Happy late Valentine Day!

All of the sweet ships of this fandom, all kind of love!
I wish everyone a lots of good things for the rest of the year <3

Unless you are Legato, in that case, your love life sucks. *cuddles Legato*


Trigun - Melancholy

Two days of work, on 70x100 brown paper with my Pentel brush and acrylics and the photo are in a orrible quality! 
Some other photos with natural light.

I filled this illustration with meaningful objects, headcanons, Razlo and all my love for this fandom.
Thank you guys.

Ps: If you want, you can find the work in progress here [1] [2


Trigun - Portraits

I just want to try some realistic portaits, pen on paper.
Chiaroscuro with pen is one of my favourite tecnique, it’s relaxing! 
Vash and Knives have the same base, and it’s amazing how much a smile can change a face. 
I’m looking for the right kind of body type for them, it’s funny!