Its Alive!

Project Trigue is now live for you to test. There will be some features working, others not. Either way, I plan to roll out features as the days come. This will be live for the next 3-4 days, and will be available for anyone to see. Bring your friends, family, or F1 fanatics to this site, so then I can get as much feedback as possible from all ends. Just tell them to visit and tell them to poke around. Again, I just want to stess that this isn’t the final version of Project Trigue, so what you see is only the bigging. Who knows, I might even change what platform it runs on if enough people want me to.

Anyhow, if you would like to help me with anything in terms of development, please email me and if you would like to write for Project Trigue when it become live 24/7, visit the Write for Us page, and give me an example post that is at least a paragraph long.

What are you waiting for?, test it now!

Test has ended, thanks to everyone who tested and gave feedback, Project Trigue will be available to the public under a different name sometime in March, be sure to check back here for more information.

3.6 (fuck a grade)


That was my GPA for this past quarter of summer school. Am I proud of it? Sure. But, I’m also apathetic. Fuck a grade honestly. You can cheat and get grades. You can sit back and just regurgitate facts that were forced down your throat to get grades. If you have the cash, you can pay some talented student to do your work for you while you drink whiskey and snort coke off of strippers (an act that will now and forever be known as the “Charlie Sheen”). The only measure of worth after taking a class in the overpriced, corrupt and often misguided system of American universities, is the level of comprehension you achieve after the course is through. Fuck a grade if you forget everything you learned the second the final is over. Fuck a grade if it is only a means to an end. And fuck a degree if you are just getting it to post on your wall and add it to your resume. If i’m going to take a class, I’m going to own it. I’m going to be passionate about it. I’m going to dive in fully and understand exactly why I’m taking it, what is important, and how it fits into the world around me. And take it from someone who has dropped out of a major university, if I’m not inspired to learn as thoroughly as needed I will not waste my time. Grades are a byproduct of understanding. I don’t seek professors’ approval and pats on the head telling how good of a boy I am. I just want to get how this fucking world works.


Fronthand/Backhand by Key & Peele

These cats are starting to grow on me lol.