by @utahknivesandgear
Rifle/Pistol: @primaryweapons Piston driven AR pistol. @xproducts burnt bronze 50 round drum mag,
@sigsauerusa Romeo 4 with solar backup
@odin_works pistol buffer tube adjustable trigger
@silencerco ASR muzzle break

Pistol: @fn_america FNX-45 Tactical
@trijicon RMR-06
@surefire_llc X-300
Built with good friends at @readygunner
And @superessestraps @burnproofgear burn proof handkerchief!!!


Glock 19 -

  • Ben Butler Customs Gripwork
  • Warren Tactical Nightsights
  • Vickers Tactical Extended Slide Lock
  • Magpul Pmag GL9 spare magazine
  • T.Rex Arms Sidecar AIWB holster

Sig Sauer P228 -

  • Trijicon HD Nightsights
  • MecGar 18 Round spare Magazine
  • Statureman Custom AIWB Holster & Mag Caddy

AR15 - 

  • Bushmaster Lower Receiver
  • Tony’s Custom CAR15 Stock
  • BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Pistol Grip
  • Geissele SSA-E FCG
  • Magpul G2 Pmag
  • BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 Charging Handle
  • BCM Upper Receiver Group with 14.5” SOCOM-profile Barrel
  • Knight’s Armament Micro 200-600m Rear BUIS
  • Aimpoint CompM4 RDS
  • Daniel Defense RIS II
  • Knight’s Armament VFG
  • Knight’s Armament Rail Covers
  • Surefire M600 Ultra Scout on Haley Strategic Thorntail
  • Emdom Gunslinger Rifle Sling
  • Surefire SF3P Flash Hider

Quiet Riot with @silencerco and their Saker 7.62 with muzzle brake, Saker 7.62 without muzzle brake, and Omega Silencers. Noveske SBR, and full size rifle with Trijicon ACOG, and EOTECH.