This awesomely badass Batman trike is the work of Game Over Cycles, a Poland-based shop that specializes in building custom motorcycles and restoring vintage cars. Their Batman Bike is styled after the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns films. And for as phenomenal as it looks now, it’s actually still a work in progress.

Head over to the Game Over Cycles Facebook page to check out many more photos and the technical details about this custom trike.

[via Laughing Squid and Game Over Cycles]

Here’s the Michigan Madman on his jet trike.  He sold it to Evel Knieval after the chute failed and he had to jump off.  But there’s an even more interesting story attached to this one:

He built a trike with Fairchild J-44 jet engine, interesting in its own right, but the story got REALLY interesting when EJ discovered the design feature that enabled you to start the engine with compressed air at 3000 psi instead of with an electric starter motor. Since EJ had lots of military surplus parts lying around, he rigged up some ball shaped high pressure tanks and connected an old refrigerator compressor to his lathe to spin the thing up. Pressure was building up really slow so he let it run and came back some time later only to find the 3000 psi meter pegged! In a panic, he shut off the compressor and stood there wondering how much pressure was actually in there. In the now silent room, he heard some weird creaking noises from the direction of the tanks.

“I should censor out some stuff so as to not sound like a total dimwit, but the accuracy of the story demands that I have to tell you that I was just really intrigued by this strange noise that was exactly like when you walk on snow that is 10 below zero or so. Like I said, it was a creaking sound.

This has to rate as about the stupidest thing (almost) that I ever did, but I reached down and shook the hose between the two air tanks. Lo and behold I immediately found that the weird noise was the sound of the wire braid inside the hose breaking. I could tell this because as soon as I shook the hose, the rest of the wires broke and the two air tanks immediately took off in separate directions making such a roaring noise that you would need to hear it to believe it. Each tank had a short piece of broken hose attached to it, of course.

Well sir, one tank had a straight fitting on it and the thing made a really good rocket, sorta like when you blow up a balloon and let it go. That bastardly thing smashed into my big drill press and bent the main shaft, then went up through the ceiling and tore around in the attic blowing the insulation all over everything. On the way past, it shot a stick of air at me that blew out my eardrum and shoved me out through the doorway. The other tank had an elbow fitting on it, so it just pretty much stayed in one spot and spun around at such a speed as was really wonderful to see. Naturally, about this time it was beginning to look like those jumper cables and the electric starter would not be so bad after all, really. That was the end of starting jets with air for a while, as you may expect.”