close and smacks a kiss to his temple.

“Yeah, you have,” Phichit says, fondly, under his breath.

“Sorry?” Seung-Gil asks in between laughing and crying. He wipes at his eyes as he glances up, one end of his mouth quirking up.

Phichit shakes his head. “Nothing. Nevermind.” When Seung-Gil still stares at him in confusion, he grabs his hand and squeezes.

“C’mon, let’s go watch Yuuri.”