#SanversWeek Day 2

It’s day 2 of @queercapwriting ‘s (who reposted my fic yesterday and gave me a little heart attack with how amazingly sweet they were in the tags.) #SanversWeek!!! *does a little dance* Todays’s prompt is: Nerd Girlfriends 

This was killing her grade.

It wasn’t her fault, per se.

If you ask her, Alex would blame whatever higher being above - Rao, God, an omniscient Overlord mayhaps - made Maggie Sawyer so damn beautiful.

(While cursing said being for making her so damn gay.)

This was Alex’s favorite class.

Chemistry was the one class that she didn’t need to study for, it just came naturally to her. And in a house where she had to get good grades, had to make her mother proud, had to honor her father’s memory… Being able to sit back and expertly solve chemical equations is something Alex had come to cherish.

Until about a week after the second semester starts.

Alex’s can’t truly explain what made her look up from her work the moment she did, right in time to watch the Principle Perry introduce a new student.

(And though Alex would hate to admit it, her heart lifted at the sight of the deepest dimples she had ever seen.)

Her chest tightened when Maggie said hello, and when Alex finally got to take the girl in, she could almost feel her pupils dilating to see more of her.

She was sunk before Maggie even knew who she was.

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anonymous asked:

As a biochem major, who is very familiar with pyrotechnics (anyone up for nitrogen triiodide? A fairly simple contact explosive) I feel like I'd be avoided. Except for a few things: I play cello and write poetry, and I have an obsession with fae lore, and an uncanny ability to 'know things' have been passed down from my British great grandma.

Affiliation with the chemistry department plus a penchant for explosives is going to guarantee a peaceful existence.

Ok so my sister is a science teacher, and she was doing an experiment with ammonium triiodide where you’d put some of the little purple crystals on the table and beat it with a metre stick from a distance and it would explode in a cloud of purple smoke. The thing is, another teacher was helping her clean up afterwards and he dropped a load of the small crystals on the floor but they couldn’t pick them up because they’d explode if they tried.

So that’s how my sister and her science bro ended up walking around a lab with purple smoke explosions rising around them like really dramatic Disney villains and cackling at each other.

Nitrogen Triiodide Detonation

A ring stand is set up with two rings, each holding a filter paper spread with nitrogen triiodide. The bottom filter paper is touched with a feather, causing an explosion that detonates the other sample of nitrogen triiodide. Close up views and slow motion of this very dangerous reaction are shown. (Video)


Slow Motion: A Substance So Volatile That A Mosquito Landing On It Will Make It Explode

Nitrogen triiodide is a highly unstable substance that detonates when disturbed. So The Royal Institution disturbed it. In slow motion.

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This is Nitrogen triiodide, an inorganic compound that’s so unstable the lightest touch can cause it to ignite and explode.