neil agreeing to go on celebrity mean tweets once he goes pro and he’s reading some out and it’s shit like this:

“i have started a go-fund me to fly neil josten to antarctica and leave him there. still need five more dollars.”

”neil josten is one of the world’s most useless creations since the sloth”

“neil josten has such a big mouth on him i could replace my goalie racquet with him and no one would notice”

“@.neiljos10 what is red and blue all over and can’t score?”

and neil’s like haha so fu- oh shit are these all from andrew’s account??

mac’s dream but toxic is playing and keeps getting faster


you have gone above and beyond the call of duty and saved your world from a terrible fate and although the danger has not passed completely you may now choose whether to remain power rangers or return to your regular lives. the decision is yours

anyone else with avpd start to dissociate when they talk too much?? like your mouth keeps going but you’re not in control of it whatsoever